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  1. Sivl32

    9mm Rifle bug hit me?

    I love my Jr Carbine. but i do agree i with there were atleast shroud or something that would give the magazine a more AR look.. Also have been wanting to swap parts on it to make it more attractive but who has the $.
  2. 9mm and 7.62x39. most joyous to shoot
  3. New gun show on the NRA channel and it looks damned good.. I don't know if you are familiar with Mr.ColionNoir or not but it is bout time time you change that. http://www.nrafreestyle.tv/noir/video/noir-season-preview/list/noir-feature
  4. I would love if Springfield just made a full size XD-s, 10 shot 9mm.. at 1' width.. yes please!
  5. Ps4 here... assassins creed.. not to excited, only getting that game cause it is the only release game that interest me in the slightest.. waiting on 2014 games like Destiny. my friends are pressuring me to get battllefield 4.. idk $$
  6. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Midwest-PX-LLC/456802557766467
  7. looks better basics.. not a fan of flashlights and foregrips.
  8. I don't know if i care to adjust my press to spit bullets. i'ld be more excited for steel. i miss steel.
  9. i think i remember getting shit once from Alec for naming a gun... hmm
  10. i cant believe this is relevant.. who cares, stop making celebrities out of everyone.. if its not me or my family.. i dont care. people take things way to heart.
  11. go for the m factor.. xdm 9 5.25 be happy and look great.
  12. your finger shouldnt be excessively sticking out of the trigger guard, you want to pull the trigger back, not nudging it to the left or right when you pull
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