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  1. Vernon town council member is interested in bringing it up for consideration....
  2. I always think that semi auto type ammunition in a revolver is quite silly.... Unless its 45acp...
  3. NJ the ultimate sh*t show Yet another reason to leave...
  4. Hammer Fired........huh go figure - so then I can and see the grip safety and the thumb...
  5. You also have to ask yourself about the thumb safety in a striker pistol....it is striker right?
  6. A shotgun or rifle to private land to shoot is not an issue..BUT... be aware of the NYSafe Act... Don't bring your NJ compliant AR to ny...cause it is not compliant with ny current law. What does, what is legal to do in PA, have to do with what is legal in NY?
  7. Not legally....AFAIK. No handguns to NY state....and as @Displaced Texanhas said..if you do don't get caught. I live right over the border and there is a nice indoor range in Goshen...no NJ handguns allowed.
  8. Well lets see....attempting to make contact with the Vernon Township council president for a meeting/conference to discuss this. Might be DOA, but maybe not.....
  9. Own a handgun....? Own a holster for it and learn how to use it.
  10. Singularly probably one of the most important paintings of the four freedoms... dont let them take it..
  11. I am not questioning your desire to send it in...but to what end? There is nothing he is going to overhaul that i can see... springs..sure... check extractor tension..sure (you can do that)...barrell lockup (ok u cam do that too) detail strip and clean...(you can do that too)! A properly built and sprung 1911 of modern quality can run for 10s of thousands of rounds... Now if the old owner was a bullseye shooter the barrell is probably leaded... that is the one item that needs attention... Before you send it in...what are you thinking he is overhauling? Just curious....
  12. ....if you are going to run 230gr ball...make sure it is sprung properly prior to shooting it ....i wouldn't shoot 230s on 13lb...as @Pizza Bob amd the builder has stated......change the spring....
  13. ....simply amazing....something positive happens...and some people wanna crap all over it ..... Friggin typical NJ mentality.....
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