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  1. +1 on Windham Weaponry, I paid $1500 for mine a few years ago. Whatever they're going for now they're well worth the money. With a little money put in to it you can make it one excellent rifle (Trigger, Stock, Bipod, quality optic). I wrote a review on one for Maksim's site in 2019
  2. most people I've met in Southern Maine/Seacoast work for Sig, I get invites to shoot at the academy often, I did once...it's a legit range.
  3. I hope that time spent involves going to a certain range in Epping
  4. This. I swear do people not realize what is locked in your trunk isn’t the cops business? If you get pulled over and your guns are securely locked in the trunk do you think they’re gonna know if you don’t tell them? seriously you have a right to remain silent, use it.
  5. no, the government decided that only FFL's could be the people to sell you the ability to exercise your constitutional right.
  6. It's a constitutional right and governments still have a job to do, correct? after all it was the government's decision to regulate who can deal in that constitutional right
  7. get a lawyer, they still have a job to do. I don't have my FFL for retail sales, i have it because I write in the gun industry, when I was only living in NJ it made getting product a lot easier from manufacturers without needed to neuter the rifle and be able to send it back to them when the loan was up. Now that my license is in Maine I can get suppressors without them sitting in NFA Jail, NJ won't allow FFL's to keep suppressors on their books, but you can have SBR's and Machine Guns
  8. Best of luck, I transferred my licenses to my property in Maine, there is a lot less bullshit to deal with up there. The application process with the ATF is much faster than the application process through the NJSP. Another reason why it made moving everything to Maine worthwhile, local governent doesn't interfere with federal guidelines
  9. now that I'm a Maine resident I'm supposed to get an out of state FID card but I'm not going to. I spend equal amount of time between the 2 states but my driver's license is for Maine. If I'm gonna buy a new gun I'm doing it up there where I don't need to buy something that's been neutered. Only disadvantage I think I while I'm in NJ is being able to buy handgun ammo in person, I can just drive 30 minutes to Easton and do that. I also know I can't bring any NFA items to NJ that aren't class 1's.
  10. bump for a good dude! btw, I treat the SR-15 like a red headed step child and it's still going strong.
  11. wouldn't be a bad idea for all indoor ranges to let people reserve spots online in advance. Besides being being obnoxiously loud with a rifle and wasting ammo at 25 yards one of the reasons I don't go to indoor ranges much is wait times on the weekend.
  12. Well a few of the indoor places I’ve been in have been that way, idk what to tell you lol.
  13. ranges will be open soon enough if they keep pressing but I'm against opening Indoor ranges. Most if not all have special high pressure HVAC systems for the range to remove lead fumes. Some of the indoor ranges I've gone to the airflow has been strong enough where you're still inhaling the blowback, if there are shooters there unknowingly carrying the virus the risk of pollenating others is pretty high. I'm not opposed to outdoor clubs being open, after all they're not public businesses.
  14. All the Clubs up in Southern Maine and NH Seacoast are closed, Kittery Trading Post (biggest gun retailer in New England) is closed to everything except curbside pickup. Surprised because Maine is extremely pro-gun, I think the people who run the clubs just don't want to deal.
  15. I have property in South Berwick, Maine. I'm up there 2 weeks a month with my work schedule. If you guys are up there when I am I'd be happy to meet up, we can shoot at the club I belong to or honestly anywhere with open land. For the time being I'm staying in NJ until this blows over because there is even less open in Maine/NH than there is down here.
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