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  1. I think the shotgun you have in the car, unloaded, would be useless due to length and being unloaded, in a real world scenario... You could never, again imo, in a critical event get it uncased, loaded and brought to action without getting pummeled while doing so. If you going to carry a gun, carry it loaded and ready to action in milliseconds to seconds... Every see the videos of guys advancing with knives, running and closing distance in seconds on LEO'S.... 30-40 seconds is an eternity and your already dead.
  2. I have yet to figure that one out...lol
  3. Harley to alaska? Did you do that gravel road...forget what its called.... Thanks for the insight..... Does that stuff muck up the inside of the rims? I needed a new rear anyway...was hoping to squeeze this trip in before replacing it.....once again murphy and the gremlin crew showed up...
  4. ..... well, anyone who knows Bugs Bunny recognizes that Gremlin - it seems my talisman has failed.. Solo two wheels trip to VT.... Blitz up the thruway twisties through the rutland area, get to warren, hit lawsons....dinner and sack out... Saturday, great breakfast than a 380miles loops around the champlain area..stop in stowe for lunch at sunset then heading back to warren.... Well, when your 5 minutes from your condo, and the back end is getting squirrely, you luckily pull in and see a flat and 5lbs of pressure. Could have all been so much worse 5 hrs from home... she will stay parked for a couple of weeks, till I can get back up and trailer her home ! In 20 years and many miles, this is the first major problem, maybe the talisman was working after all....
  5. Bad Tom, instant time out.... Ok...eh...ill have some shipped to the kiddos in Charleston and fondle them in October... Ps i owe u a beer at the tiger....lemme know
  6. Always, thought the M1A could do great work with just a reddot the more i thought about it from watching Blackhawk Down. You can research but Shughart used an M14 with Aimpoint red dot for aerial sniping... Always wanted to get mine 'scoped' up and never did, till a mount came up - thsnks @Dave Archibald.... Well all mounted up, blue loctite, bore sight zero with laser to 50 yards.... After this weekends two wheel trip to VT.. will get to the range a d see what she can do.... minute of man at 200 would be ideal
  7. 28k rounds.... not that much..if you shoot 250 a month... snicker...let's say 500 a month 56months... sure isn't a lot 28k primers? How much money you got?
  8. I gotta know.... Is the mag in the gun? Did the gun go bang before it 'locked' up? Did the gun squib on you? Were they reloads or factory? Is this your first time with and armalite type rifle?
  9. Wait....live round stuck in the chamber, safety off and you wanna mortar it? Make sure that muzzle is in a very very safe direction....pop the take down pics and get that action separated.
  10. Dont feel bad neither can i.... What? I didn't do nuthin....! I swear there was something in the couch...and it was after my bobo
  11. Wow looks like a Leopard Gecko.... ! But its a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mediterranean_house_gecko - on the Peninsula? Pepper !
  12. I wouldn't say arguing.....lmfao It ran rather smoothly...actually....hiccups sure..but all in all ran ok....
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