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  1. That Fn sucks. We are in the process of moving but I have to stay in-state for..reasons.
  2. So looks like current FID would be grandfathered. Does that include if you have to change your address?
  3. The republicans proposed this years ago. Democrats shot it down because they wanted their version of UBC (though FFL).
  4. It means the circuit decision is vacated and they’re told to reconsider based on Bruen. So one of two things: 1) they find it unconstitutional based on Bruen or 2) they come up with even more elastic logic to uphold the ban. The question I have is if ANJRPC can refile for an injunction based on the remanding. That would provide relief while the circuit sits on the case
  5. Could you rent the gun you are buying for the class and qual?
  6. I read elsewhere that some are getting the runaround with PD by them saying they can’t apply in person/paper but have to go through FARS even though that doesn’t do CCW yet.
  7. The Japanese are marvels when it comes to technology. How they designed the beer mug so it doesn’t spill when set on the wall is amazing.
  8. It’s probably written in COBOL with a text-file backend.
  9. SCOTUS didn’t grant cert for them they’re sitting pending so they could send them back on any “orders” day.
  10. Killing Intermediate and even Strict Scrutiny will do that. More importantly the NJ mag ban sitting at scotus could get resolved as early as Monday if they remand it back to the 3rd or better summary rule based on Bruen.
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