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  1. I will not be making a comment or opinion on Modern Materiel until I try any of their rifles or firearms. I have been trying to work with MM for a year about arranging a range day to demo their product and publish an article on one of my many channels and haven’t been able to get them to commit to a range day.
  2. Red Planet Arsenal had a lot of Non-NFA firearms for sale, albeit very expensive. CZ scorpion 1600, sig MPX 2500, MP5 clone 2800..non nfa tax
  3. -Noveske Gen 1 Lower -Noveske 12.5" complete upper with Surefire Socom Brake (I hate it) -SBA3 Brace -LWRC Skirmish Sights (will trade for DD fixed irons) -Trijicon MRO
  4. any chance you'd be interested in trading for a Trijicon accupower 1-8 with Knights Armament Mount?
  5. super annoying. I understand the tactical advantage of their turrets vs. large knobs but if everyone else in the red dot market can figure out a way to make it work while still being user friendly, Trijicon can too.
  6. good thing is I know people with Surefire cans since I already shoot them with the socom brake. For 5.56 you don't really need a comp or a brake, but our way of working with unconstitutional laws in NJ.
  7. mine has a Surefire Socom brake, that explains it I want to switch it for the socom 3 prong or maybe the Q cherry bomb since it doesn't require timing, just a 1/2" socket and torque it to spec and you're good. I'll have to ask my friends in free states what cans they have so I can get the right muzzle device for their cans. Shooting it suppressed is a lot more enjoyable
  8. In most of my comparisons between Nightforce and Trijicon, I like Trijicon more. Their glass is slightly better, I just hate their turrets on everything except the accupower models. I dislike the lack of audible clicks in the adjustments with the MRO, ACOG, Accupoints...basically everything they make except the Accupower. I like how the Accupower requires no tools for the zero stop and the turrets have 1/4 MOA adjustments, but the Accupower 1-8 is a tank for an optic. The biggest advantage to Trijicon over nightforce is the ability to shop around for a better price. Nightforce sets a strict rule on their pricing so unless you're buying used or on ebay, you won't find much love on the price. I bought my MRO for $300 +$85 Geissele mount. The Accupower 1-8 has an MSRP of $1600 I believe, but I've seen sites selling for $1200, sometimes as low as $900.
  9. really? The NJ gun laws have said Class 1 NFA items are permitted....I'll take your word for it. like I've said before, I have my 07/03 and built one on my books a while ago, I built a Noveske 5.56 12.5" barrel, unsuppressed the concussion and blowback is annoying and I don't shoot it often for this reason. I had a Surefire Warden on mine for a bit which helped with the concussion but it was still annoying. Go 300blk or 9MM if you're going to build one. I'm very tempted to sell my 12.5" upper and get the Noveske 9mm 10.5" complete upper and use the endo mags since they work with Glock and Colt style BCG's.
  10. I suppose if you really wanted to, you can make it shorter or put a law folder on and do a form 1 for an AOW. AOW's are the only NFA item legal in this state. (correct me if I'm wrong)
  11. try your luck on TacSwap, Clones are a niche market and the people in to it will pay top dollar....tacswap is the place to do that.
  12. hmm I'll look in to it, thanks! I had a Leupold 1.5-4x on my LWRC and I just sold it...great glass I just wasn't a fan of it, I wanted a true 1x instead but I paid $300 for it so that wasn't a bad deal thanks for the pointer on the steiner, looks like a tank! (wanna trade a leupold LCO for one ), I see these going for $650 most websites, is that about right? I paid $380 for my MRO + geissele mount, hopefully I can find a PX4i for less? I run my Trijicon on my AR10, it's a great optic but too heavy and bulky for me to put on a AR15. I hear great things about the PA 1-6, that's a top tier scope for a .22 I recently got a HK416 .22lr, I'm gonna run something cheap on like a PA Red dot or a cheapo LPVO
  13. I had lasik done 2 years ago which corrected an astigmatism for me and I still don’t see the most crisp dot, my MRO is the best of the 3 I own though. When i wore glasses I had an EOTech, worked great. Light sensitivity was a side effect of getting lasik done and the EO was too bright for my eyes so I got rid of it. 3 of my rifles have red dots, 1 has a NX8 and another has a Trijicon 1-8, LVPO’s work best for me, just sadly can’t afford a $1600 optic on all of my guns
  14. I got rid if my EOTech for an MRO, I love it. I also have a Leupold LCO, I thought it worked in both red and green dot, but I was wrong. Either way the LCO is awesome too.
  15. Correct but these non NFA guns aren’t subject to assault weapon laws. The connecticut case is a with a CZ Scorpion which does shoot and cycle with the brace folded, which is why they measure from the hinge
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