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  1. This doesn't surprise me at all
  2. Thanks for that post Rifleman1. It answered a few of my quiestions
  3. wow we have permitts for everything here.. I didnt even know you needed a permit just to work at a gun shop.
  4. I've wanted to move to PA for years now.. Someday it will happen
  5. I really dont think anything will change in NJ no matter what happens in these elections..I hope Im wrong
  6. Great video.. The end really starts to pull on the heart strings.
  7. Anyone know of any Xmas charities in our state to donate gifts too? Ive seen a few online Like the Angel tree but I cant seem to find anything in NJ.. I would like to keep it to charities within the US
  8. The case in San Fran was the only thing that came up when I did a search.
  9. No way!!! I got sweaty just watching the video lol
  10. Firearms in public housing are a no no in NJ? I've searched but I cant find anything about the subject. I overheard a conversation today about guns being illegal to own/possess in NJ and it sparked my interest..
  11. How is the hunting in the watershed? Im completely new to hunting but Id like to give it a shot next years shotgun season..
  12. I don't know what to say.. I personally feel that suicide isnt the answer for anything but its his choice..
  13. Its a big investment but its well worth it. If your serious about it i wouldnt get anything under a 100gal tank.. Like someone said above the smaller the tank the harder it is to keep everything in range.. I had a 135 gallon for a few years but had to get rid of it because we moved into a smaller apartment. Your son will get a kick out of all the snails and crabs you can add to the tank The site below has a ton of info to help you start your own tank..Also the members there are extremely helpful /Aquarium Central
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