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  1. 1.25 inches , have both in front of me now.
  2. I was told " around " Labor Day. DSI offers one.
  3. Don't know if they will let you reuse your initial printing or not. Do know that the entire process is a moneymaking scam. Several months ago , while undergoing the foster parenting process , I was required to be fingerprinted twice in a month because the prints were for two separate agencies of the same NJ government.
  4. DSI has a PCC version as well as a .308 , haven't seen one in the wild yet. A little birdie told me that MM is also working on a PCC.
  5. Reviving the dead. Put this together last year. Brownells windowed rmr cut slide CMC stainless fluted barrel Zev Pro comp OP Tac trigger Ghost Pro 3.3 connector TTI spring kit TTI Carry magwell RM04 DI 6.5 moa Amber dot Ameriglo black suppressor sights Runs a steady diet of 115 g. Fed AE fmj's with the stock rsa.
  6. Correct them and they get offended " I know what I'm doing , been shooting for a long time , yada , yada , yada "
  7. Spoke with the detective yesterday morning , he mentioned it then. Nothing in writing till I saw USR30cals post.Haven't been back to the shop yet but no one there last night knew anything other than what we had learned in the morning.
  8. Only the firearms listed on thier qual form can have a magazine capacity of up to 15 rounds.
  9. Seeing it everywhere , one on Kettle Creek yesterday.
  10. You can transport them , that's the purpose of the " grace period ". It allows for transport for disposal or modification until Dec.10 , after that ignorance of the law can likely get you 18 months in a lousy vacation home and a $10,000 fine.
  11. It's an AR style rifle, pull the pins , separate the upper and lower receivers , remove charging handle and bolt, then clean , easy.
  12. Alyssa Milano , Alec Baldwin and Amy Schumer = Hollywood elites , that's to flipping funny.
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