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silverado427's Feedback

  1. DirtyDigz left Positive feedback   

    Painless transaction, worked with me to do shipping instead of in person pickup. Would gladly buy from again.

    silverado427 was The Seller

  2. JT Custom Guns left Positive feedback   

    Great customer & Great person to deal with. Always Great conversation - a real pleasure. Thank you for your business!

    silverado427 was Trading

  3. Shooter2269 left Positive feedback   

    Several great easy transactions. A real pleasure to deal with !

    silverado427 was The Seller

  4. JohnnyB left Positive feedback   

    It was a pleasure meeting and speaking with you today Andy! I enjoyed doing business with you!

    silverado427 was The Seller

  5. TheLugNutZ left Positive feedback   

    Good guy, easy transaction

    silverado427 was The Seller

  6. Redeye65 left Positive feedback   

    Very easy purchase from Andy, ammo was perfect even got a couple of goodies added. Don’t hesitate do do business with him. Thanks again, Marty

    silverado427 was The Seller

  7. JC_68Westy left Positive feedback   

    Item was exactly as specified and he included in some extras. Very good communication including tracking. A++++

    silverado427 was The Seller

  8. Old School left Positive feedback   

    Nice fair guy

    silverado427 was The Seller

  9. Scorpio64 left Positive feedback   

    Good seller, good communications, red dot sight is in excellent condition.

    silverado427 was The Seller

  10. medved11 left Positive feedback   

    Another +1 for Andy as a buyer. He was very easy to communicate with and made fast payment. Thanks again!

    silverado427 was Trading

  11. 0Jeep4 left Positive feedback   

    Easy to deal with, up front and honest. Would recommend buying from him to anyone.

    silverado427 was The Seller

  12. JT Custom Guns left Positive feedback   

    Andy is a Great guy to deal with - Always great conversations Thank you for your business!

    silverado427 was Trading

  13. Shooter2269 left Positive feedback   

    Stand up guy. Great to business with.

    silverado427 was Trading

  14. gfl216 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy, Great deal.

    silverado427 was Trading

  15. 18Steel left Positive feedback   

    Smooth easy deal. Great communication fast shipping.

    silverado427 was The Seller

  16. [email protected] left Positive feedback   

    Great dealings. Smooth as silk. Would deal with again.

    silverado427 was Trading

  17. Absent Anima left Positive feedback   

    Quick response and shipping, everything as listed. *****

    silverado427 was The Seller

  18. SuperSixOne left Positive feedback   

    Fast Responses, Fast Shipping. Pleasure to do business with.

    silverado427 was The Seller

  19. pjd832 left Positive feedback   

    A pleasure to deal with went above and beyond, item better than described, ty!

    silverado427 was The Seller

  20. JT Custom Guns left Positive feedback   

    Andrew is a Class Act - always great to deal with - thanks!

    silverado427 was Trading

  21. Blake left Positive feedback   

    Easy trade, deal with confidence

    silverado427 was Trading

  22. [email protected] left Positive feedback   

    Great to deal with. Would deal with again.

    silverado427 was Trading

  23. JT Custom Guns left Positive feedback   

    Great person to deal with - Always welcome here....!!!!

    silverado427 was Trading

  24. JT Custom Guns left Positive feedback   

    Great Customer, Great person - Great business experience - Thanks!

    silverado427 was Trading

  25. 1563621 left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with.

    silverado427 was The Seller

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