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  1. I ride a njtransit bus almost daily to manhattan through pa and i am in a job in flushing...little bejing TO say i am in confined space for 5hrs a day almost ...is putting it mildly
  2. N95..but the 3m cartridge 6001 is organic vapor..should suffice... thoughts?
  3. All joking aside....3 major metro areas quarantine.... this is much bigger than anyone is letting on... Alsom8f you doing a mask respiratory is not enough you need full face all.mucous membranes....
  4. ^^^^ this But they aren't putting this one back in...too many people amp'd too quickly, too much 'chatter'.....this one may different.
  5. Anyone monitoring this and seeing some real concern here? I think if we read between the lines this one has many thinking real hard and concerned..read somewhere that up to 4k in the city infected. Thoughts?
  6. I read somehwere cant recall where that ther is a huge price differential to the silver to gold price..something like silver should be higher based on the gold price...
  7. Still havent answered one question or provided concrete plans other than lip service.
  8. The view metric is way above what they expect... they expect 7 for 1, 7 views for 1 support ... We sit at 2,122 for 541.... We can do better !
  9. Why did they do that? Think abt it, why? Think long game......
  10. And if they do...how do they enforce it ?.....they can't.
  11. Here is your statement for ease of review and consideration. You didn't answer a thing, you are attempting to redirect, again i deal with folks like this.... "Growing balls and stop being law abiding" What do you mean by this, please articulate your position? What are you suggestions? What are your means and methods? "Stop being used as doormats and playing fair" Politics, the both parties suck, one sucks maybe a bit less, politics aside - how shall we as 2a supporters stop being used as doormats and playing fair? What do we do? What is tje best course of action? See, you really if you look at the totality of your comments, you actually just used words and said nothing of substance. Again work with folks like this, they pontificate, they obfuscate, just words nothing of substantive direction. Yes we WILL continue to go to the ballot box, we are not yet at the cartridge box .... we will work to win the hearts and minds of others, with outreach, mobilization, education, and public assembly no matter how large or small. We shall petition and look for redress of our grievances with all lawful means and methods. We SHALL take the high road, we SHALL be better than those that which to destroy us. To quote a movie, we shall be nice till its time not to be nice. We will take to the streets as was done in Richmond which was a RESOUNDING SUCCESS and display of unity, do not think for one second that has gone unnoticed. TRUMP the 2A saviour, yeah he kinda is, look at what the alternative would have been... You realize he has been packing courts right? You realize he, just by the nature of his antics, has kept congress and the liberals kinda busy and tied down from any kinda meaningful legislation against true 2a suppression...yeah yeah i know bump stocks.... bump stocks..oh my. think of his antics like the marines off the coast of kuwait tying the iraqis doqn and fixing them in position, thing in true US form we would storm the beaches.... YET end run by armor and airborne up around their rear end... brilliant. Packing courts and unleashing the us economy.... You offer no real solutions, the battles being fought today are the result of apathy, lack of education, lack of engagement lack of a long game battle plan, is the reason why we r where we r in nj today...and elsewhere.... My old account would show i always said what they cannot do federally they will do locally and statewide...this is where we failed... we fought ONE front...not multiple. And btw sling shots are illegal in nj, ready to storm the Bastille yet? So i will sit here and wait for you to express your battle plan for consideration....
  12. Gold...meh.... silver coins, canadian simver maple leafs, in hand. Or just a shit load of pre 65 quarters
  13. ...i am not attacking...i am just truly curious.... @Greenday never answered my question as to why they are here..and i was actually curious.....same goes for this.... There may be a time and place for 'shots fired' - we r not remotely there yet - close but not there....and i pray we never see it. Lets NOT be the ones to open pandoras box, WE should always take the high road, till it is time to di di mau and seek other paths of resistance.
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