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  1. New video put out by Mrgunsngear regarding the Sig P365. He provides a good comparison between the 1st gen vs 2nd gen changes. Regards, TokenEntry
  2. You're not going to find a quality AK that is new for around 500.00 in today's market. Most of the quality AKs in the past were mfg'd in communist countries were sold cheap as it has a lot to do with their conscripted labor force. Before the fall of the Soviet Union, they were selling their AKs for cheap or giving them away for free in order to spread communism to other countries from what I've read. Spend some time on "theAKforum.net" and you'll come to see why the cost of an AK commands a higher price point and why it's justified. Some topics of interest to look for is DDI and Palmetto State Armory. Also, stay away from I.O. Inc. Regards, TokenEntry
  3. I believe most of the QC issues with Century are their domestic built AKs. WASRs are imports by Century, which is completely different. Always best to do your research before making a purchase whether it's an AK, AR15, or any firearm in general. For those really interested in a particular firearm would want to do their research on a dedicated forum like https://www.theakforum.net/index.php. Regards, TokenEntry
  4. A standard AR15 w/RDS should let you reach out to 500 - 600 yards at man size targets. If you want something with precision and long range you'll need to select another caliber that will less likely be affected by windage and elevation. This kind of rifle will not be cheap and will require good optics and match ammo to take advantage of it's intended purpose. Regards, TokenEntry
  5. You're probably looking at a custom build using a .223 Wylde barrel on a Ruger Precision type chassis. This will allow you the use of match ammo in either .223 or 5.56. Most rifles that use a 223 Wylde barrel are usually semi autos. I'm sure someone will come along with better knowledge about this. Regards, TokenEntry
  6. Wrong thread.
  7. Another alternative to an AR9 would be from Mech-Tech Systems, Inc. You can use the frame of a Glock, 1911, or Springfield XD to mate with the upper and use your existing magazines. There are two negatives that I see with the Mech-Tech System. - The parablock/feed ramp that goes into the frame may get lost. - Overall weight is kinda heavy. - Chance that the bolt when locked back can go into battery if the rifle fell over or if the charging handle is bumped. Below is a video of the Glock CCU disassembled. Regards, TokenEntry
  8. At 8:35 mins into the video Tim field strips the rifle. The stock will need to be folded. Regards, TokenEntry
  9. I just reread the whole entire thread just to be sure I'm not misunderstanding anyone's posts made. I do not see @Sniper22 posts conveying a "nonchalant" AKA "fuck it" attitude. He would be a fool to post these deterrents and layout of his home on the forum. Since this is all hypothetical. Let's say there was an intruder in his home and he did shoot and kill the person. Will the state prosecutor argue that he should have had a WML on his firearm even though he perceived that his life and family were in immediate danger? I don't see how a jury would find him guilty. What I'm seeing here is that people are already sending him to the gallows while the crime scene is still being chalk marked. Regards, TokenEntry
  10. I don't see his response as being "nonchalant" as this is his home and he should know his dwelling better than anyone else. @Sniper22 already stated that if a certain criteria was met they would be considered an intruder intent on doing harm. You can't honestly 100% say his attitude to shoot someone is reckless without having been invited to his house and knowing the layout. Also, do people really do what they say they will when they come face to face with the situation or do they give pause and have a change of heart? Again, all this is hypothetical. Regards, TokenEntry
  11. I agree, but that is his decision to make. What I'm seeing in this thread is how everyone is telling @Sniper22 how to spend his money with all the pros and cons already laid out before him. Regards, TokenEntry
  12. My input to steer this thread back on track . . . - I believe using a WML would avoid being temporarily blinded from the muzzle flash in the dark. This would result in a better sight picture for a follow up shot if needed and to ID what is in the background. Regards, TokenEntry
  13. The problem I see here is that people are already assuming guilt for a hypothetical situation that didn't occur and are repeatedly beating it to death with follow up posts. The way I see it is that the additional posts about a HD/SD situation no longer has @Sniper22 best interest at heart at this point. To me, some people don't seem to be satisfied unless it really does happen where they can post a "I told you so!" after the fact. Again, everyone has provided their opinions and the resulting consequences that will follow if this kind of scenario ever did happen. I'm going to assume that @Sniper22 will take these opinions into serious consideration and will weigh his options if he ever encounters a scenario where he need to use his firearm in a HD/SD situation. Regards, TokenEntry
  14. Here's a video put out by sootch00 for the Glock 45 yesterday. In the video there's an explanation as to why Glock designate their model # firearms. Regards, TokenEntry
  15. If @Sniper22 doesn't want to purchase a WML then that should be his decision. Having a WML is a significant benefit as others have pointed out. His reasons for opting not to go with one is also valid since he knows his house better anyone on here. If someone is so set on having him use a WML then send him one yourself. There's no 1st Amendment on this forum when others put forth their moral interpretation and beat you down with it. This is not directed at anyone, just a general statement where I've seen this forum has changed over the years. Regards, TokenEntry