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  1. I do not disagree but the solution is predicated on many operative words - of which the key one being *IF* - and we all know that if in this state is as sure as a nope not gonna happen. Wish in one hand and Sh*t in another and see what ya get first. The only solution is to stymie this all with as many legal challenges as possible and hope that they go ape shit with as many egregious items as possible - to bring - here is that if and wishing again - to a higher court. @capt14k has been right all along. Beyond 2A - and to resonate what @Mrs. Peel has stated there is a very big chance that our property values will tank - based on other times such as taxation etc. And a very very real converstaion has happened with my wife about selling our home and just renting till we can pop smoke and exfil this unfriendly location.
  2. Sussex county should secede.... eff da rest of the state.... Way to rub it in frankie....lol
  3. They don't work.....when people queue upon Trenton in rain and snow.... and lawmakers look out windows at you and laugh.... been there done that a lot of us got tshirts..... No offense meant but noob the only thing these jackboot thugs will i understand is being slapped with subpoenas injunctions and suits.... calling....letters ....marches mean diddlysquat......
  4. Welcome to hell - previously known as NJ....... Any person that thinks you can make a life here now in this state - based on this kind of attitude - is simply out of their minds.
  5. BeSt you check the movement in PA - that is not going to be your final stop. There is a push in Harrisburg to enact more laws - driven by the sh*t hole cities. I can' cite the blurbs I've been seeing but PA is a short term fix imo.
  6. Actually no - but it depends on what u are prepared to do......
  7. Soft shooting 45?? Wtf is happening to this place. ...eff Dat buy a 380.... non wait .22 ! Lol The 45 acp pushes a 230gr bullet 800 plus fps...ita a baby....zoinks..... its not a snappy very 357 or 44
  8. Just my opinion
  9. $ 1,800.00 for an AR type rifle?????????? Egad - sorry but that makes not sense to me - spend 700 on the rifle use 1100 for carbine classes.... MY .02 if you need piston by a fal type or ak type.... the rifle was designed to be DI as @High Exposure has said and adding a piston will do absolulely zero for accuracy..- make sure you barrel nut is to the right spec in terms of torque to ensure accuracy... And that of the manufacturing of the barrel -
  10. Some of the msgs above have illustrated a point that has been made ad nauseum - this sums it up. oh yeah and the one below.
  11. Yes and yes they will negotiate away the AR/AK type as well - see my other post in another thread. My honest to goodness opinion is that the ANJRPC will be overjoyed to see that segment of firearms go away in NJ and be happy it is not at "their" range with the steel plate ringing boys. They can get back to basics such as 2x4 - bullseye - smallbore matches etc. But that is just *MY* opinion
  12. You need to understand one and only one thing - a little more screwed or a little less screwed is still screwed and that you are. This whole effort is to take the AR / AK type rifles off the table in the state of NJ - or doesn't anyone get that? Everything will be negotiated and the sacrificial lamb will be the AR/AK types......they are not tolerated and or loved in the state of NJ at any level other than the Black Guns Matter crowd. Sweeney will negotiate with ANJRPC to keep things in committee as long as the AR/AK is sacrificed. My opinion is they are not fans of them either and see them as a blight to other shooting sports that are 'traditional' to them at CR. Just look at Kathey Chatterton (pres I believe) - http://www.lesbaerteam.com/kathy.htm You think this OLD school bullseye shooter cares about your AR/AK? Sweeney was a favorable rated NRA guy until Sandy Hook - then he went 180dg the other way - jeezus this is not rocket science..... The thing that will be negotiated away are any MIL style rifles other than those that need to be registered to shoot HP matches at the range.
  13. 50min is soul crushing.....?
  14. And that matters- why? - so some folks can play CCW in PA I get it - but in the big grand strategic way of thinking it was a waste of resources and money
  15. I never said that - someone else did.....