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  1. Did Ammoman move to Newark, NJ ? I picked up ammo number of years ago when he was in south jersey..
  2. Are they serious???? Completely unacceptable. The right to keep and BEAR arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. How do judges come to these decisions? They should be ashamed of themselves. well, ya see the judges and a lot of politicians already carry...they have theirs...they are afraid of criminals and you..you don't have those worries..be happy, have a soda-pop..
  3. Do you actually believe these hacks even get to see your letters? There's probably a groupy intern automatically sending canned responses from a closet sized office..the only time the elite fools see letters is when a lunchen or award is given in their honor...i've sent piles of letters, email, faxes over the years to these two and nothings changed.
  4. fake, phoney, fraud...probably can't put his 30 bullet Magazine in his Garand either... dumbass ps I also helped 2 new NRA members join today !
  5. Why would anyone need to have a knife other than military or leo?
  6. I despise Piers Morgan...nothing else to say about him without getting myself banned from the forum.. i will not watch or listen to him and immediately turn off anything that airs him..the piece of *$#^&%#!@! rotten @$%#$%# go to $%#^&%$# :wild:
  7. Just have your parents, girlfriend and friends move to Pa ! Problem solved...
  8. Ham Radio operators use them to raise wire antennas high up in trees..
  9. probably nothing unless the girls looked like goats.. :ph34r: =@
  10. Just keep a chair in your car..continually move it from one home to the other and back...walla! your always moving..
  11. Home Depot has some on their web page..check to see if in stock in your store.
  12. I go there to fondle the gun racks and toys then order online or buy from forum vendors
  13. Not sure if this already on here somewhere..find ammo prices compare Plug in caliber etc. http://www.ammoengine.com/ and http://ammoseek.com/
  14. to fish around for ammo prices try this site: (lists dozens of venders and their current prices) http://ammoseek.com/ or http://www.ammoengine.com/ few others I can't remember..
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