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  1. Too bad it’s a weekday. I can’t make that. Before I got banned on Arfcom we used to have a lot of shoots at ft dix also. Those were fun. Maybe we can plan one on a weekend.
  2. Yeah I want that shockwave also. The coolness factor is high. But no one will sell me one in NJ.
  3. I'm looking for another AK variant and want something that looks exactly like the SLR 107!series. Same brake etc. the longer ak74 type brake. is it nj legal. Or can it be made nj legal. Any shops can get this for me. I also want it with Warsaw Pact length butt stock. I know it's a sidefolder but I'm sure it can be pinned. Also debating on either the metal butt stock or plum. Any thoughts ideas threats. I already have a customized wasr 10 from Ohio rapid fire which I love but they actually bead welded the brake to the front sight tower and shortened the barrel which might be why it keyholes sometimes. Unless that's just an AK thing.
  4. 555R

    My first 1911

    I like the Sig Max as a next potential. Maybe a double stacker Para. Glock 21. Shoulda never sold mine. The single stack glock 43. Sig M11-A1 or mk 23 or a p229R. I have ideas but unsure just yet.
  5. 555R

    My first 1911

    Added links to pics. Can someone fix it or is this ok
  6. 555R

    My first 1911

    My iphone pics are too big to post. How can I shrink the file down ? Since I have 2 more permits I'm thinking the sig max might be next but I'm open To suggestions. Ivan send them to someone to post.
  7. 555R

    My first 1911

    Sig Sauer 1911 full size emperor in burnt bronze. Is it safe to assume Wilson combat full size 8 round mags will fit. I just don't like the idea of only two 8 round mags and I may get 10 rounders too http://s1268.photobucket.com/component/Download-File?file=%2Falbums%2Fjj569%2FJonas_Garcia%2FMobile%20Uploads%2Fimage_zpszaornowk.jpg http://s1268.photobucket.com/component/Download-File?file=%2Falbums%2Fjj569%2FJonas_Garcia%2FMobile%20Uploads%2Fimage_zpslpf8w9x7.jpg
  8. 555R

    CZ skorpion

    Budasac. That is the scorpion I was referring to. Not the older one
  9. 555R

    CZ skorpion

    Any chance this is nj legal?
  10. Anything still available. 229s. What caliber. Details please. Im awaiting 3 permits.
  11. I was curious other than the has tubes that expand in diameter. Does anyone make a rifle length gas tube that would work on a carbine length barrel? I want to try and soften the recoil up. I've seen pigtail style but that's for AR pistols. Any thoughts ideas Or where to find such a thing. Does it exist?
  12. The slug plug! I can't really comment because my glock 23 has everything done to it short of the dot sight milled in.
  13. I don't know if this was brought up here before but is this ok in nj Had to ask http://shockwavetechnologies.com/site/?page_id=88
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