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  1. Not the first time I have heard that......
  2. LOL..... you added your comment after the fact...... I am quick on the trigger..... all good.....
  3. 2. No posting of random news articles without at least a paragraph about what made you post it or your opinion. No one cares to see a post with a link. If anyone wants to see whats going on in the news, we will go to a news sites. NJGF is not Drudge Report. I opened the post to see why it inspired you.
  4. It had to be an April Fool's joke..................... He started the thread in the correct section...... which for Howard is amazing in itself.....
  5. https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/forum/70-new-firearms-owners-corner/
  6. No offense but the fact I had to move this thread to a correct area..... is a perfect example of why we don’t need a section for this topic... we have enough sections already just make a thread in appropriate area to compare the 2 products you want opinions on....
  7. Yeah..... mentioned it to him after update was done.... doesnt refresh for me on Chrome either
  8. I watched the video on Liveleak last night..... one of my coworker played it..... Disturbing to say the least..... very graphic
  9. I love all these stories...... I miss going to Englishtown for the Summer Nationals.... I plan on going to Maple Grove in Sept to watch the pro's The good thing is.... Island Dragway is doing well, and I plan on going there regularly to watch the bracket racers.... I dont run the GTO anymore..... just not worth the risk of blowing up a numbers matching engine. And since it is stock, it is slow compared to most cars. Once I retire... I will look to build a bracket car, but just no room, time or money to do it now.... Fuck electric cars....... do not care how fast they can be........ they have no "soul"
  10. Seems every so often I need to remind members of this.....
  11. 67gtonut

    Beretta 92X

    MSRP will be about $1300 I predict a huge hit with this one....
  12. 6" in Morris County...... and counting We might even exceed their predictions of 6-9"
  13. But...... I will not allow this to infect the main area of the forum..... so this topic remains on track.... or it will be locked....
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