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  1. Oh well....? Thats not very nice. If we dont start sticking together we'll never get anything changed in this state. I' m thinking if this story is true theres more to it. Like dual residency or something. Seems highly unlikely that a SC family knew about the NJ2AS when 7/8 of NJ residents don't.
  2. Nj2as has to get their arse moving . We need to try and get NJ CCW (shall issue)passed here. If not lets push for a NO issue status. That will make some scratch their head.
  3. Great show! One of the few times i can get my whole family together. Phils book " Happy Happy Happy " was great and gives real insight to how it was all started.
  4. Not to change subject but PA still honors the new hampshire non resident permit correct? Anyone hear of this one becoming revoked soon? I think i might take the utah just incase. It seems like the thing to do. Thanks
  5. Go for the street glide. Im buying a new one next month. I like that street bob too.
  6. Dont say that. They'll take our fid cards away. 16yr JIW
  7. Lmao. I would of never thought. That's gotta hurt to wear all day. Lol
  8. Have a .50 in bright nickle. Its sucks to shoot but fun to watch the destruction it makes. . 2008 model? Im looking for iwb holster but no one seems to make one. I like my 500's 1000 times more.
  9. Dont take this the wrong way because im no Brad Pitt, Is it just me or does anyone else notice that whenever i see a car driving with a " hope N change or Obama sticker on the car The person drivin is f'n Ugly. Like they are short a few chromozones .
  10. I like the ceramic grills too. I bought the Primo brand one a few years back. My only mistake was not stocking up on enought lump charcoal. Had to go all winter without it. I cant stand paying shipping on stuff.
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