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  1. Not speaking for the OP but it just looks like an optical illusion to me as I can see in other pic it looks to be normally offset.
  2. Yea but Im too so fist two kate did 4 that
  3. This is what came up for me... which means Rutgers95 needs to get back in his fucking lane, in a nice way. http://soldiersystems.net/2018/05/14/nswc-crane-carbine-mid-length-gas-system-testing-shows-increased-performance/ https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2018/06/01/this-detailed-report-shows-which-m4-rifle-design-works-the-best/ "Conclusion Although testing to 34,000 rounds isn’t yet complete, the conclusion is simple. Use of a mid-gas system significantly extends the life of the overall weapon system. It also offers increased performance over a carbine-length gas system." "Using a mid-length gas system on an M4A1 carbine extends the life of the weapon system and increases the weapon’s performance over a carbine-length gas system, according to a detailed study by Naval Surface Warfare Center — Crane, obtained by Military Times through a Freedom of Information Act request...... .....This study may not come as a complete shock to civilian shooting aficionados and U.S. special operations forces who customize their M4 variants, but it does offer data to back up what those communities have believed for some time."
  4. Well...Im not sure what you mean by "all things being equal" These are systems. So Im not going to take one system and introduce 1 single change. The changes need to match the system. What do mean by parts wear/tear is of immaterial concern? There is no way a Mk18 is going to have the service life of a KAC SR16. Its probably not even 10% of the service life. Shoot a 6920 next to a SR15, both with the same brake. You will feel a difference and you can see it on paper in the form of spread when doing hammers.
  5. It is true that rifle setup is important and has an effect. But I can tell the difference in gas systems.
  6. Looks like a football bat!!
  7. I'm not 100% sure but I believe there is an import process thats rather tangled and lengthy.
  8. No experience with 458 but some getting 260rem to work. You may be able to get there with playing with the carrier etc etc but in the end I scraped all of that and just went adjustable gas block.
  9. I have a GT Pantera from the early 90's in great condition. Apparently it's worth some money these days!
  10. I thought you said you tried a different BCG?
  11. Agreed, but this is also what worries me about Colts announcement. In other words, are they trying to set themselves up as the sole supplier(turncoat) for all the states and city's that may fall in line behind Murphys demand to only buy from those that wont sell to us?
  12. No, thats the point, they didnt stop, they just said Mill orders need to be fulfilled first.
  13. Although I despise the yellow journalism attempts to spin the Colt announcement, I do have concerns over their timing etc etc. FN, KAC, and even Colt as far as I can remember never abandoned the market like this. It was always, Warfighters first. And I dont think our community ever took issue with this. But this is different. And it concerns me how much this lines up with Murphy's ultimatum...
  14. The yellow journalism news is trying to frame it as a virtue signal when it is nothing of the sort. https://americanmilitarynews.com/2019/09/colt-is-ending-production-of-ar-15s/
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