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  1. It's true. See @cnjfo and @Smokin .50 It' friggin bullcrap
  2. 150hrs ...that' 6.25 days.....with proper fuel management ....I used 6 gallons per day.....that's 36 gallons. I have 35 gallons on hand with stabil ready to go. And that is not even considering a trifuel option with propane.... My neighbor ran a generator all night without one light on.... I have one large freezer and one fridge.... place two bags of block ice in each for the overnight....and off generator times....temps held. Now that' in winter with a cooler house summer maybe not....but it can be done. What happens when the big one comes....? You need imo to reassess the self sufficiency options available to you....
  3. The generator should have spooled up the furnace..... have a fireplace? Put a woodstove insert in....no stove or fireplace? Get one. We use ours for augmented heat 4.5 cords a year.... and when the power was is out heat primary and cooking on it.....something about a one pot meal made on a woodstove....
  4. No and wait for the big one E. M. P It will be the 1800's
  5. Ha ! Colt match target..... so there ya go high power shooters...... idiots.
  6. No up here - there is a defined lag -
  7. It is none of their business and you do not have to tell them - there is no form of registration and or notification to any agency for a long gun purchase other than the 4473 and NICS check in the state of NJ. Handguns have a form of registration, and they should not call you about it as they get the paperwork. In 24 years I have never had the local PD call me about anything that I have purchased - ever. You do not have to answer them if they can and you can advise them that there is no form of registration and I do not have to give you that information. Now that being said - I am not an attorney - none of us are - it is your call how you want to handle this and it depends on how it is asked etc. As well as your tenure in the town and your relationship with the PD etc. My town PD knows me - from over the years - the same lady that has always been there has always helped me - wonderful person. I am friends with the ex chief of police we attend the same church etc. We have a new guy retired officer helping the records group - a mean sob at times - asked me once why I need another handgun - I smiled at him and asked him why he needed another cigarette..he groaned and we never had the conversation again. *BUT* - again that being said - you have no duty to notify them of your long gun purchases. 1 or a 1,000,000 - doesn't matter
  8. Data for you nick.... Galaxy 7 5 and 8 on both at&t 4glte and verizon....no joy. ....lags at a 70pcnt page load.... Wifi on same devices with stock browser same issue. Windows 10 Mozilla on WiFi same issue. .... Hotspot on both above carriers same isue It almost seems like a DNS attack...but that' a stretch....it does have an appearance of a throttling issue.
  9. Your cannot discount real world experience. .... I do know that the 45 series was fielded by ft Lee for years with no real issues. .. I have a second hand duty gun 4516 that I have put a mix and match of all kinds of 45 through 1200 rnds? Plus or minus without a hiccup and at self defense ranges is very very accurate the 39-2 same deal. ....not an ex duty gun....but nonetheless shoots like a laser beam. That being said, the smith' fit me better than any glock I have ever handled..... my 26 is nice small light...but do 10 rounds of 9mm make a differnce to 8 rounds of 45...albeit in a heavier firearm but to me handles better than the glock? Dunno To each his own.... but then again I am not in a stack and those that negate real world experiences are foolish.
  10. Wanna know what keeps me awake at nights - EMP'S and.... The American Beslan.... it's' coming...and we are not prepared.... Think about this. ....a well timed multi state effort.... just hijack a few school buses..... while some schools are hit.... The American public cannot be told the real truth about anything.... they are too medicated to addicted to soft to be able to handle the real truth. ...
  11. It's called a chainsaw..... During Sandy we had a tree drop blocking the entrance to the neighborhood. ..no less than 5 guys with saws made quick work of it...no wires down? Cut it up...stove wood..... sheesh...lol
  12. ps I would take it over a glock any day. ...
  13. Foil only works for skulls. ....lol
  14. Imagine if you will the NK emp's..... I dont care where you leave or what day and age it is...if your not self suffecient...your as good as dead.