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  1. Parker, I agree with most of what your saying. I always believed that rem missed the boat big time by not making 260 match ammo readily available for the market that was clearly trending that way. I have a strong certainty that they were advised as such but didn't listen. 6.5 cm proved that was a big mistake on their part. But I would guess that 6.5 would be picked over 260 now because they want caliber commonality. Some units have KAC's in 6.5, SOCOM officially adopted 6.5, and mil has always valued cal cominality. Just a theory.
  2. The point being Bolts, adopted long ago, the fringe just finally figuring it out, or not (Ray Ray). Semi's, adoption achieved. Full Auto, belt fed meaning it has infiltrated every corner of 308'dom. RR, FN dont prototype shit unless theres money behind it in a big way...as in someone is asking for it.
  3. For those that argued the case for 308 and claimed 6.5 is just boutique, I think this underlines my position... https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/05/20/fn-unveils-machine-gun-in-65-creedmoor/
  4. I do not shoot steel cased ammo in my rifles. I do not have personal experience to draw from. So my comments are from conversations and observations and thus should be weighed accordingly. I think your rifle will tell you if you can shoot steel or not. They tend to not seal the chamber as well as brass. That could account for the other posters drop in POI. Less seal, less velocity. This can also make it run dirtier. But if its not an expensive rifle and your not seeking match accuracy, I dont see any major objection if the rifle can digest it.
  5. Last call before I undo the compliance work and go shoot this thing!
  6. A coherent thought, someday you will have one....
  7. Who said it was a Military display? Based on the Theme being NH based, given the tag, I think your making assumptions....again. Your assertion on more reliable is based on what? A test Larry Vickers did had the Custom 1911 and an HK USP as exceedingly reliable compared to other pistols. How many rounds have you put through high end 1911's? Your Dicky comment about rich guys holds no water with me. Its pure bullshit. Ill take 1 NH over a drawer full of Glocks, Sigs, Beretta's etc etc. And thats the choice I made even back in the days of $11 an hour. If I could only afford a Glock, so be it but I certainly could appreciate a fine 1911 and wouldn't comfort myself with some imagined shortcoming for those that can afford better. In the words of Rob Dyrdek "Do more work son".
  8. M9 over NH, yer funny!
  9. Link dead or page removed. I'd be interested to know if Facebook pulled it!
  10. You aint wrong!
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