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  1. I learned to always carry a winter coat driving my Austin Healey back in the 60s which, being a British sports car, was always prone to breaking down.
  2. "Honestly not bad" is you didn't have any problems when you where there. If your think the cartels are concerned about the tourist trade you're fooling yourself. If the cartels have a target they care shit from shinola about the tourist trade as they've shown in the past.
  3. Not an issue if the target is at 6 feet. I have a couple of old "bicycle" guns in 32 S&W. Wintertime, I'll carry one in my coat pocket. Makes a good "get off of me" gun.
  4. 1LtCAP I recently ordered from the Gun Parts Company. They had Greek 2 clip pouches in military surplus. There's a bit of corrosion on the metal but it cleans up. Never knew these existed. I knew an older SF guy in Vietnam. WW2 and Korea vet. When he "went for a walk" hee carried a M1 with a clip in the rifle and a clip squeezed on the sling. He felt comfortable with that.
  5. Water is the best thing to remove corrosive salts.i use hot water, WD40 to displace the water, then conventional cleaning to remove the WD40.
  6. Not received. There's an email address in the newsletter to notify.
  7. You all need to remember, most confrontations don't call for lethal force. That's civilian and LE. If you're legally carrying a handgun you need to have something less than lethal. I know of LE agencies that require officers to carry their pepper spray and handcuffs if they're carrying a gun off duty.
  8. I've said it before and I'll say it again. NJ Stautes, for the law abiding gun owner, only cover where you can possess hollowpoints. They say nothing about where you can use them.
  9. I'll take that along with the AR7 bag. Will pick all up next week.
  10. That works for what? How crude you can be while not having the facts straight?
  11. Thanks for finding that. @WilliamParker note it was in Arkansas not NYC.
  12. I asked you s civil question. You gave me a profane answer. I never said you lied.
  13. GRIZ

    First Revolver

    GP100 has been my first pick 357 for some time. I prefer the 4".
  14. Can you give me details about that guy who was cuffed and committed suicide. A lot of people say a lot of things. Debatable if they're true.
  15. OT, but a story worth mentioning. Bill Jordan told a story where a Border Patrol Agent confronted a smuggler on a small wooden bridge. The smuggler drew, the Border Patrol Agent responded and won the fight. The smugglers's gun fell in the creek, canal,, whatever it was. As it was dusk it was decided to go out in the morning for a thorough investigation. They dragged the creek or canal with magnets. Recovered something like 20 guns. FWIW
  16. Stuff getting stolen from cars is the biggest crime in my neighborhood.
  17. I grew up a city boy and you locked everything. Still do although there is virtually no crime in my neighborhood. I still know people who never lock their doors as they feel safe because they live in crime free neighborhood. A mistake.
  18. Dave, I'll take it but won't be back until after New Year's. I'm elsewhere in the country.
  19. Don't put them down because they're still in NJ. Lots of reasons people can't move from NJ. There's also the faction that choose to stay and fight. I know a few guys that will compare their b___ sack to yours. Were you on Delta,, a SEAL, a Ranger, Recon Marine,SF, USAF Pararecue or (old term) Combat Controller, CIA Operator, ? No need to be crude. I guarantee you I know people in all those jobs that still live in NJ. MIND YOUR CRITICISM!!! Those who have chosen to stay and fight don't deserve it!!!
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