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  1. Just took a HEPA bag and I can get 4 to 6 skins out of the ones I have - ! great idea !
  2. The mask minus filters I bet can be sprayed with a 70% Alcholol mix with water let sit and wipe....that is what we are doing for packages...it s pretty well built unit - jsut trying to get he most out of the cartridge being that are very hard to find now
  3. So at some point I know I have to go back to the office - Midtown - most likely mid may or so I bet... I will plan on performing the same weird rituals that maybe or maybe not kept me safe, from late jan - march 11, which was my last day. Those rituals did not involve masks. I am going out on a limb that anyone going back to the city will be required to mask up. Also I ride a NJ Transit bus to and from PA. I also have a 3m 6200 half face mask with NIOSH 6100 cartridges - which seem to be charcoal laden with cloth initial filters. Filters are unobtainium - but I found some 2091 Filters NIOSH P100's - lets see if they arrive. The plastic cover comes off to access the pre-filter - for large particulate matter - I was thinking of prefabbing additional disposable coverings - as the pre-filter before the charcoal that can be quick sprayed with alcohol then disposed. Thoughts?
  4. Basic cobol pascal...1983/84 high school...anyone recall the game b1 bomber on tape?
  5. He doesn't know what a LRRP is....dollars to donuts .
  6. Any accounting teacher once told me between his jameson filled coffee in class... "Son, figures never lie, bit liars always figure...."
  7. I know of 6 people that have had covid...mild to moderate symptoms... not tested....how do i know....they ALL to a one have lost sense of smell and taste Which it appears is a symptom of it..... Now being they are not tested ...they are not counted...how many aren't counted? One today called a 24/7 telehealth line, nurse said oh its just allergies...hydrate take tylenol and zyrtec with rest.... Do they know what to look for and ask about?
  8. While this is very sad, scary, troublesome and however, NOT unprecedented.... How about this stat from 2012....so when this hits peaks and winds down...THOSE numbers arw still valid....THAT is scary . Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death in the United States, claiming an estimated 325,000 lives each year. SCA kills 1,000 people a day or one person every two minutes. It is estimated that 95 percent of victims of cardiac arrest die before they reach a hospital or other source of emergency help
  9. This is the cynic in my right now Why would they....? To allow hope...? To show we have tools to fight? To possibly shorten the war? Remember never let a good crisis go to waste....Mr this isn't Ebola Cuomo, possibly sees his rise to power continue...why would he take himself out of the limelight On the other hand...maybe they just don't have enough.... Everything that is happening now, is not for this event. They are really worried about next fall my gut is telling me...
  10. Excellent points ! We did it once and survived - we can do it again - https://www.womenshistory.org/articles/food-rationing-and-canning-world-war-ii We did it once and survived - we can do it again - https://livinghistoryfarm.org/farminginthe40s/crops_02.html We just finished up some pickles from last season about a month ago - and we still have frozen tomato sauce from all of them we bought and grew.... Maybe just maybe all those out of work people will need to be put back to work in the fields if needed.
  11. brother you need to stop going to bergen Fauci is 100% incorrect - he is too much of a scientist to say that it does work he needs his - "study"
  12. They are of course tapping phones and emails - it is *ALL* being captured and your biometrics are on record - do you have a new license photo? if you do you are int he master database and your image has been biometrically scanned and you are potentially being flagged. however, no one is coming to your door to take your food and your guns.........and if they do - make sure the barrels are hot...
  13. I thought you were referring to lex n concorde This is still valid but i believe apples and oranges... No one is coming for your food and ammo..... i mean if you really believe that, you should have bugged out to idaho already and gone dark as well as not being on the forum.
  14. Never post shit while drinking bourbon to blow off steam.... apologies.... dont know what i was thinking and missed the points.... mea culpa
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