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  1. USRifle30Cal

    interesting article from arfcom

    Ha ! However separate that from the equation....
  2. USRifle30Cal

    interesting article from arfcom

    In asymmetrical warfare they are valid targets to cause unrest and disrupt population centers. Yeah I'm such a moron and a retard...sorry folks that families have down syndrome members..... i noticed you didn't answer my question. Go ahead ill wait.... one mans terrorist is anothers freedom fighter...so again.... Why is this guy a terrorist and not a patriot in this scenario?
  3. USRifle30Cal

    interesting article from arfcom

    Wait........ ! Let me play devils advocate.... Why is he a nutjob and not a patriot? In this thread your choice of label for him is funny to say the least... you all talk cw2.0 and this guy is a crack pot???? Maybe he would have been the catalyst to jump start the retaking of pur gov from the liberal socialist agenda... So as to my earlier point the fantasy of an armed uprising upon confiscation orders is just that....fantasy....
  4. USRifle30Cal

    interesting article from arfcom

    What happens to the narrative when this start happening DOMESTIC TERROIST https://www.foxnews.com/us/coast-guard-lieutenant-dubbed-domestic-terrorist-had-hit-list-of-media-bigs-and-dem-lawmakers-prosecutors
  5. USRifle30Cal

    interesting article from arfcom

    Well if we are going to wargame - his numbers - well they are lopsided IMO- but I do not 100% disagree. His war game is akin to the stories that Kurt Schlicter poses and that is when the US Military becomes involved. He assumes, incorrectly that we can field 300 Million gun owners to resist, that is fools math. Best case scenario (and these are not hard numbers) I see 100Million gun owners in this nation that own the VAST majority of the firearms (I read this stat somewhere) Now lets say that we take the number of a quarter that are willing to fight and die preserving their freedoms, ok 25 Million. How many are trained and not just cannon fodder - ok another 25% - 6.25million Are they organized? Where are they located? Can they form up? What happens when the media labels them domestic terrorists? What happen when the rank and file population that has no stomach for CW2.0 turns on them? etc etc etc. For this to be successful - there has to be those that are willing to lay down their lives and fight in such large numbers that storming the state house in Trenton is not out of the realm of possibility or any of the state houses across the nation etc. War gaming is interesting and great for fiction that Rawles likes to write - not so out of the realm of possibility - but fiction nonetheless. There was a guy out hear that said some of what I am about to post - I saw his old posts - he was right: " What they cannot do Federally they will do and achieve at the state level " " This is a generational war that is being fought for the hearts and minds of the children " " The battles we are losing today are the lack of planning 30 years ago " " The battle being fought against the 2A is like the war against big tobacco " He is right - They death of the 2A will not come in confiscations, door kickers etc. it will come by the death of generational warfare that the others are winning and soon the youth will have nothing more to do with guns AND freedom.
  6. USRifle30Cal

    Antique revolvers

    Part them out...you will make more in individual.parts
  7. Our entire society hangs by but a thread... Example..... look to Franklin, Hamburg, Sussex, Warwick, Vernon. Guesstimate there are 50k people in those areas..... there are six major supermarkets in those areas...Franklin Shoprite, Sussex Acme, Vernon Acme, Sussex Shoprite Warwick Shoprite Warwick price choppers...that are restocked daily..... What happens when the thread of resupply is severed or hiccuped to such a degree to cause a panic? What happens when one is cleaned out and you can't drive to the other? What happens in an an event, most in the areas commute to work, can't get home? What happens if fuel stops flowing? What happens when there are no more beds in the three hospitals in the area? What happens when the paltry count of ventilators in these areas are used up? Anyone who think that we can't be brought to our knees quickly, is a fool.
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ THIS .22 Rifles, .22 Ammo, Silver will be gold in such an event........................
  9. That was a minor event and only what ten to 12 days for some - imagine that for 1 month - 2 months - 6 months...... They say there is no such thing as zombies.......but take people that cant get what they want when they want it they become animals ready to pounce and feed - maybe more like locusts....... Really? Why then is Verizon hoarding all old switch gear and telephone systems and sending them to the USMIL to be placed in Cheyenne MTN?
  10. ....believe what u want..... ur wrong..... https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.hsdl.org/%3Fview%26did%3D462356&ved=2ahUKEwiU5bqG0bLgAhUx1VkKHQrrAjIQFjALegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw3QclAIgorlRXw2jSFcUD01 https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.forbes.com/sites/brucedorminey/2017/10/23/north-korea-emp-attack-would-cause-mass-u-s-starvation-says-congressional-report/amp/ https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/north-korea-reveals-nuclear-emp-attack-plans%3f_amp=true https://www.centerforsecuritypolicy.org/2018/11/29/north-korea-prepares-emp-while-us-dawdles/ And finally..... The EMP Commission warns that North Korea has two satellites orbiting over North America that could be armed for surprise EMP attack. In 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2016, North Korea used a non-nuclear “EMP cannon” to jam South Korean communications, cars, and over 2,000 aircraft. Please i beg get ur head out of your ass.....this is real as the day is long.
  11. ..... do the math..... How many hospital beds are in your county? How many ventilators? How many people need specialized meds to live? How many wells are needed to pump water via electricity? A localized surge can roll throughout the grid....disabling and destroying as it goes Look up how many MAJOR transformers are in the US.... not many btw.... and they are not made here.. I am astounded how otherwise reasonable people seem to have their heads in the sand with respect to this... foolish. A major emp strike either national or regional will disable this country for years ... Read the report a national emp event WILL YIELD 90% DIE OFF ...... WAKE THE FUCK UP. Please...
  12. Im sorry this is fake news......it is unproven tech and not achievable...... right @W2MC ??? Let this sink in...90% die off year one.... Diesel gennies not gas ^^^^^^^this
  13. USRifle30Cal

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    Who is brett bloom... You are missing a point though..you dont need to convince the police....you need to convince a DA....its legal. That there is the big issue..... And it is not being overly paranoid...its the cost to defend that will break your family ...and destroy ur life
  14. USRifle30Cal

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    The interesting thing is this, your attorney can say whatever to convince you. You can talk to any number of manufacturers to convince you. Who is going to convince the DA? Who is going to convince the jury? Not trolling here it's a legit question. John Doe buys this...WHEN AR type rifles start getting band and featureless laws start getting passed. Places it on his rifle and gets pinched by the local Leo's and now the DA is involved.... Are you ready to be the test case? Are you ready to be judged by those that know next to nothing about firearms? If your tolerance for that experience is their I commend you..... however most folks would understand that dismantling a firearms to change magazines would be to take a rifle apart...not hit some buttons. That's my .02 and I am not a lawyer.....just trying to use common sense. PS juries dont really have that much
  15. Let's take your comments one at a time - however, a common mistake on the internet is that people really do not know whom them are dealing with an make assumptions - but that is part of the fun - no? Alex- I will take " I too lazy to search for anything for 100 please " NO - NOT Maybe - Libraries are your friend there is NO credible citation that he ever said it - and without the citation he DID NOT SAY it - there are many quotes that are made in reference to gun rights that were never said and or taken wildly out of context to suit a narrative. Remember libraries, Gopher and the interwebs searches are your friend and NOT wikipedia. You can try to infer that he possibly said it - but without the citation - nope. Alex - I will take " Debating 101 for 200 please " I was inferring that the people of that generation, the byproduct of the great depression etc. had more spine and self reliance than the people of today that want everything handed to them - by that account and listing to people today - they have no stomach for the contest for freedom and have no idea what it truly is. Alex - I will take "Reading comprehension for 300 please" My statement was and expansion of a though that should be be under an attack by a well orchestrated determined and trained foe - the vast majority of people today would be worthless in the contest - they are too soft - but whatever. Alex - I will take " My head is in my ass for 400 please " http://www.empcommission.org/ Reading and the truth shall set you free - If I have to explain EMP's and how viable they are and in most major military powers doctrine - well I would be wasting valuable time this Sunday. Suffice it to say it is proven, it is possible, and they are devastating. Alex - I will take " Dumbassery for 600 please" The extent that which 911 was executed is not what I am speaking about - and if built upon and had more planning and a larger footprint, well I stand by my statement. They were looking for shock and awe and got it. A small group of people - deliberate, funded, trained to a degree and the where with all to strike in places that are not hardened - can and will cause this country to be paralyzed. Last i check some folks in a place some call the sanbox held off the soviets and have a darn good job of humbling us as well. I see no reason to not believe the same type of tactics used in metro centers of the US could not paralyze us. Let's see and make a list shall we: * Start some forest fires - check * "Attack" power stations - check * "Attack" water supplies - check * "Attack" bridges tunnels and transport centers - check * "Attack" some school buses and kill occupants - check * "Attack" some schools - you heard of Beslan right? - Check We do not have the manpower to prevent - hold or otherwise respond to well timed multi area attacks - the Police and agencies we have are on a minimal staffing as it is - just look at this fire - now imagine it 10 fold..... chaos.... @Smokin .50 That we are and in that light I am out - with this post........its fruitless - however that same attitude above is was caused chaos at this fire and a lack of due diligence in preparation - no one thought about it, no one planned for it - thus it ended the way it did. :)

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