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  1. I am not a doctor and I cant answer your questions But that child needs help. If is what you say is true..... she is a slight push from hurting herself or others. I dont care about the future, I care about the now. Unless those parents want a corpse on their hands. Just let that sink in...I hear voices...... I think about suicide..... let those things sink in
  2. *AND* you have a VERY good eye there @Smokin .50 Rosenthal - yes the 19 I have I fitted with a target hammer. Some hate them but I like the larger purchase they provide. Yes it does appear that @Pizza Bob has the target hammer AND trigger as well....... fine tools for the jobs at hand. I wish I started collecting old/new revolvers sooner
  3. There are plenty of older 19's out there with no hillary hole........ See: LOL
  4. ...........damn....................
  5. 5 yr old boxer here....she is a gem.......I cant imagine what u have going in now... Also a 15yr old mix, a true gentleman his whole life.... And the cats etc.... we had two lost to cancer in 3 months... one was three.... Do what's best for your friend.....sending some good vibes
  6. It's far from anonymous when user records are subpoenaed...... you think 'ownership' is going to fight that release?
  7. .......no one is coming to your house to search for magazines........ If somene does come and with a warrant AND itemizing the very specific things they are looking for...you have bigger problems than a few mags ... That being said.... problems with your children? Move them... problems with family members who may be anti gun...? Move them. Problems with your partner wife husband etc....? Move them.... There are many ways to get jammed up ......but random knocks on the door with warrantless searches aren't happening.... And finally who needs 15 rounds anyway..... 5/8 is more than enough on an enbloc or stripper clip.
  8. https://i.gifer.com/g2A.gif
  9. Doesn't every freedom loving person? I would use the word superior in every sense of the word to describe it, but that word is thrown around so much lately...it loses its meaning.
  10. Why anyone would buy an AR TYPE in NJ now is crazy Post Sandy process were insane due to panic... I AM surprised we have not seen that yet here now....but without a chance of grandfathering, again I am not surprised..... HOWEVER, if you were going to buy one, FTF On COE is the way to go.
  11. It is nothing short of frigging frightening - What ever happened to due process and presumption of innocence - our society is collapsing around us to be - " SAFE " Want to be safe from all ill's stay in mommys womb.................... Insanity
  12. Never considered it...does wonders on the bike.... Suppressor...u lucky dog..... Lol How's mt pleasant??
  13. Let them go full on retard !!! It is the best we can hope for!!