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  1. Sometimes being wrong is a good thing!!! Especially for all the pessimists around here.. Now... who's gonna be the first to offer us a class?
  2. It's on BOYs!!! NJ AG officially advised to process the applications without justifiable need!!
  3. Look, I get the hurry up and wait idea here. However, the Ball IS rolling. Again, let's keep the thread on topic this is about the process. You guys have the platform in the SCOTUS thread to discuss the legality and issues that lie there. The warning has been laid out here that a denial is still entirely possible... its up to the individual at this point to make the decision if it's worth the risk. I for one, want to start putting together an application, find a person or place to get me qualified so the day I hear good news I'm walking in the door to the PD. Better sooner than later we build up an easy process for everyone here to reference so we can streamline ccw applicants. For now, lets keep the thread clear so we can update with actual CCW resources as they become available and info from people applying.
  4. Not that I'm aware. That's a pretty low bar considering NJs statute. Also, NJ requires the training or quals to be "current", so I would guess within 6 months or less.
  5. Let's keep this on topic tho, I don't want it to delve into the courts opinion. We need to force this change around here and it starts with people following the prescribed process as it stands. Are you willing to share where or with whom you do your qualifications?
  6. While the argument was with regard to the NY state law, Alito did us a huge favor and wrote that opinion to be FAR reaching. It's clear NJs law is in violation. I can be patient, which is why I wanted a thread that has advice like this and others on how to proceed. As always your Input is appreciated.
  7. I was just double checking when you responded, yes FARS doesn't have CCW option so it's paper application. I originally assumed they would do fingerprints electronically, but it said 2 sets. Not sure what's better considering the fee morphotrack charges..
  8. Keep in mind, this is now a civil liberties issue.. Being denied your civil liberties can carry a huge financial burden of the accused. NJ will just make us gun owners rich pulling some shenanigans like that. Even better, judges lose their judicial immunity if they conduct judicial misconduct.. thats a very very big deal when ignoring judicial precident of SCOTUS.
  9. They will make more hoops to jump through, no doubt, but SCOTUS was clear there has to be a path for the average person to CCW. People were saying the same thing about SCOTUS folding the past year and look what happened!!
  10. The application is mainly procedural, and (redacted). You do need to get 2 sets of physical fingerprints on those atf/fbi cards. The big question is how to get the training (part 1) or qualification (part 2 or 3) of the statute satisfied.
  11. I'm reaching out to a few places to see what they say. I've been mainly looking at places that certify armed security guards. I've also been searching for local NRA marksmanship qualification classes.
  12. If I recall Ant, you already have the staff needed to satisfy NJ state training requirements? We just need some dates for classes!!!! Let's gooooo!!! Can you sense my excitement? "All of our high-level courses are taught by experienced professionals with the credentials to prove it. They are all trained and certified by the N.J. Police Training Commission, N.J. Department of Criminal Justice, and possess Federal Law Enforcement Instructor Certifications. They are experts in N.J. Use of Force Policies, and are always updating the course material with the latest use of force guidelines and case law."
  13. I'd like a place for people to go without having to sift through 430+ post about the SCOTUS issue that was decided. This is not a discussion on the SCOTUS opinion. Do not interject those opinions here, do them in the national discussion. This is ONLY for NJ residents to have a place to discuss resources and the application process for receiving your CCW. If you are applying, or plan to, it would be helpful for the folks here in NJ to know the process. I was most interested in understanding which firearms training people have done or know of which satisfies the current statute. This could be helpful for many people planning to apply, and could be done while awaiting a formal decision to start the application process. It would be great if a place like GunforHire had something for us up here in NNJ. Mods: this could be better placed in the CCW subforum, but it said no "law" discussion. It wasn't clear...
  14. Not sure what that limitation is here? Only a small part of the law is unconstitutional, the rest stands.. the legislature doesn't have to pass a new law for the unconstitutional part to not apply. There is an entire licensing process that exists and is "legal", and so far still constitutional. The justified part is simply not applicable and can't be enforced. In the mean time, can people share some resources on how to qualify for the application? Specifically the "training" requirement.
  15. A judge can lose their their immunity if they openly defy a SCOTUS opinion this clear cut. Which one is going to chance their own career on that in favor of NJ politics?
  16. So who's applying!!!!???? I'm temptempted to right now.
  17. Dp you know if these are normal or low recoil? The picture shows 1oz low recoil? But the descriptions says one of three types? Confusing as to what you will actually recieve.
  18. Bigggggg fan of the BCM, nice way to test it lol. Wish they came out with the BCM sooner, I'm not particularly happy about cutting off mutlipe hundred dollar comps to slap these on. But any new upper gets one.
  19. Honestly, more "kids" these days are much less mature at 18 than in the past, have zero coping skills, and blame others for their own self inflicted problems. The only reason I see raising the age to 21 to buy a gun is because.... track records. At 18 years old, on your birthday you can buy a gun... even if you have mental health issues documented, criminal convictions etc... because that information is typically sealed and not accessible. 2 options exist, don't seal juvenile records... not sure why we do that anywaysince expungements exist. I know someone who had an armed robbery conviction expunged within 6 years of getting out of prison...fkin insane.. in NJ of all places. OR raise the age so there is enough time for the individual to screw up before they can purchase a firearm. Does any of this solve the real gun violence in the country? No. We know that these media focused shootings are a drop in the bucket compared to the daily and weekly murders in cities.
  20. We've had a number of bear attacks up here recently.
  21. The ATF won't even drag home built lowers into a court room, bumpstocks etc. They pass laws to scare people like you, are willing to arrest someone and then tuck tail when they realized the case won't make it past indictment, or runs the precedence to actually trigger a civil case and the outright elimination of the law together. Better to leave a useless law on the books to scare people than give someone the power to wipe it out. You won't be hard pressed to find a lawyer willing to take a portion of your winnings that would reach tens of millions. NJ bail reform will have you out of police custody within 2 days... Now i.dont even think it gets that far, most judges even in NJ wouldn't let a prosecutor up hold a law that's been struck down by SCOTUS, literally shit that will get you thrown off the bench and even possibly disbarred. Ultimately this will depend on the verbiage of the ruling and how clear cut the opinion is... Politicians can play this stupid game, but the judicial system doesn't typically as a whole. Not to mention, if a judge violates your civil rights, they CAN be charged with a federal crime if SCOTUS finds their behavior intentional and strips them of judicial immunity.... judges like their immunity and I doubt theyre gonna play with that type of fire.
  22. This has nothing to do with ffls, atf or buying guns. This is a fact of life now on these p2p commerce sites, and I wish more places did it. The number of scammers out there is insurmountable. So if people want to scam on their site now, they have to provided proof of ID. Another forum I'm on, there're attempted scams almost everyday by accounts that can't be verified, and its no where near the size of gunbroker.. And if you are running a proxy IP address that hides your location, you basically appear to be a scammer in their system. I wish more places did this, would stop 99% of scammers without making you pay for access to an account.
  23. I stay out of democratic shitholes for the same reason.
  24. I would predict that lawsuits won't happen. NJ will drag its feet, but they won't risk multimillion dollar civil suits to charge someone that will 100% win on appeal. They are better off passing a law and getting people licensed than risk unlicensed people carrying they cant prosecute. In places like NY, you don't even go to jail anymore for carrying a firearm illegally until you're successfully found guilty.
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