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  1. Under Siege - S1E10 tonight at 10:00pm Verizon FIOS Channels: 623 - HD 123 - Non-HD Regards, TokenEntry
  2. If you're curious when your Beretta was manufactured you can look it up here. Regards, TokenEntry
  3. While watching some WWII YouTube videos. I happen to come across this information within a video about the USS Lexington. The article on Paul Allen's site is dated March 5, 2018. Below is a link to the site by Paul Allen regarding the discovery of the wreckage. Link - Wreckage of USS Lexington discovered in Coral Sea Regards, TokenEntry
  4. Are you using any aftermarket parts on your Glock G21, like a slide or magazine release? Does your G21 have all factory stock parts? *Remove the slide from the frame and insert the empty mag. Does it still not seat the magazine? *Try swapping the base plate/pad with another working magazine and see it that works. Regards, TokenEntry
  5. A collaboration review by Tim and Yeager on the Century VSKA. 2,500 round test by Rob Ski. Regards, TokenEntry
  6. I must have watched this video over a dozen times today and laughed each time. Regards, TokenEntry
  7. Anyone remember this? Skipped ahead to 1:00mins in the video. You can see Cornell William Brooks was laughing inside with the smirk he made. Regards, TokenEntry
  8. Yes, the magazines are interchangeable between both models of the VP9. Refer to video timestamp of 8:30. Regards, TokenEntry
  9. Here's a video put out by sootch00 2 days ago regarding the H&K VP9 B model. Includes instructions on how to install the magazine release on the reverse side of the frame. Regards, TokenEntry
  10. You may want to look at the Maxpedition Versipack models. I have both the Jumbo and Fatboy models. The Fatboy will fit a Glock 19 and the Jumbo will fit either Beretta 92FS or a Government 1911 perfectly. Also, Maxpedition make lefty versions of these models. Be aware that using them will not give you easy access like you would with a IWB/OWB holster. Fatboy video: Jumbo video: Regards, TokenEntry
  11. New video put out by Mrgunsngear regarding the Sig P365. He provides a good comparison between the 1st gen vs 2nd gen changes. Regards, TokenEntry
  12. You're not going to find a quality AK that is new for around 500.00 in today's market. Most of the quality AKs in the past were mfg'd in communist countries were sold cheap as it has a lot to do with their conscripted labor force. Before the fall of the Soviet Union, they were selling their AKs for cheap or giving them away for free in order to spread communism to other countries from what I've read. Spend some time on "theAKforum.net" and you'll come to see why the cost of an AK commands a higher price point and why it's justified. Some topics of interest to look for is DDI and Palmetto State Armory. Also, stay away from I.O. Inc. Regards, TokenEntry
  13. I believe most of the QC issues with Century are their domestic built AKs. WASRs are imports by Century, which is completely different. Always best to do your research before making a purchase whether it's an AK, AR15, or any firearm in general. For those really interested in a particular firearm would want to do their research on a dedicated forum like https://www.theakforum.net/index.php. Regards, TokenEntry
  14. A standard AR15 w/RDS should let you reach out to 500 - 600 yards at man size targets. If you want something with precision and long range you'll need to select another caliber that will less likely be affected by windage and elevation. This kind of rifle will not be cheap and will require good optics and match ammo to take advantage of it's intended purpose. Regards, TokenEntry
  15. You're probably looking at a custom build using a .223 Wylde barrel on a Ruger Precision type chassis. This will allow you the use of match ammo in either .223 or 5.56. Most rifles that use a 223 Wylde barrel are usually semi autos. I'm sure someone will come along with better knowledge about this. Regards, TokenEntry
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