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  1. I must have watched this video over a dozen times today and laughed each time. Regards, TokenEntry
  2. Gonna have to disavow that edit. My reasons for Ginsburg staying on the SC is for sole purpose to have a pro 2nd Amendment justice appointed. I know there's a slim chance of it happening, but it's still better than giving it away to a likely female candidate like Amy Barrett to appease voters for the 2020 primary. Regards, TokenEntry
  3. I hope she announces her retirement. Having to deal with this kind of injury at her age will only cause her more suffering in her day to day activities. If she really wants to make a statement by dying on the bench. She's free to do so, but it's not going have any impact as there's going to be another conservative to take her place. Are we going to have another McCain type funeral where her two offspring take a swipe at Trump instead of having a proper eulogy of their loved one or even ban him from showing up at the wake? Regards, TokenEntry
  4. Ok, to get the thread back on track. My reason for Ginsburg to recover and stay on SCOTUS into Trump's 2nd term is so that he can pick a candidate like Hardiman. Trump wouldn't need to appease the middle ground voters in the 2020 election and would show his support for gun owners finally. I know the window has closed for Hardiman with Kavanaugh's confirmation. If Ginsburg retires or passes on in the next two years it would most likely be Amy Barrett as her replacement. Regards, TokenEntry
  5. That is the point that is being missed here by some people. If someone makes a statement you don't like, make your statement to them and move on or put them on your ignore list. Did someone summon you to this thread or did you come across it from your "Unread Activity"? Regards, TokenEntry
  6. I think the difference is that some people have a better understanding of what the 1st Amendment is than their personal interpretation of it. Only one crying is you and your high morality standing above the right to let others speak their minds. Regards, TokenEntry
  7. I totally agree with statements here. Especially when someone advocates harming others as that does not fall within free speech. Many members here have been virtue signaling and making projected statements to shame others from speaking their minds. Ok, so someone makes a disgusting statement you don't like. Just add them to your ignore list. Seems pretty straight forward, right? If people want to act indecent, I say let them do it so the whole forum knows what kind of person they are interacting with or who to avoid. The problem I'm seeing lately is individuals putting their high moral values above others right to free speech. Regards, TokenEntry
  8. Anyone wanting to see what sperging is, read the McCain thread here . . . Regards, TokenEntry
  9. I believe there's a long line already. An organ donation from someone in CA would shorten her life expectancy as the donor is most likely pozzed. Link - The Daily Wire article Regards, TokenEntry
  10. Did your grandmother hold a political office? To be more specific, has she ever held a state or federal judge position? If the answer is no, then stop putting your high morale opinions above others right to free speech. Come on Mods, lets expedite this to the "Dumpster Fire Lounge"! Regards, TokenEntry
  11. Are we there yet? Regards, TokenEntry
  12. Anyone remember this? Skipped ahead to 1:00mins in the video. You can see Cornell William Brooks was laughing inside with the smirk he made. Regards, TokenEntry
  13. Waiting for this thread to get moved to the "Dumpster Fire Lounge" so the virtue signaling can continue. Regards, TokenEntry
  14. Yes, the magazines are interchangeable between both models of the VP9. Refer to video timestamp of 8:30. Regards, TokenEntry
  15. Here's a video put out by sootch00 2 days ago regarding the H&K VP9 B model. Includes instructions on how to install the magazine release on the reverse side of the frame. Regards, TokenEntry