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  1. According to who? We are not held to the RPO, LEO and armed security standards. No where in the licensing requirements does it state such.
  2. Like I said, I have no issues paying for something that resembles the HCQ with minor differences, but retains the primary course of fire. I wouldnt take anything less than that. Keep in mind, NJ could pass a law that requires more training prior to anyone being approved, and they would have to start all over again. A lot of unknowns right now.
  3. I'm not arguing for/against training. Just that the margin at these prices is significant. A multi hour course, with direct instruction of increased value doesn't cost much more. I do expect prices to come down once competition sees an opportunity. A smaller one man operation could do this for half the price. ???? No one knows.
  4. The GFH course is 200 bucks for two handguns, right off the bat for a 30 minute range session, that includes little to no actually training I found it to be rather expensive. Ya know what though, I have no issues giving Ant my money, they guy has been fighting this fight since I met him back in 2010. The price will come down when more courses are available from others. Right now, I'm not keen on shopping around not knowing if the course will be accepted by the State. You need to recertify ever 2 years,, within 6 months of filing a new application. I think you will see an injunction in the next week over all of this.
  5. GFH course of fire represents the HQC, and scoring method. Not sure what RTSP does but I would be worry of anything less than the standard string of shots from the HQC.
  6. There are multiple options according to the statute, HQC is just one.
  7. I believe GFH, being approved by the state prior to all of this, should have the necessary approval info for people passing their qualifying class.
  8. There are no formative "tests" established in the opinion, unfortunately. What you're seeing is general criteria outlined in the opinion. There is nothing as specific such as the "lemon test" which specifies exactly what must be considered in order for a law to be constitutional. The restrictions you note, are for the outright denial of the right. In fact, the licensing requirements in NY which also requires registering the firearm to be carried was left in place. I'm not disagreeing with you sentiments, it's ridiculous. NJ will argue every one has the right carry a firearm who isn't prohibited, and can do so with the firearm of their choosing after completing the "objective" licensing requirements.
  9. No offense, but is this the first SCOTUS opinion you've dug into? The scope of Judicial review is a very deliberate thing... to suggest they/he left things out due to a heavy work load is not even seriously considered. Remanding to the lower courts is a pass off for now, again they decided not to hear the cases, when they could have and given a direct opinion Seperate of Bruen. If lower courts reverse, that's only good news for the circuit it happens in. NJ doesn't need to use it as a registry, they literally already have one. If you can't afford multiple firearms? How is this even an issue now?
  10. Good news all around, maybe SCOTUS spared the libs feelings temporarily in light of their current asswhooping. The lower courts were wrong the first time around without Bruen and I think this is the courts way of saying get your shit together before we do it for you.
  11. If the lower court doesn't change its opinion, it could be another 2 years before SCOTUS hears it again.
  12. I'm gonna wait for a more formative write up, but it seems the opinion is incredibly narrow in scope to administrative rules.
  13. So what are we looking at here, these are headed to conference.. will an opinion be rendered? Or are they being remanded back to the lower courts? With the session poised to close, I don't expect an opinion being published, and I don't see the lower courts shifting their ruling based on Bruen.
  14. Good. In past times, that may have been a problem. There sems to be some form of accountability these days with their attitude of not caring.
  15. Under NJ state constition: "All persons are by nature free and independent, and have certain natural and unalienable rights, among which are those of enjoying and defending life and liberty, of acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and of pursuing and obtaining safety and happiness." in conjunction with NJ state law, I view the issue as follows. You can't be the initial aggressor, clearly the person breaking into your home is. You have a right to forcefully remove the person from your property(dwelling)to protect it, and obtain safety. If that individual then shows a willingness and ability to harm you, self defense is warranted. This idea you have to sit and watch someone ransacked your home while the police make their way to you is nonsense. NJ is going to have one hell of time justifying duty to retreat with that paragraph being the first one in the NJ State Constitution, or at the very least an individual using force to protect their property.
  16. Ant, How often will dates be updated on the GFH site? I'm gonna be looking for a date sometime the last week of July as I'm stuck with family obligations until then, and using the mean time to pick up an additonal handgun to qualify with. Is there an option to call to set up a later date? Or just wait until the site publishes those dates?
  17. You'd think we never discussed use of force on this forum for home protection or something, lol..... or use of force in general...
  18. Yeah, If I dont feel threatened why would I give up the vehicle? If I feel threatened that's an acceptable use of force. If the carjacker already is in the vehicle driving off, that's a no go. I think we need to stop with the overly generalized hypotheticals here. This is also why you don't talk to the cops after, because it's NOT about stopping the theft of a vehicle, it's about defending your life.
  19. That's why I mentioned it, I do the same staking when given the notch to do it. If not I use a dab of blue loctite. I have an SB Tactical pdw brace on an other that doesn't have a locking nut and transferred it to a longer one when the ATF changed their mind on OAL. I never used a thread locker on the buffer extension prior, and prefer not to unless there isn't a jam nut.
  20. The wrench worked great, I didn't see any more damage than was already done. There was nothing applied to the threads that I could find.. no slipping, they are rounded with a proper diameter that when force is applied the rounded tab locks in place. After one strong pull and nothing moved I grabbed the breaker bar lol. But I will warn that blue loctite has given me some real issues getting a castle nut off, go light if you plan on using it.
  21. Definitely get the specific tool for it. I buggered one up trying to use my armors wrench that really didn't have enough meat on the tab. For reference, once I bought the specific wrench, I still needed to stick a pipe on the end of it for leverage to break it free. Would love to meet the gorilla who put the damn thing on.
  22. lol, that's nothing compared to the smell of cerakote baking... talk about being banned from the kitchen. I haven't painted a gun since 2019 because I need to find a new method other than the kitchen oven.
  23. I'm referencing the last paragraph on pg 80. Which mentions objective licensing requirements are gtg. They carved out a bunch of foreseeable issues that you mentioned. However, you will be hard pressed to show qualifications with a specific handgun is unconstitutional when you add in the "publics interest", with the ability to qualify with any firearm you want, and as many you want. The state will paint it as a minor inconvenience in the interest of public safety, that doesn't actually prevent someone from carrying the firearm of their choosing. Furthermore, there is an unlikely chance such an issue even makes it to SCOTUS, unless someone plans on carrying a firearm they didn't qualify with and wants to be the test case. Thomas left a lot to be desired in the courts opinion. He was very broad in these statements which means they aren't too keen on ruling on them. I also see larger issues being more important with regards to the courts time.. we can't even get them to hear a mag ban case, a gun ban case, a bumpstock ban case... a lot of gun related issues were shot down this session.
  24. I've only used their H series, which requires oven cure at 250f for a couple hours. Their C series is an air cure, but both require the same prep. Prepping the parts is the biggest hurdle tho, I degrease with an acetone dunk, flash in the oven to pull more oil out, degrease again, flash again and repeat until oil spots are gone. Then sand blast the part with aluminum oxide. Then apply paint. If you have a decent size air compressor, and space for a small Eastwood blasting cabinet, and vivosun grow tent you can vent outside, the cost of these items is less than paying someone for a rifle cerakote job. Learning curve isn't too bad, and any mistakes you just send the part back to blasting after a partial cure in the oven. If you want any paint to stick, and the rilfe has previously had oil on it, you really need to flash it in the oven. Solvents work good, but roll marks will still hold onto it in the corners of the crevices. It's taken me 3-4 flashes to get all the oil out of dust cover indents.
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