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  1. The same barney fife will say you knife is illegal because the blade length is wider than his palm, also your kabar or applegate they were both designed for cqc. i think you would be better buying a knife that was designed for opening cardboard boxes, why you need these scary tactical knives?
  2. wait so what was the deal then? no $5 walk on? were they renting you the troy stuff?
  3. Doesn't explain why they couldn't have done the work and returned the magazine the 4 months they had it before they went on vacation though. Seems like pretty bad customer service if the story is true.
  4. Either move on and take the $20 lesson to never use this scumbag FFL again or go demand the work on the magazine is completed or your property be shipped to a state where it’s legal. No sense bitching to us about it when you not even identifying the ffl.
  5. the pockets get cleaned when i'm doing case prep. i use a pocket uniformer, reamer and/or cleaner
  6. i would have tumbled before deprime. you will have pins or corncob stuck in the your flashholes.
  7. +1 on a swager makes things easier esp if reloading alot of military brass
  8. is anyone going to this, only seen maybe 1 person so far.
  9. so they were charging you 50 per transfer and 15 nics for each transfer? and then you settled with them for around $25 per transfer? and if GSSC is the best why weren't you there in the first place
  10. look at all these people helping this guy to make an assault rifle
  11. if your not spending every weekend waiting to 4hrs to shoot 100 rounds, how could this hobby be any fun at all. Us plinkers are doing it all wrong lol
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