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  1. You get the following with a Silver Membership: 3 Gift Passes (cards) 3 Guest Passes (kept track on the computer, under your account) The Gift Passes are good for a free port for Non Members, friends that you give them too. You can also use them if you use all 3 Guest passes, as a "guest pass"... The Guest pass (on your account), are good for guests that share your port with you.
  2. I ordered this like 2 weeks ago, great deal, fast shipping. I ordered on Wednesday, got my package on Monday. Ammo can was supposed to be "used" but it looks brand new. No rust, color is solid, yellow markings are complete, no chipping away Haven't shot it yet, but I've seen people shoot a couple hundred rounds at the range with no problem.
  3. I got one last week, and only shot it twice... it's nice.. i like the size, but need a little more in the grip.. currently waiting on a Rubber Talon grip to put on it... the capacity is not my favorite, but hopefully higher capacity mags will come out soon.. shoots good... trigger takes getting used to, since it's a smaller gun.. the trigger is heavy, so i find myself pulling the shots a little to the left, until i really concentrate and slow trigger pull, then i'm POA/POI ...
  4. Never mind. Pic won't upload. I'll do it when I get home.
  5. Stop it... don't play!!! ... any news sources with this info?
  6. Absolutely agree. My G22 is for steel shooting and just fun stuff. I have a totally stock g19 I use for HD and it's about 10 years old and has a great trigger from being fired and dry fired. Right now the g22 functions but it's unsafe. With a light trigger and no trigger safety, I won't be using it until I get a replacement or fix the current one. M I'll add some pics tonight on what the parts look like off the trigger.
  7. Gun for Hire has a table rest they can install in the port, and chairs...in the 50yd range.. plus a number of blocks and Lead Sled for you to use...
  8. hey guys.. .anyone using the Zev Tech Fulcrum trigger? .. i've had it on my Glock 22 Gen4 since June, and haven't had any issues.. put a couple thousand rounds through it.. but that was basic range shooting.. The last couple weeks, i've been shooting steel, and my trigger safety (red) has fallen off. Luckily I've been able to find the pieces and it was fixed the first time, but it happened again tonight... not sure what is causing it to do this... should i loctite the tiny screw? .. should I call Zev Tech and get a replacement? .. Like i said, regular range use, it's been fine, and I took an Urban 1 Pistol at GFH, and it was fine.. but tonight, it crapped out again.. and this was with 2 different shooters.. First time was me, 2nd time was my friend... Thanks in advance for any help or advice.. -Frank
  9. I was there last night, still no firearms.
  10. I bought a Griptillian but it was to big for carrying at work (in an office). I carry the mini-Griptillian at work and regular Griptillian everywhere else. Great knives. I also have a Spyderco Delica, but with Orange grip. That brings to much attention to my pocket. Also have the following: CRKT M16-01Z-EDC Kershaw Cryo Kershaw Cryo II Kershaw OSO Sweet Kershaw Clash Kershaw Chive Kershaw Shuffle ZT 0350TS Tiger Stripe
  11. Is this legit? That's a crazy price.
  12. I've seen that happen and it's usually the person touching the mag release, but the Mag Release pin is probably to loose, and is easily pushed in... i've seen it happen to rentals .. i have a G19 Gen3 and never had that happen to me...
  13. I found the screws on Brownells for $6 each. They say they will fit the 597 and 700. I have a 700 and have those screws somewhere. Now I have to search for them. Lmao!
  14. PARKER: what is that kit called and where could I get it?
  15. Thank you all, I have been very corrected. Lol. I will look into the headless screws tonight Thank you.
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