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  1. I have one box of PPU S&W 32 long 98 gr ammo for $20. Can be picked up in Aberdeen or East Windsor area.
  2. I called Cabelas this morning and asked why me order was cancelled. The women said the only reason it was cancelled was they ran out of the ammo. She said Cabelas still ships to New Jersey
  3. I just checked my order history and it shows my order was canceled. You must be correct they don’t ship to Nj anymore
  4. I just ordered ammo yesterday from them and the order was processed. Hopefully it ships.
  5. I am looking for a 10 round magazine for my Glock 23. Most places online are out of stock.
  6. Box of 17 Remington express 7mm magnum Box of 19 Federal 7mm Mauser Can meet up in Aberdeen or East Windsor area.
  7. Howell gun works is excellent. I brought my gun in on a Saturday and they put it in Facebook. It was sold on Monday and I received my check on Wednesday
  8. I am a retired NYPD cop and I have a NJ Carry Permit. I can also carry a gun in every state under the federal HR 218 law.
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