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  1. It's a nice package that gets you started for minimal outlay. If you decide reloading isn't for you, you could sell the package and get most of your money back. If you decide to really get into progressive presses and such there is always a need for a single stage. Lee makes quality stuff. Their customer service is greatm
  2. You talking about Jade Helm? That was run under one of your heroes Obama. Do you believe there's tunnels conceding all the Wal Marts in Texas? Yes, all those old white men are evil. What do you propose should be done with then?
  3. When one gets older and wiser they plan for contingencies.
  4. Don't be a fearmonger. Yes, there will be blows to the economy. This is mitigated somewhat by the fact that we went into this with a very good economy. Mass looting? You have to realize that most looters are not armed. When one gets shot the rest disperse. This is America. Don't compare it to Russia, China, or Hungary. Many unanswered questions but things can be dealt with.
  5. Initially, CJRPC had indoor range closed and maintain social distance on the outdoor ranges. It might be hard to maintain social distance at an indoor range. Then they changed it to closed which is still posted on their website last I looked. Give it time. We'll see. Murphy sees "club" and might think we drink and dance to rap there.
  6. Well ...think of it. If they follow social distance protocols I think there's less danger in that than going to Walk Mart. JMO
  7. Second Chance came to the market in the early/middle 70s. I bought my first in 1976. IIRC Davis offered a new 357. I don't think it was DOJ but his lawyers who advised him to stop this. Second Chance subsequently went belly up after they were caught making defective vests. Full story here: https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/former-second-chance-body-armor-president-settles-false-claims-act-case-related-defective Not sure what they say now but it used to be a 5 years service life for a vest. I used my original vest for 6 years until the agency I worked for bought everybody one and continued to do so for the rest of my career. I took care of that vest as directed. I shot it about 25 years later and it still stopped everything it was advertised to.
  8. Crossed arms, totally defensive measure. He wants to close the discussion. Stutters and passes the question to the AG because he doesn't know what to say. AG fumbles a bit in how response.
  9. I read that Grewal authorized release of about 1000 held in county jails for "low level offenses". County prosecutors can appeal to Grewal if they want to keep someone locked up. The NJ AG has no authority to release anyone being lodged in a state or county facility for the Federal government for any reason. That would include ICE detainees. Besides, the Federal government pays a daily rate for each prisoner. The state or county makes money from this.
  10. @Ray Ray. You're a real American.
  11. It was slipping down. Sticky doesn't work with a J frame. Fine with a Glock 19. I love your 37. Sending you a pm for a deal.
  12. I concealed myself at a column.
  13. Sorry @Ray Ray I was at the Museum of Natural History with my grand daughters and my niece. I just resolved the issue with the least fanfare
  14. Only if the governor or majority of the legislature ask for it and the review board asks for a hearing. Don't think that's going to happen. I agree this was not a simple error or omission.
  15. @May20, @raz-0 pretty much said what needs to be said. Depending on the gun I'd even "break in" with less than 500 rds.
  16. It is not easy to remove or even censure a judge in NJ. Click on link and scroll down to NJ, http://www.judicialselection.com/judicial_selection/methods/removal_of_judges.cfm?state Judges are among those who have a certain type of immunity. You can't sue a judge for an incorrect ruling or omission. If you could who would want to take a job as a judge? She can get twice the amount she was earning the year before her conviction for each year she was in prison or $50,000 a year, whichever is greater.
  17. Whoa, the National Guard has been activated to help in food delivery and testing sites. They MAY help in curfew control. Don't think some 17 year old is screwing a M16 in your face A county executive has no power in relation to the National Guard.
  18. I never cared for the 40. The only thing the 40 did was create an "improved" gun S&W could sell to replace all those 9mms they had been selling for the prior 15 years.
  19. Most new guns don't need a break in for the gun they need a break in for the shooter @May20 what are you getting.
  20. IMO the Sticky is a better pocket holster for small guns than it is an IWB. A couple of years ago I was carrying a J frame in a Sticky in NYC. The holster lost friction and started to slide down the leg of my shorts (not undies). I was able to recover it unobtrusively and put it in my pocket. Sticky works okay with a G19 size gun or larger.
  21. I try to remain flexible.
  22. I've use both the Sticky and Nemesis for pocket carry of my BG380. Both work well IMO.
  23. Hmm...discussion has drifted to toilet paper consumption.
  24. Not criticizing you just showing options. Keep in mind of you use hand sanitizer a lot it will dry out your skin. That makes it easier for the virus to enter your bloodstream.
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