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  1. I'd rather teach a woman how to shoot any day. To get back on track, women terrorists are usually much more brutal than their male counterparts. They feel they have to "prove" themselves.
  2. Looks like Andrey Kirisenko blew his cover by loaning his shirt. You can run his name and apparently he's a big time competitor in shooting sports. I don't know if he was with the FSB but I can believe they train doing something like that. Back in the 90s I helped train some Eastern Europeans after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and Soviet Union. Great men and women who would do anything for you. However, they had little concept of safety. They did things that would horrify Western Europeans and Americans. I have it from competent sources the SAS do a hostage rescue drill where they have one of their mates sit in a room and have lifelike targets sitting on either side of him. They have to make the entry and take out the targets without hitting their friend. I've heard from reliable sources that one day Margret Thacher was observing SAS training including this drill. She volunteered to play the hostage in spite of what her security detail did. About 100 years ago in basic training the Army had a night infiltration course. You low crawled a couple of hundred yards while they had a M60 firing 8-10 ft over you. They set off 1/4 pound charges in pits which shielded you from the blast but you still had sand raining down on you. Don't know if they still do this. Kind of mild in comparison.
  3. I've only been shooting over 50 years. Glocks for over 30 years. That includes overseeing a couple of hundred Glocks on the job. I've shot a lot of 9mms over that time and there are many I like, shoot, and carry. If I had to pick a 9mm handgun to be without, more so in a SHTF situation as the OP states, it would be a Glock 19. @Zeke you just have to try harder.
  4. Glock 19, best all around 9mm made. Most of the reasons have been mentioned. 45s are nice but you drive up ammo costs (at current prices) 60-100%. You need to consider in the long run you spend a lot more on ammo than you do for the gun. You'll save about $100 buying 1000 rds of 9mm vs 1000 rds of 45 ACP. There's no economy is reloading 9mm as cheap as it as now.
  5. There is a state statute for counterfeiting. It's included in the forgery statute. However, a bit more research on my part shows it's a 4th degree crime and that carries a maximum sentence of 18 months. Federal up to 20 years. It had to be a Federal conviction.
  6. There's "the rest of the story" behind this. Possibilities? It was more than a "counterfeit bill". Maybe a bunch of them ? It could be possession of counterfeit currency was one of several charges and you pled to the counterfeit charge. Was this a federal or state conviction?
  7. Question 11e on the 4473 specifically states that use of marijuana is a disqualifier under Federal law for firearms ownership. Being just about all firearms transfers have to go through a FFL in NJ. If you want to use marijuana no guns for you as it stands. This has been brought up before.
  8. But that's a natural body function.
  9. If your life is hell it's because of choices you made. Based on your statement everyone should be shooting heroin, become an alcoholic, or using something to find "a moment of joy".
  10. The police in Colorado still are out there after street dealers. They can undercut prices from the "medicine" shops.
  11. Contrary to what a lot say, my daughter, no tickets no duis, pays more for her 15 year old Jeep than I pay for 2 cars. It's not the panacea many profess. @Handyman no personal cultivation!!! I'm sure Murphy will let you grow your own as long as the state collects the $42 an ounce tax.
  12. I know of retired LEOs who were licensed and working as private investigators who were denied carry permits before the existence of the Retired Police Officer permit. Judge felt the type of work they were doing didn't provide a need for them to have a carry permit. Before the RPO permit being a retired LEO didn't automatically get you a carry permit in NJ. It does in some states like NY. LEOSA (HR218) has nothing to do with state carry permits. The NJ AG is the one who says if you are a retired LEO living in NJ you need the state RPO permit. The RPO permit in NJ came out in 1997. LEOSA came out in 2004. IANAL but I find it comical the NJ AG feels he can pick and choose what parts of a Federal law he wants to recognize. He recognizes carry under LEOSA for retired LEOs that aren't NJ residents but not those who live in NJ? That sounds like a 14A violation right there. The few test cases I've seen with had to do mostly with the issue if the person carrying fit the LEOSA definition of being a LEO. IIRC there was an active duty Coastie arrested carrying on Long Island who beat the rap because his job fit the LEOSA definition of LEO.
  13. I have a Cimarron Mason-Richards conversion with a brass grip frame, case hardened frame and blued cyonder and barrel that looks nice.
  14. You are correct. No hollow points according to the NJ AG. LEOSA says retired LE can. Keep in mind LEOSA starts out using the term, "Notwithstanding any other provision of the law of any State...". "Notwithstanding" legally means unless we say it applies. The only application LEOSA mentions of state law is the state's ability to restrict carry in state owned buildings and on state owned land.
  15. That's what the NJ AG says. While state law may be more restrictive than Federal law IMO what the NJ AG has said is contrary to LEOSA. RPO permit is yearly and costs $50. They have to qualify twice a year.
  16. I've both from them too. No issues.
  17. You can survive any hot weather if you have water. You could live without airconditioning. If you live where it's cold you can put on a lot of clothes and still be cold. You have to have heat.
  18. You could also just use a 16" or longer barrel with nothing on the end. Might cost more but you're going to save money not buying a comp.
  19. Do you feel the same way about shooting an AR? Don't get all philosophical about shooting any gun. I guarantee any soldier or marine that was attempting a difficult shot with any rifle used whatever they could for an advantage. They would have used a bench if one was available.
  20. Imposed by "Anything to Make a Buck Murphy"!!!
  21. There is no fee listed for them. Never has been. They are optional though at discretion of the issuing authority. I don't know anywhere they won't extend a permit but there may be one.
  22. You really don't know what they enter into the computer when you present the gun at the desk at FEDEX. Firearm may be only one block they check on the computer. When I've shipped a firearm at FEDEX they've always walked it to the back. Security cage? That's what I've been told. There were people shipping bigger more valuable packages when I was there. The only experience I've had with FEDEX losing a gun was when I was still working and shipping a box of handguns to our centralized armory. Box arrived broken and one gun was missing. Most likely box broke, gun fell out and was stolen. Got check for full declared value from FEDEX in less than 2 weeks. No questions asked. I shipped and received probably a couple thousand guns when I was working. That was the only one that was lost.
  23. @Scorpio64 you'll shrink those groups a little shooting from a bench. Shooting from a bench you get to see how good your rifle really shoots. The Army uses the foxhole position for the same effect. I know some don't think much of bench shooting but it's how you see how your rifle and ammo perform by eliminating as many variations as possible. If you're reloading for serious competition you need to tailor the load for the rifle you're using. That makes sense. I don't seriously compete now and work up a load in one rifle and it works pretty good in others I have in the same caliber. I know guys that have 5 different loads in a caliber for their 5 different rifles. That's not me. FWIW M2 Ball specs are 2700 fps, my reloads are 2800 fps and HXP 2900 fps in my rifle through a chronograph. You can chase the accuracy thing a lot of ways. Modifications to the rifle. Experimenting with different powders, bullets, loads. It all boils down to what level of accuracy makes you happy. I'm happy with a Garand that shoots 2" with service ammo.
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