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  1. This stuff goes back to the 80s. IIRC the missing guns were stolen by an employee. Sarco didn't have problems with ATF, they had problems with the State of NJ.
  2. Welcome to the ranks of the forum who think that if you don't agree with them you're wrong and I'm right.
  3. Good parts of the amendment to GCA 68 passed in 86: 1. Mail order of ammo and reloading components. From 68 to 86 that had to go through FFL. 2. FOPA, back in the 70s and 80s I remember NYPD guys who were arrested in NJ for transportation of their guns. OK LEOSA really solved that issue. 3. Buying a long gun in any state. Prior to 86 you could only buy a long gun in a contiguous state. If you lived in NJ that meant PA, NY, and DE only. 4. Opening up importation of milsurps. 68 to 86 no Mausers, Mosins, Enfields, etc. Just food for thought.
  4. I think you are making a mistake. Do not dismiss socialists as stupid and having half a brain. They are definitely cunning and crafty. Otherwise they never would have made the "progress" they have in the past 30 years. Most of America is conservative. The problem is you have to prove to people that conservatism works. The last POTUS to do this was Reagan. That's why he took 49 states in 1984. Do not dismiss politics. Realistically politics is not getting everything you want. Politics is comprimise. Many will shout "no comprimise" and wind up with nothing. The idea is to.make the other side think they've won but they really got nothing. For example, support legislation that says every FFL has to provide a gun lock with every firearm sold. Yes, that does put a burden on FFLS and manufacturers that cost a few dollars which will be passed to the consumer. Many would see this as an attack on the RKBA. It would have little impact on that. But the left would proclaim a resounding victory.
  5. Progressivism in this country started over 100 years ago not 30. Woodrow Wilson was probably the first "progressive" POTUS. The ideas hung around and we're revived by FDR, our first Progressive Socialist POTUS. FDR wanted to make Americans so dependent on the government the Democratic Party would control the country for the next 50 years. The zenith of FDR's Socialist tendencies was after being warned by Churchill to "watch out for Stalin" he catered to Stalin. This resulted in the division of Europe and 50 years of Cold War. Truman and JFK were more like your traditional, old time Conservative Democrats. If they were to run for POTUS today they'd have to run as Republicans. The Democrats wouldn't have them. FDR didn't save the country from the Depression and really wasn't a,great wartime leader IMO. That's a discussion for another time. Progressive Socialism grew under Johnson and was continued by Clinton and Obama.
  6. States cannot override the Constitution or Federal law. They can make state law more restrictive but not contrary to Federal law. The 10th Amendment let's NJ writ their own carry permit law.
  7. I'm out of the state for the time being.
  8. Never owned a G2. Bought my first Taurus in 1988 and own a few. AFAIC their fit and finish is 90-95% of a S&W. Sometimes better. @Pizza Bob Yes...it is. The trigger on my 85 is better than any J frame S&W out of the box and still is. The only polymer frame Taurus I have is a 709 Slim. Their version of a Shield. The trigger is DA and kind of clunky but if you know how to shoot it will work. 100% reliable. I have no reservations about carrying it for serious social purposes. The few times I've used their lifetime warranty (once their fault, the others minor wear and tear) the turnaround time was about 2 weeks. I'd have no reservations about buying a Taurus if they had something I needed...or wanted.
  9. You should buy it Zeke. Everyone needs at least one PP/PPK/PPKS.
  10. Don't deal with them. Order online and have it shipped to your friend's address.
  11. Sorry @Zeke the peach breaks my general food rule of no sweet stuff with meat. I did like your meat loaf though.
  12. I know of one verified incident of that happening in over 50 years of shooting.
  13. You are correct. This is nothing new in the Democrat mindset. It reminds me of Janet Reno asking for more gun laws after Colombine. A reporter asked her, "What do you say to the people who say just enforce the laws we already have". Reno's response? "It doesn't matter if we enforce them or not we need more gun laws". This coming from the AG? Democrats long ago stopped doing anything meaningful. They just do stuff to look like they're doing something.
  14. I wonder if this will be a recruiting success for the Navy as the first was.
  15. @raz-0 see @10X's post. Ginger can treat nausea and also be used as a laxative. The meclizine is an antihistamine. I would hazard a guess you'd be getting drowsy from that way before the ginger would have any laxative effect. I suspect the ginger in bonine is there more as a flavoring. They also make a raspberry bonine
  16. I've done some underway boardings but nothing approaching what these guys did.
  17. If you're going to take something try Bonine. It doesn't make you drowsy. @fishnut is correct. Stay on deck but stay away from the transom as the exhaust fumes will make you feel worse @JohnnyB is correct too. I used to run boats at work. I'd never get seasick as long as I was at the helm. I knew pilots who would get airsick if they weren't at the controls. FWIW I never got airsick although I've flown in small aircraft when the pilots did crazy stuff.
  18. @Maksim nice gun. I've always had a PP/PPK around since 1973. I have a few now. I have a late war (1944) PP in 32. That was when they stopped marking them except for serial number and an acceptance stamp. It has some serious pitting but for $125 I couldn't pass it up. The pride of my PP/PPK assortment is a mid-60s PPK in 32. JUST LIKE THE GENUINE JAMES BOND!!! I've wanted one since 1962 when I started reading Bond and eventually got one. It was unfired but I changed that! Some of the forum members got to shoot it at one of our informal meets. I share Skeeter Skelton's opinion that a PP/PPK in 32 or 380 with FMJ is about as effective as a 2" 38 with 158 RNL. Not something you want to dismiss.
  19. Do what the manufacturer says. Fill out the form, they'll send you a label, and you ship it directly to them. There is nothing illegal, state or federal law, about a person sending a firearm to a manufacturer for repair and the person receiving it directly back from the manufacturer. If the manufacturer replaces the firearm then it must go through a FFL as it will have a different serial number.
  20. I'd say most gun owners are not into guns. There are many guns I've seen that spent their lives in sock drawers as the owner bought the gun "for protection". Many of these guns go unfired.
  21. I finally got to try out the Wrangler I picked up a few weeks ago. The fit and finish are good IMO. There are some gaps in the fit of the grip frame but not anything I'm concerned about in a $200 gun. Great job with the cerakote and bluing. The trigger is a bit heavy and not as good as my Single Six. It will probably smooth out with use. My Single Six probably has a bazillion rounds through it. The Wrangler's loading gate is a little stiff but that will work in. How does it shoot? From a rest when I was doing my job with the right ammo I was able to shoot 2"+ groups. About the same as my Single Six. I could probably do better if i wasnt over 100 years old. The sights were dead on for windage. Elevation varied depending on what ammo (high velocity, standard velocity, and bullet weight) but that can be expected. Reliability was 100%. IMO Ruger has a winner here. Great utility grade revolver at a fraction of the price of anything comparable. Half the price of a Single Six. I've seen the Heritage go for $130 online but add in shipping and transfer fees vs $200 I paid from dealer stock and it's a Ruger! @fishnut you can fan these but the stiffer action and checkering on the hammer will probably chew up your hand.
  22. Okay @Sniper by the paragraph. 1. I am aware of aberrant behavior exhibited by mass shooters. Never said I wasn't. What I said is having the people directly around them charged as accessories is not as easy as you think. 2. Yes there are many shades of grey but you can't charge everyone associated with a mass shooter which seems to be your stand. 3. You said "make people who are directly around them accessories to the crime". See my #2 above. If you don't mean to charge them and put them on trial what do you mean then? 4. You're welcome. PC and evidence has to convince a prosecutor, a judge at the initial appearance, a grand jury, and ultimately a jury that the person committed a crime. Mere knowledge of aberrant behavior does not constitute PC. 5. Yeah, compared to you I have vast experience in criminal prosecutions. How many criminal investigations have you done? How many cases have you presented to a prosecutor that were successfully prosecuted? How many of your cases were so air tight that the defendant copped a plea for a reduced sentence? I have been involved in many cases where people were charged and convicted of 18 USC 4 Misprision of a Felony, 18 USC 371 Conspiracy, and 21 USC 846 Drug Conspiracy. How many of such cases have you investigated and had successfully prosecuted? 6. No insult there. IIRC your background is in engineering. Tell me it's a good thing I never was an engineer, musician, or pro athlete. I wouldn't be offended. I was never any of those things. 7. I never said none. Stop trying to say I said something I didn't. You seem to think everyone associated should be charged as an accessory. That's not how it works. I explained that in #4 and #5 above. I seen people on this forum exhibit aberrant behavior in some of their posts. If they commit a crime related to their posts should I be charged as an accessory for not reporting it and to whom?
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