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  1. As has been said rallies in NJ dont work...you dont get the turnout Responsible adults mainly....wont work Is that so hard to believe? All it takes is one collar and people will shit thenselves..... Now that's a damn shame !!!! Better than a boating accident Once garbage is commingled in the truck....who knows where it came from....
  2. Bingo and sure as hell isnt social media -
  3. What is the *purpose* of this thread?
  4. Oh so he is a shithead then..... eff him and his sport shop Everyone should have the RIGHT to do so.... You seem to be in the shithead crowd
  5. I keep hearing about this guy - what is his deal and what is he accused of that is Anti2A - or is he just anti CCW...... I have met a few claimed 2A folks that feel that no citizen should ever be allowed to carry a firearm in public - asshats....
  6. Math - 1,500 fishing rods and twice as many reels 1500 plus 3000 = 4500
  7. Nice - beautiful street - my eldest daughter is getting married in Charleston next OCT - and I will be down in FEB looking at hotels etc. Looking to move to Bluffton/Beaufort area soon (less than 4 years). The Palachcucola Range seems to be closest except for the Palmetto indoor range......... good for you enjoy your time there.......
  8. So I have questions !!! How was getting your CWP permit in SC? What range did you use - I hear they can be iffy - the public ones that is? Where in SC do you live? How do you like it? How long there? etc. The issue in the 2" firing .357 is dwell time in the barrel - I like .38+P in my model 19 Smith.
  9. Yep outta commission
  10. What I find exciting about it, let alone the rifle itself....I was unaware of them. ...was that it was at auction.... Person to person, especially of an older guy gal is tough to swallow....but auction....wow. Now i do know a place where two m1a1 paratroopers can reside
  11. He said for a no5... my guess 500 to 700 range
  12. And to add to this anyone who things that the Antis AKA the enemy ......havent proved or aren't probing this forum for information are woefully naive