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  1. Does this work for marijuana laws as well?
  2. I am outside of Washington DC today on a business trip, none of the gas stations around here have any gas. Most were overrun last night with panic buyers.
  3. He wants a truck, prefers a full size but would take a mid size if we can find one.
  4. I have an 11 foot StarCraft that my wife wants me to get rid of, you are welcome to it. No leaks that I am aware of, we are off exit 8 on the NJTPK.
  5. Thanks, NH would be a hike.
  6. Steve did mine as well. can't even see where it was welded, excellent work!
  7. Thanks Glen- used trucks are definitely in demand. Looked at one in PA, and pictures were altered to cover up the rust and dents, very deceitful of the dealer. Found one in Hazlet at at dealership that my brother in law used to work for, we called around 1PM the day it went on sale, it was already sold that morning. Toyotas are great, but even more expensive and in demand than the American made trucks. We will keep looking.
  8. Thanks, I found it on the site, initial asking price was $12.5K, but came down fairly quickly to $10K, and is now unfortunately sold already. Thanks for the heads up though, I will keep looking on that site as well.
  9. Thanks everyone, haven't found anything yet but I appreciate the suggestions and will continue my search!
  10. I'm sure his mother would love that!
  11. Thanks John- I will reach out to both. I hope so, we have been looking for a while and haven't found anything yet.
  12. My son just turned 17 and has been saving for a few years and is in the market for a used pickup truck. If anyone knows of a someone selling a quality used truck please let me know. He has almost $16K saved and is fairly brand agnostic. I know $16K doesn't buy much, but he wants a truck. I am just trying to make sure he doesn't get ripped off. Thanks!
  13. Do they allow "novices"? If so I may try and head out one night.
  14. Welcome! I grew up in Sussex County, great place to live.
  15. jm1827

    NICs Question

    Question for you NICS gurus, I think I know the answer but not sure. If I purchased a long gun on last week, but had to wait for the NICS backlog and am going back to pick up the gun this weekend, once I was notified that my NICS has cleared, can I purchase a second long gun with out having to have another NICS check? I have no problem with a second check, even the $$, but the wait and travel are my converns. Thanks!
  16. Just heard about a fairly large forest fire in Ocean County, looks to be in Brick or Lakewood, several structures involved, GSP was shut down for a while. NJ forest fire: Garden State Parkway shutdown in Ocean County, New Jersey - 6abc Philadelphia
  17. Ouch, that's going to leave a mark!
  18. Thanks again. I think the 3.5 hours may turn into 6 or 7 for me but it seems doable.
  19. The engine has 220K on it, and you can hear a definite valve tap. With my limited experience, it sure sounds like there is too much valve lash somewhere.
  20. Good point. I think my skills should be fine, the actual valve adjustment isn't the hard part, taking everything apart to get there is more of the issue.
  21. Looks like my wife's car needs a valve adjustment, she has a 2011 Honda Pilot, 220K miles. Is this something that I can do myself? I don't want to spend a lot, the car is near the end of its useful life. Thanks,
  22. Saw some at Cheyanne's and Tanners last week.
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