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  1. If its already a crime why get tweaked when a law is written like another law that's there? They r idiots
  2. I'm going to get dinged for this, but hey im a shit head sometimes.
  3. Yes its code for how stupid nj actually is....
  4. .....but Rob Pincus says they suck for self defense.... :shrug:
  5. ^^^^^^ this It serves zero purpose
  6. ...thank you..... that is the path i was offering
  7. How is *this* the very *first* question in a *gun* forum, especially in commie NJ????? If it looks trollish, it reads trollish, hence it must be a troll...
  8. And when strict scrutiny is applied? Then......
  9. And if you know what your looking at you can find 10 plus round magzines I regularly see 13 rnd HP mags... Seems that simple hinting optics are being mis characterized... ...and what does this tell you !!!!???? what it tells me is that once they are done going aftwr the evil black guns, if they win...the next up is bolt action military type rifles....then it is going to be the thutty aught six scoped hunting guns..you know those evil sniper rifles... give them not one more inch ! @Smokin .50
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