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  1. And it is NOW back in effect at 5pm today - the same judge issued a stay on his own order - I wonder who got to him? He will probably end up with a mysterious heart attack like Scalia........ In response to a motion from the California Department of Justice, US District Court Judge Roger Benitez, who issued a permanent injunction against enforcement of California’s “high capacity” magazine ban, has just issued a stay of his own injunction. That means that the window for ordering standard capacity magazines is closing. His order goes into effect at 5:00pm Pacific time on Friday, April 5. You can read the full order here, but this is the relevant portion: The ban on possession of “high capacity” magazines will not be enforced while the case is argued and decided, but California residents will not be able to buy them after 5:00pm tomorrow.
  2. This is not an improvement..... it limits ur rights and is onerous to say the least.... Mommy may i? We are no better than sheep....sorry its all annoying and BS.... this state sucks beyond belief.
  3. I think it was very well done.....now when Hamer went shopping...well one can only dream....
  4. @remixer All markings Bolt carrier all angles Chamber and piston face Barrel from breech end Muzzle break and pin weld or silver solder Rear sight Front sight Gas regulator Thanks !
  5. Go for a less expensive model, buy some extra mags, but more importantly more ammo so you can get the feel for it... SA GI milspec model....rock solid performance and accurate as hell.... so much so my kimber tle just usually sits.... https://www.springfield-armory.com/products/1911-mil-spec-45-acp/ https://www.m1911.org/prodte30.html https://grabagun.com/springfield-pb9108l-1911a1-auto.html
  6. I am hoping to watch this tonight.....i hope it is a as good as it looked on the trailer...
  7. Jackbooted thugs no better than the Stasi.... I pray to God that if it ever happens here good men and women, rise up, fight back and finally revolt..... ...and if it means a good number of us must die to attempt to preserve freedom, so be it. "We must all hang together or most assuredly we shall hang, seperately"
  8. Checkmates run fine in every 1911 i own and you can get them for cheap prices.....hunt around.... 30 bucks for a new mag screw that ! I found shooting stars for 10 bucks a pop had to replace one spring....all used no issues at all Hate to say it....but ebay CAN be your friend.
  9. well played @silverado427 - just pray that there are many others that feel that way and are ready to go to the mattresses
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