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    As an Xmas present to myself, I picked up a Garand from Dave (15636215), the purchase was great, Dave is a pleasure to sit and chat with. Picked up a spam can of Greek surplus 30-06 Garand ammo and the gun and ammo sat for 2 1/2 months, hate when life gets in the way, but today we all went to the range, by the third shot I was on target. I have shot 30-30 deer hunting, 5.56 in my AR, semiauto 12 gauge, but this was my first 30-06, my grin was from ear to ear for 20 minutes while shooting. A couple things that I wasn’t expecting were, the rifle is lighter than I had imagined, the sights are a pleasure to use, the kick is no where near what I was expecting, and man is it loud, not that sharp clap from an AR, more like a throaty ST Bernard bark. If you have been lusting for some nostalgia and have said, I would like a Garand, buy one, you will not regret it. Thanks Dave
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    When i went to tanners to get a standard M1A they only had a national match with a Garand next to it, I was happy the credit card no so much LOL
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    If you are a real Bond and watch geek, here is a list of every watch worn in every Bond film. https://manofmany.com/fashion/watches/a-complete-list-of-all-the-james-bond-watches
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    Would you take $900 located in central Jersey
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    What year is the barrel and receiver? I love the fact I’m shooting a barrel produced in 1944.
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    If anyone gets DM spam from for sale posts or WTB posts - just hit the report button - we'll action it.
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    does this clown even know what day it is?? Sad how low the USA has gone.
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    This is the most important point here. Remington doesn't exist. Remington didn't admit any fault OR offer a settlement. The insurance companies settled because they aren't there to fight for the 2nd Amendment. They are there to turn a profit. The cost of settling outweighed the cost of litigation. It's that simple. What this means for other gun related businesses is another story entirely.
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