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  1. The battles we are fighting now in NJ are probably DUE TO your apathy and not being engaged IN NJ FOR THE LAST 30YRS !
  2. 'You people' - Hmmm Florida is getting a winner right here folks ..... While i am looking forward to leaving NJ, I refuse to besmirch those that are staying or are faithful to possible change foe the better.
  3. Your a FUDD and you need to go eff yourself.... your a freaking commie liberal pinko SOB. We don't care what you think we dont care what you like Piss off wanker
  4. from a physical security standpoint - any thumb type lock that does not leave the frame of the door assembly and proceed into the wall 2x4 framing can be defeated very easily. Even then - Couple that with a poor lock, poor door construction itself and improper assembly - that kick in is very believable. Chains on doors are no good - short bolts are no good - even the levers in the hotel rooms are not very secure. This is what you want (or something like it) : https://nightlock.com/door-security-devices/door-barricade/nightlock-lockdown/?gclid=CjwKCAjwldHsBRAoEiwAd0JybcC7xVT1gkNzSfKhR8M48EDG8Q9AL_ntKp5hnxdcpvuSd8i4sxanQhoCLbwQAvD_BwE
  5. Let me clue you in on a few things - shooting at distance involves so much more than the actual gear. Many contributing factors will dictate your success or abject failure on this endeavour and it will not be calculated in FPS from your reloads.... But now it all kinda makes sense what you are trying to achieve - so if this is what you are doing you now need to step up your reloading game and it is not just working up the load. Bullet uniformity, of size type and weight Case segregation of type weight dimensions Case prep - case mouth, primer pocket & flash hole Uniformity of powder drop, uniformity of seating depth of bullet and primer, uniformity of crimp or not Beyond that you other gear, is your scope setup properly? Torqued to spec? Have the rings been lapped - trued? Do you understand parallax? Do you understand repeatability of you mounting the gun to your body? Are you shooting off a bench? Bipod, if so are you loading it? If a sling, do you know how to properly sling up with the sling you have? ETC. All the above can be spot on for the most part, but you are still the unknown variable at the break.....
  6. So - I came across an old 1949 Colt .38 Super a while ago. I also need a project as I am getting bored... The slide of the pistol is classic colt deep rich blue The frame from years of use - sweat etc.- the blue is all gone for the most part. The slide had after market target sights and I replaced them with fixed sights etc. I think the collectible nature is gone from it - but is a solid shooter and accurate. So, project gun rust blue or send it off to a proper bluing team? ,or, use the frame/slide as a donor and treat myself to a 'custom' treatment on it - say like sending it in to Wilson? Thoughts, suggestions?
  7. What are we chasing here - ? Velocity? If so go to .243 Win - in an around the same bullet size...24 Barrel Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy 55 gr (4 g) BT 4,058 ft/s (1,237 m/s) 2,012 ft⋅lbf (2,728 J) 65 gr (4 g) BT 3,746 ft/s (1,142 m/s) 2,026 ft⋅lbf (2,747 J) 75 gr (5 g) HP 3,447 ft/s (1,051 m/s) 1,979 ft⋅lbf (2,683 J) 90 gr (6 g) SP 3,203 ft/s (976 m/s) 2,051 ft⋅lbf (2,781 J) 105 gr (7 g) Amax BT 3,025 ft/s (922 m/s) 2,134 ft⋅lbf (2,893 J) What is an extra few hundred feet per second netting you if you are shooting at 100yds and the accuracy is there at the slower load. Actually, in all things being equal, in a bolt gun for sub 150yd sniping - the .243 is hard to beat.
  8. Leopards never change their spots... Ur best bet in my opinion is for the kids well being... if you r not happy there is no wellbeing... Ur going to fake it and the inevitable will happen. Sex...whats that? Smiles and dinner out just the two of you...sure.. U will be miserable...she will be miserable and the kids will be worse for it. You already said u tried....and are not getting anywhere....counseling is not going to help at all.... Leopards never change their spots.....and just because you took an oath in front of God is no reason to live in hell... But this is my .02 Best of luck man.....really.
  9. I do not say thia lightly, and i am a lucky man, my wife is my best friend, and 30 years on knowing each other - i still get the heart flutter on a date with her. Luckily we are lock step in everything in life and that includes firearms. But, you have to look at all you have typed and the above is the most telling statement. Life is too short, way too short - maybe it is just not meant to be. I am quite sure ur imperfect....she is as well...and sometimes people that aligned at one time...grow apart... How long r u together?
  10. https://www.daisy.com/product/Red-Ryder-Model-1938/?itemnumber=991938-011
  11. Yep - the web is full of folks that blew up their guns. Just maybe it will drink - maybe
  12. The most sensible statement you have made to date - Brass Pressure signs - *beyond* the chrono:
  13. Sadly i did, and that has been my mantra, except for this one and look what happens - I will take all old reloads and go on component scavenging, dumping the powder of course. *BUT* I trusted this guy - trusted the notes - but these things do sneak up on you without QC in place. My main thing with @Greenday, is I am not sure that a new reloader should even considered getting anywhere near max. There are too many variables at play with high pressure rifle rounds - primer depth, case resizing (hence my questions about his rifles head space, which has gone unanswered) is his case resized to SAAMI spec exact, above or below - how that plays into this rifles chamber is important - his bullet seating depth - his accuracy of his scale etc. Is he even using the right data for the right powder etc. I would say that starting at min and of course working up makes the most sense - but all things being equal if you cannot tick off all the other boxes as either knowing the information, making sure it is in spec etc. - going anywhere near max is silly. Maybe I read his posts wrong but I inferred that he was trying to find as close to max accurate load - the operative word being max.
  14. ...ok......everything you typed had max in it...... Never mind......i am done.... gud luck.... Sheesh..... As a side note...you have 100's of years of experience here and you are nothing but combative... ..from a funny meme.... I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this more to you....
  15. Listen to the man there @Greenday.... @Old School..... greenhorn and you are like comparing the new years eve baby and methuselah Lol
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