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  1. I was carded at Heritage when I tried 2 years ago and was told no. I never tried at Cabela's in Hamburg but my friend did and said he was carded.
  2. Louie is a good dude. Used to work in Secaucus and used him for 2 transfers. He's fast , good prices and no nonsense.
  3. Sarco and Heritage check ID's because they're so close to the border and don't want to deal with BS, like others said Heritage has NJ branches and SARCO still has their warehouse in NJ. The further west you go in to PA this isn't an issue....also been told Cabela's in Hamburg checks ID's as well probably because it's the closest Cabela's for NY and NJ.
  4. if you really want: https://www.redplanetarsenal.com/product-page/cz-scorpion
  5. I shot the Troy with Maksim, it was cool but for me was just another AR. Looking forward to shooting DSI and LWRC.
  6. 1: the lawsuits involve the former owner Paul Lightner-Wise who is eccentric to be as PC as possible. They also have a lawsuit against Sig Sauer for Patent infringement on their short stroke piston which they use in the MCX. 2. Their proprietary rail has pro’s and cons to it. It’s a pain in the ass to get accessories, very few places make direct mount equipment for LWRC rails, you can use the Pic rail attachments but I think it’s more cumbersome that way. The plus side is being the thinnest rail system for a piston gun. Shoot a Sig MCX, 516 or 716 they are not the most ergonomic. 3. Their prices reflect their quality, they manufacture everything house and quality control the fuck out of it. Receivers go through an X-Ray for imperfections, barrels, nickel boron parts are all made in house. Say your basic AR cost $800. You then put a new rail, piston retrofit, nickel boron BCG, H2 buffer, ambidextrous controls and cerakote the gun, you’re looking to spend the same amount of money. The only upgrades I’ve done to mine is I changed the stock for a Magpul SL and installed a Geissele SSA-E, which i could have gotten for cheaper from the factory. that said it’s not the holy grail of AR-15’s. The piston system heats the gun up real fast, you also get carbon all over your hands because of the piston, not the end of the world but it’s an inconvenience. For what I paid for mine, $2000 it’s a damn good rifle and I don’t feel like I overpaid. I like my SR-15 a lot more because I paid $1600 for it, that’s a different story.
  7. so what's with all the posts criticizing LWRC so hard? I was a fanboy at one point....now that I own a lot of other rifles I can look at them with a more objective opinion. If you have never shot one or curious about it, I will be happy to explain the pro's and cons
  8. Their proprietary rail is annoying, same issue with my Knights Mod 0...that being said LWRC is the only short piston rifle with a rail that isn’t cumbersome. See anything piston driven from Sig Sauer, LMT or HK. My M6IC has seen 5k rounds, 1k suppressed and no issues. I’ve cleaned it 3 times and it didn’t really need it. I don’t shoot it as much now that I know it’s reliable and proven, in the last 12 months I’ve shot it 5 times and maybe 1k rounds in that time. Been shooting my SR-15 and my Noveske a lot more.
  9. The LWRC is a piston model. Troy, DSI and Modmat are all DI...that’s what LWRC has been advertising it as at least
  10. From my experience with my Noveske and shooting Maksim’s troy there’s a lot of blowback without being suppressed....since 5.56 is optimized for 16” or greater it’s not a shock to me. I’m intrigued to find out of the piston will be the same or better. I’m excited to try it, I love my M6IC-SPR
  11. it's a good talking point. If you're going with a 12."5 barrel (which most of these are) with a muzzle device makes it close to 15". My SR-15 is a 14.5 pinned to 16" and I don't notice much of a difference between that and my Non-NFA in side by side, ergonomically speaking. In comparison to my LWRC which is NJ compliant the 16" barrel with muzzle brake pinned makes the barrel 18.5", my SR-15 and Noveske Non-NFA are more ergonomic, hell both are much lighter than the LWRC but there's a lot of rifles lighter than LWRC. Ballistically my SR-15 and LWRC are much better than the Noveske, less concussion with an extra few inches of rifling for the round to go through. Objectively the biggest difference is the rifle would have to be made compliant to NJ's AWB while the Non-NFA's don't and the difference between a pistol brace and stock is minimal with 5.56. Subjectively the biggest difference I can run a suppressor on the Noveske when I'm with friends in free states who have them, I can't do that with my Knight's unless I swap out the brake for another suppressor ready brake. It's also nice to run a flash hider on the Noveske, brakes on 5.56 are a bit overkill. I had a surefire brake on my Noveske until recently and the concussion drove me nuts.
  12. depends where you buy. When I bought my LWRC rifle I paid $2000 from Luciano's in Lodi. RTSP, Ottomanelli and a few other well known retailers wanted $2700-2900 for the same gun. Here's an updated version of mine, I put an SBA4 on. Noveske Gen 1 Lower Noveske Gen 1 complete upper 12.5" Barrel, NSR-11 rail, SiCo ASR 3 Prong Radian Raptor Charging Handle Geissele G2S trigger BCM VFG Reptilia CQG grip LWRC Skirmish sights Trijicon MRO w/Geissele Mount. Without optic I spend $1500 on this build.
  13. I was hoping that too, but a barrel long enough wouldn't get great ballistics from 45 BMG. On another note you could get the Noveske 9mm Upper + VFG, use a non-nfa lower and endomags to take 9mm and have yourself a fun blaster. Or just build a Noveske 9 with VFG
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