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  1. I simply love this post..... GOOD FOR YOU.... May the wind always at your back filling your sails and brilliant sunshine on your face.....
  2. Thank you for taking the time to expound on these items
  3. What constitutes probable cause for a search warrant?
  4. I'll take a bolt action no4 please.....garands are quirky old and dont really work well...they are fun to shoot though..when they work..if they work... When dealing with 3006, or any 30cal, todays cover becomes concealment very quickly ... I would never feel undergunned with any antique milsurp ..... And if it is really a shtf time....a fal clone would be great
  5. I know how nics works and i know the paperwork .... I've done it. My point is the record of the NICS check facilitates the search for what was purchased at the dealer level. So and so has 15 nics checks....let's say THAT raises a flag undwr the new red flag law.... Now they go to said dealer and ask for the 4473 associated with this date and search for this person... now they now exactly what u bought..when they really shouldn't in that type of methodology. What dealer is going to say no and tell them to get a warrant .... To build on what cap has said.... what prevents them now for going for warrants for searches for magazines??? Nothing. They have probable cause now and know what they are searching for...it is far from a fishing expedition. My understanding and this may be wrong please correct me if I am....for a judicial warrant to be issued for search you need the specific items being searched for and probable cause to search for said items.....sworn under oath...cough cough.... So I dont think it is out of the ordinary to think that if they want to begin a search...they have the time, manpower etc. All they need is the will.... You dont have time on your side....all you have is risk...and living day to day...fearing a knock.
  6. You dont call NICS.... you DONT call NJ... you submit it online and pay your $18+ vig to NJ...for them to contact NICS. The best part is, being it is done online via the NJ web system....guess what...its all searchable and stored. I seem to recall that NICs checks weren't supposed to be stored, like a database of transactions...... Seems NJ didnt get that memo. They know precisely how many NICS checks you did and when..... long guns and handguns..... that doesn't frighten you? It should. Handguns are registered by paper at the NJSP. Now for long guns..... they know who started the nics check, they know when it was done....the go to the dealer....mr ffl let me see your 4473 from april 13. Flip flop flip... oh here it is transaction xxxxxxx.... he she bought X.
  7. Just high power mags..... waffled and inglis... NOT messing those up
  8. Yes in general - doesn't affect me either - I only have 10's - anything more has not resided in NJ for at least 4 years
  9. Then use a ten round mag designed for the gun - Seriously - if no one saw this coming - talk about having a head in the sand - sheesh
  10. All..this is my opinion...nothing more nothing else..... WAIT. You have 180 days..... your zeal to be compliant is comendable... but WAIT. Until such time as proper definitions, direction et al are given it is all suppostion. We are gun people and we even disagree as to what is considered permanent and or what methodology makes something permanent. WAIT.....YOU HAVE 180 DAYS ! A pop rivet in a mag can be removed very easily...I dont think that is permanent, if you do great....BUT does the prosecutor? It is all opinion until such time as things are more readily defined. Again my .02.... your risk tolerance is your own, whether the compliance you seek is truly a compliant method is yet unknown and that is where risk comes in. I tend to not take any risks and or err on the side of the most stringent interpretation and not the least.... ymmv
  11. Fail..... Samuel Adams
  12. Seriously? Smh Wow....
  13. Nothing over 10 allowed on fleabay
  14. Register what? You don't have to reggie anything...dispose or modifiy