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  1. also, if you want a 10 round 308 hexmag, PM me. I have one you can have for free.
  2. If you want the full mag look, here ya go https://www.calegalmags.com/1020-Magpul-Pmag-20LR-GEN-M3-308762x51-BLACK_p_148.html
  3. It does ship with a PMag correct?
  4. I looked at buying the 716 DMR last year, when I spoke to the guys at the Sig Pro Shop they said they can accept any AR-10 pattern mags. You should be good with Magpul, DPMS, Lancer are nice too. Gunmag warehouse used to sell blocked Lancer 10/20's, but now they only seem to have the regular 10 rounders. I really like their mags. you could always ask @PK90 if he could make ya some 10/20 p-mags!
  5. I didn’t know they made 15” drop in’s.....is that for Carbine length gas system or Mid length? i know Daniel defense just came out with the Omega which is a drop in and also converts to a free float barrel, but it’s only 6” long, the cool part is it has an extra inch of pic rail that goes over the delta ring to be continuous with the upper receiver
  6. Shit those are probably still on the shelves at my LGS
  7. You mean to tell me if I buy one today I could have a full auto 22lr?!
  8. bump! Magpul MOE+ and MOE grip still available, ALG trigger and Bipod still available
  9. maybe they'll realize ALL the NJ gun laws involving licenses and permits are a waste of their time (wishful)
  10. My town has the ORI number on their website tab for "firearms" Despite all of the absurd laws in NJ and how difficult they make it to get a gun, I can't believe they're actually doing something that makes it easier in a sense.
  11. Cleaning out my garage, my junk is your treasure! AR Grips. 1 Hogue Overmolded Grip, 2 Magpul MOE+ grips, 1 MOE grip. $10 each **Hogue & 1 MOE+ grip sold, 2 MOE+ and MOE still available** Leapers/UTG Bipod for Pic rail, $20 Leupold Mark AR 1.5-4x20mm scope with Firedot SPR reticle. It’s only 6 months old, nice piece of glass for the money. Included Mark 2 IMS Mount. $350 OBO Located in Bridgewater area, will trade for boxes of 9MM or 5.56
  12. 5.11 is lame. Almost as lame as Ray Ray’s mossberg shockwave
  13. >owns mossberg shockwave and a bullpup >calls others gay for weightlifting choose one
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