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  1. Everything seems to be working for me; wanted to confirm that for you.
  2. It's happening for me as well with Chrome version 70.0.3538.110 It looks like it might be a Javascript issue with GoogleAds. Screenshot attached to show the error.
  3. This argument is flawed, since we know that not all guns are registered, yet they can still be legal in NJ.
  4. i was trying to figure out where it was but I couldn't place the development. I normally stay up near the Clinton area and don't get down to Flemington often.
  5. I switched to wet tumbling back in March. I deprimed my tumbled brass and ran it through - AMAZING. Instantly hooked and completely worth it. The new tumbling setup went perfect with the new bench I had built. I scoured the internet and managed to find a used Lortone 12lb tumbler for a decent price....very very happy with it. I use some dish soap and a touch of lemishine - brass comes out looking like new! I've also used it to clean up various other pieces and it worked like a champ each time.
  6. Do we know of any national banks that are friendly to the 2A / firearm manufacturers?
  7. UH, yes Political Correctness has gone WAY to far.
  8. Very hard to pick just one...but if I had to. Star Wars - A New Hope (none of this new cut nonsense, I'm talking the original 1977 goodness)
  9. I just built a new workbench and mounted my LnL press - I had 5/16" bolts on my old bench, with the new one went to 1/2", Much more secure. I should have done it earlier. I used a washer under the bin tray bracket, and one one top of the bracket as well. Lock washers and nuts on the bottom and the press is as secure as can be - not going anywhere! Just my 2 cents - bump up to 1/2" bolts for the LnL.
  10. After you get some miles - i also HIGHLY recommend Lee Parks Total Control Riding course. Awesome day and will really bring your riding to the next level. When I took it we had all types of bikes, sport bikes, classics, Harleys, even a Gold Wing. http://www.totalcontroltraining.net/
  11. Getting tired of hearing the stereotypical 'IT Guy" comments.......I work in IT, and can take these physical challenges like they were a walk in the park.
  12. Rider Ed of NJ gets my vote - great course, worth every penny! Got my license through them back in 2005 and haven't looked back since.
  13. Gregg

    My 1911 Build!!!

    Very good! Building a 1911 is on my list once I'm done with this AR.
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