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    Recommend handgun

    @jasonx I take this is a first handgun?
  2. @Mrs. Peel.that Herter's is a unique press. The only issue is that Herters used a proprietary shellholder which may be next to impossible to find. BUT...RCBS made an adapter for it to use standard shellholders. Don't know if they still do and you'd probably have to order it direct from RCBS. The Lyman manual you have will do just fine. Contact me if you want more of my 2 cents. I might have some other stuff to help get you started.
  3. I'm not much of a pickup guy but if I bought one it'd be a Raptor. A friend of mine bought his first (he's on his second) back in 2011. I never thought a pickup could handle...and go...so well. I was even more impressed when I saw Tanner Foust on Top Gear blasting across the desert (the desert not a desert road) at 80 mph. He said, and the video in the cab confirmed, the truck was tracking fine and felt more like just driving on a bumpy road.
  4. SCOTUS has flipped on itself at times. For example Brown vs Board of Education flipped their prior Plessy vs Ferguson decision.
  5. There are a few decisions SCOTUS has made regarding the Interstate Commerce Clause of the COTUS. Some I agree with, some I don't. It's our system so once something goes through SCOTUS one has to live with it. Until SCOTUS changes something.
  6. No interstate commerce? Was the metal mined, refined, and formed into tubing all in Kansas? Was the tap used to cut the threads made in Kansas? These 2A Protection Acts passed in several states and counties are pretty much worthless until a decision by SCOTUS. Read the rest of the COTUS. Federal law trumps any state law. The Federal government is not subject to any state or local jurisdiction. They got probation because that's what the Federal Sentencing Guidelines say that's what they could get. Most likely it was the minimum. Sentencing is actually figured out by US Probation and Parole. I've never seen a judge that went against their recommendation. They still are convicted felons.
  7. This is the wrong case to take to SCOTUS to get silencers off the the NFA. Cox is making silencers in the back of his government surplus store and tells Kettler that a silencer made in Kansas is not subject to NFA. Kettler's defense is his hearing was damaged in the military and that's why he needs one. These go down as some of the most stupid defenses I've ever heard. No wonder SCOTUS doesn't want to waste it's time with this case.
  8. Shorter blades are easier to carry but when you need a bigger knife you need a bigger knife. USMC Kabars and Glock knives are good but the straight blade sucks if you need to chop. https://www.amazon.com/Ontario-Knife-8684-Raider-Plainedge/dp/B075P5H66C/ref=mp_s_a_1_1_sspa?keywords=marine+raider+bowie+knife&qid=1560620254&s=gateway&sprefix=marine+raider&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1 This is a knife to cover your big knife needs. I have one I've used to chop, as a pry bar, and other uses with no issues. Well within the budget too. This and a multi-tool and you've covered your needs.
  9. All those calibers will have a small following. The 38 Super was ballisticly the forerunner of the 357 mag. It gained some popularity with IPSC shooters and is a good round. Popular in Mexico and points south where civilians can't own guns in a "military" caliber. The 357 SIG is a re-invention of the 38 Super. The last two calibers invented that have proven their "staying power" are the 40 S&W and 44 mag. All those 500s, 480s, 460s, and 454s will be around. Maybe 1% of the people who buy them actually have a use for them.
  10. Good reason to have a stainless gun (yes I know stainless can rust). Carrying guns always presents the opportunity for them to get wet and dirty. The infantry does it all the time.
  11. While calibers over 40 have been recommended for bear defense for years the link below will take you to an article that shows just about anything from 9mm up works. https://www.ammoland.com/2018/02/defense-against-bears-with-pistols-97-success-rate-37-incidents-by-caliber/#axzz5qtW1BCyL
  12. The 10mm is like the 41 Magnum of the semiautomatic pistol world. Both are good rounds and have followings but not enough to make them really popular. Thats because they really don't do any really better than more common calibers. They are both too much for SD use. 9mm, 45 ACP, 38 spl and 357 Magnum are much more suitable for that. I've never been a fan of the 40 S&W either as it never did anything that much better than the 9mm and 45 ACP. It really was an extremely successful marketing ploy by Smith and Wesson than anything else. Calibers like 10mm, 41 Mag, 357 SIG, and 45 GAP will be around with the minor advantages touted by their fans. They'll never be that popular.
  13. You can learn to shoot anything well...if you work at it.
  14. 244 years ago the US Flag was adopted by the Continental Congress. The same day they created the Continental Army which became the US Army now 244 years old. Not sure which they did first that day.
  15. If you shot a Glock 19 you pretty much have a good idea what a Glock 17 is like. Going to the range with friends and trying their guns is a good idea. IMO the Glock 19 is the best all around 9mm made. Spend some time figuring out what else you want to try before you go renting guns. You can easily can spend more than your gun is going to cost on rentals. Keep in mind that you will spend thousands more than the original price of your gun on ammo. Taking that into account for a centerfire handgun a 9mm in a semiauto or 38/357 in a revolver makes sense. I've always been of the opinion that a double action revolver is a good handgun to start with. It takes a bit more to learn the DA pull but when you master a DA revolver everything else is easy. JMO. Getting some instruction is important. You can take formal classes or learn from an experienced shooter. Doing this early will save you a lot of time and ammunition. It will also help you prevent developing bad habits that will be difficult to break. I know many good shooters who were self taught. They will never be great shooters because of the bad habits they developed.
  16. "Assault Rifles", "Assault Weapons", and "Assault Firearms" are not new terms. They were invented by the firearms press back in the early 1980s.
  17. Her father giving her the gun opens a new door. If a prosecutor can prove the father gave her the gun the father can be charged with the illegal transfer. The best case scenario for this 21 yr old is the prosecutor offers her a plea deal with no or minimal jail time and fine where her and her father won't be prosecuted for the illegal transfer if she pleas to the gun charge. This might also include reducing the charge to a misdemeanor. She'll have a conviction that will follow her in any case. There is no reason for a prosecutor to offer her a deal with the scenario you give. He would have her guilty if there was a trial. A prosecutor might offer her a deal to get the case off his calendar as she isn't a career criminal but he doesn't have to with the facts you provide. @Hope I also wonder what your idea behind having only one bullet in the magazine is. The criminal charges would still be the same if she had no ammunition with the gun. If the one round was a hollow point that would be an additional charge.
  18. That depends. I'm sure the General doesn't clean his own firearms in a regular unit. Officers in Special Operations are as much a part of the team as much as they are in command due to the small unit size. For example, the Captain SF A Team Commander, pulls his shift on guard duty if the team is holed up somewhere for the night. Old habits are hard to break.
  19. I notice Miller has spent most of his career in Special Operations. It's a good thing there's a career ladder for officers in Special Operations to make it to the top. It used to be those officers who wanted to stay in Special Operations found themselves in an up or out situation. They had to make a choice between staying in Special Operations and wind up retiring as a Major or leave Special Operations in order to get promoted.
  20. A 4 star in the the Army gets a lieutenant colonel, a major, and a captain for officer aides and several enlisted aides. Not sure who gets assigned to clean the General's sidearm but with Miller's background my guess is he does it himself.
  21. I don't know about that. He was at an event in Kandahar past October where several Afghani officials were assassinated. I read an account that Miller "deployed" his M4 at that event. He also spent 15 years with Delta Force and I hazard a guess he fired at least a few shots in anger during that time.
  22. The OP says she inherited the gun from her mother. Later on in the thread there is a comment that her father wanted her to have a gun. The question is who's gun was it before the 21 yr old got it. The mother who died and left her the gun in her will? That would be legal. Or did her father give it to her? That would be illegal without the proper transfer procedures (P2P). @Hope that's a 1934 Beretta not a 1964.
  23. Not by much. 100 meters is about 328 feet or 109 yards. You're not going to see that much difference in trajectory at closer ranges.
  24. I don't know about the other services but the Army Regulation governing uniforms says something to the effect of "this regulation does not apply to General Officers". That means a General can pretty much wear what he wants.
  25. You can get repro 1917 holsters from Pacific Canvas and Leather.
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