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    Greatest range I have ever seen. Greatest people running it. Look no further and join. Thanks for all you do for us GFH!
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    Great FFL/Gun Shop with great prices. Steve can generally get guns in faster than most other FFLs I've seen... as well as the harder to find stuff. His compliance work is top notch and he can pin pretty much any magazine to make it NJ Compliant. If Steve can't get a specific gun, pretty much nobody can.
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    Excellent forum vendor and great guy. I’d purchased from Steve previously and posted positive feedback but evidently after the NJGF makeover the feedback for vendors was lost. Rest assured Steve at Monmouth Arms is one of the premier vendors on this forum.
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    So I've been a member for about 4+ years and the members here are pretty friendly here. The two indoor gun ranges are availabe 24 hours a day. They also have a trap station that's open to the public so even if you don't have membership you can still try that out and also try to get a tour of the place when members are around. The indoor ranges have state of the art filtration system and there's always a station for you to shoot at. If you are late night shooter then you will probably get the place to yourself. Heck if you go at 8pm you have a good chance of being by yourself when shooting. If you are interested in the range you can either check out their open house and fun shoots when they have the whole range open to the public. If you want to check it out PM me and if I'm available I'd be glad to bring you as a guest.
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    Great club, great facility for just about everything shooting, rifle, pistol, shotgun, and archery. The shooting venues Steel Challenge, USPSA, IDPA, 3-gun (there are others) are second to none, they will appeal to experienced as well as new shooters....they also have sporting clays, trap, and skeet for the shot gunners. I have not engaged very much with the shotgun sports, but the shooters that I have met who do, seem happy with the club events. I have never seen the facility crowded, and there are always ranges left open for club members while one of the shooting venues is taking place and they are not participating, just out for a day of shooting. Great membership, great leadership, never met a shooter there that I wouldn’t be glad to go out and have a beer with after shooting.
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    I've done multiple transactions with Jack both stuff I've had shipped to him and stuff I've purchased from his stock. A1+ service all the time never any issues. Great to deal with! He's got my business!
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    Steve was a pleasure to deal with. Great pricing and found a firearm the other places I tried stated they couldn't get. It's an hour 15 minutes to his shop for me, but I'll gladly make the trip again.
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    Monmouth Arms is the best! I drive PAST several other FFLs just to visit Monmouth Arms...the prices are right, and Steve is both knowledgeable and entertaining. You won't be disappointed.
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    Awesome compliance work for my rifle!

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