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  1. The state is assuming that a "good guy" bought 30 rounders. And if the state finds that this is the case, they will make someone's life hell. Because, as we all know, a 30 round magazine makes people kill, and a 10 rounder keeps everyone calm and happy. But what if it turns out some felon, gang member, jihadist, terrorist, etc. bought a 30? Will the state even do anything about this, or just try to sign them up for a driver's license?
  2. I am Greek. For hundreds of years the Turks enslaved and then tried to exterminate my people. Yes, that's right, genocide. They did this by first disarming us (confiscation) then telling us we no longer had rights under their laws (red flag), and then proceeding to murder as many of us as possible (genocide). They did this with us, then with the Armenians, and now with Syria. Want to guess how we stopped this? We picked up rifles and we fought back. We won back our freedom with a gun. I will never condone taking anyone's rights away without due process. If the person is a true danger, then you should be able to prosecute them in a court of law. Why can't the liberals find a way to curb all this danger without violating law abiding citizen's rights? Because that's not what the red flag laws are about.
  3. You keep pushing the violence and genocide thing to advocate violating someone's rights. In my opinion genocide and rights violations are equally wrong, (and even the same thing if you think about it). Why not give the guy his day in court? The answer is that red flag laws were not made for removing a danger to society or eliminating a threat. They were constructed to disarm us, the law abiding citizens, and the liberals hid this behind the lie that they are concerned with violence.
  4. You know perfectly well what everyone is saying. You know you would be shitting yourself if your due process rights were taken away. You just choose to be inflammatory because you aren't getting enough attention at home And, for everyone else, I know perfectly well what happened to this country. It was a rhetorical question.
  5. This is disturbing, as it goes against everything due process is meant to protect. I have a blood relative who is the scum of the earth. I have chosen to have no further relationship with this person because no good can come of it. They have threatened my wife, stolen from us, broken into our home, and generally are a bad person. To make a long story short, this person has vowed to do everything in their power to make my life miserable, because I will no longer let them into my life or support their bad habits. So, what stops them from going to the police and making up a convincing story that I am a dangerous person? Supposedly, due process is supposed to protect me from just such a thing. But in this case the judge is only going to get only one side of the story, and then make a decision that could alter my life forever? WOW! What the hell happened to this country?
  6. I don't even know what to say anymore with this state. I would love for someone to explain to us why cops need 17 rounds to defend themselves, when we regular folks are supposed to be able to defend ourselves against the same scumbags with only 10.
  7. SG Ammo has my vote as well. Have ordered from them multiple times with no issues. Prices are good too.
  8. Why have you taken it upon yourself to tell us this? Is this a personal quest to enlighten us?
  9. To photon guy: We'll all get right on that. To everyone else: What an asshole.
  10. I have shot at Stafford Forge for the past few years now, and I have been asked for my license at least once a year. It all depends on if you are there when they stop by or not. Trust me they do stop by and they do verify everyone there is with a licensed hunter. Btw, they are always polite with me, and they only take up a minute of your time. If you are following the rules they just thank you and let you go on with your day. Very little hassle at all.
  11. Citigroup is not dumb guys. They probably took a look at who their customers actually are, and saw that they have very few (if any) that would be affected by this "change". They will lose nothing, and get a bunch of free publicity from our "outrage". They will then use that free publicity to get hippies and snowflakes to open accounts with their "socially responsible" bank. Headlines, headlines, headlines! That's all they are after. It's all a gimmick. I would bet anything that they have no major gun clients, and small mom and pop LGS couldn't afford their minimum balances and crazy service fees anyway.
  12. 2 3/4 shells from a 3 inch 1100 barrel is asking for cycling issues. I have had several 1100s over the years, and while some of the 3" magnum barrels would cycle some 2 3/4" loads, it would not cycle all of them consistently. As W2MC said, the difference is in the gas ports, the little holes drilled into the barrel ring.
  13. Puts serious face on: First of all there's nothing wrong with me. I am just as upset with this as anyone. What you are characterizing as us being funny, is actually us pointing out how stupid and useless liberal "logic" is. We don't have to be serious gremlinfaced minions with our camo uniforms on and marching to trenton to be upset at the current situation. Takes off serious face: Guys, banning water bottles is a start, but we really need to go after the serious problem of being funny all the time.
  14. Just in, Breaking News! Wawa CEO anounces that they are banning high capacity water bottles in 3 of their 900 stores. Raising the age limit to buy water to 56. Soda and sugary snacks still on the shelves.
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