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  1. I've been on hold waiting for Palmetto to pick up for 10mins now so I can check an order I put in 9 days ago. I'd like to get my stuff before that scumbag Murphy bans everything. I'm gonna stay on hold to see if anyone ever picks up. I've got it on speakerphone. ------ OK, 25 minutes for Tameka (sp?) to pick up and tell me they're heavily behind due to Christmas sales, which I can understand, but 25 minutes on hold for customer service is shameful. I expect current orders to be shipped a helluvalot quicker than 10 days. Wow.
  2. I've tried all I could find as of last year but the one I kept and keep using is the Edge Pro. For quick touch ups on my beat-to-sh*t work knives I use paper wheels on a bench grinder. For everything else, like my EDC, the Edge Pro does what I need and pretty quick.
  3. I'd give the guys at GSD in Keyport a call and see if they know anyone in case they don't do chrome. http://www.gsdcoatings.com
  4. Another vote for Dawn soap.
  5. Nice guy and a good deal. Thank you Jon.
  6. RTSP is opening a shop and range in Union on Rte 22 West next summer. That's their hope. As for shops, Matt and I think the guy's name is Jan, both at Heritage in Rahway, have always been cool with me. I try to be nice and respectful to everyone. I don't get it back then I go elsewhere unless no one else has what I'm looking for.
  7. For the 1911 I saw check out STI in Texas. Great stuff from good people.
  8. Lake Island range in Carteret. 25 yards only but close to Amboys.
  9. Just was at RTSP little while ago and spoke with Ron who said the Union store and range will be ready by summer 2018, if all goes well. Sweet.
  10. That's exactly who I thought of when I read the Subject. Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards. He reminds me of Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys.
  11. Check out the Ruger SR9 or their new American. Pretty much same grip as FN's so just as comfortable for me. I still think the SR9 is one of the most comfortable guns.
  12. Nothing gets past you, buddy!
  13. Liked the way the Shield felt but the trigger guard is too small. I kept hitting the top of my finger on it whenever I'd go to fire. Not good. I was going single stack only until I just happened to handle an FNS9C. Wow. Beautiful, handles great, and a good trigger.
  14. Forgot I have these too. They work well, but I usually don't have much convo when at the range so don't worry about that. I never see anyone else with them at the range.
  15. Tried them and they didn't seal well in my ears. I couldn't believe it. I thought all the squishy compressible types would fit the same once they expand back but nope. I use 3m's E-A-R foam plugs now. They seem to fit my ear the best.