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  1. NRA jacket size large. Burks Bay #6370. Never worn. Original cost $250.00. Sell for $125.00. Pick up in Ewing NJ Reason for selling is I have two and don't need this one.
  2. NJJim


    Very clean car. Only 60,845 miles. One owner. New Battery! New Tires! Oil & filter changed at 60,634 miles. Everything works! A/C, CD player, Power windows, mirrors, door locks, up/down seat. Cruise control and sun roof. Serviced by me at JM Autotech since January 2006. Automatic transmission and 2.3 ULEV V-Tec 4 cylinder. $4295.00.
  3. NJJim

    WTB Used Car

    This car has no rust and I think is as good or better than many 5 or 6 year old cars I see.
  4. NJJim

    WTB Used Car

    I have this one right now. It's not a van or SUV but a very good car. Former owner was a customer of mine and I serviced it since January 2006. Honda ad
  5. I posted this before but I guess people can't believe their own eyes. I took this in in front of my place two years ago and it has not been altered!
  6. I have what is listed. What would you like to buy?
  7. Added PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO 62 GR.
  8. Yes, it is all still available!
  9. bump Really? No interest at all?
  10. SOLD Lake City Ammo .223 Remington is sold. Federal American Eagle 62 gr 5.56 x 45 NATO case of 4 150 round boxes. Sold. 2 cases available @ $150.00 each. Single 150 round boxes $40.00 each. Four for $150.00. Sold. Federal American Eagle 55 gr 5.56 x 45 NATO case of 5 120 round boxes. Sold. PMC X-TAC 5.56 NATO 1 Case of 1000 rounds in 20 round boxes available for $275.00. Located in Ewing, NJ.
  11. Just did a search on GB for "scar" and got 2200 plus results.
  12. Thanks. This isn't the kind of job I would take on. Looks like plenty of advice given already. My first question would be "How much is this thing worth?" Is it really worth spending that much money? A used unit would be my choice for something that old unless it is restored or pristine condition. And the rest of the truck will last hundreds of thousands more miles.
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