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  1. I have personally sat and talked with Sen Van Drew when i was a Founding Board Member for NJ2AS and he spoke at one of our meetings. I had a lot of questions for him. He gave me a lot of insight into the why's and hows of politics and the challenges of advancing anything pro 2a in NJ. I came away from the conversation feeling that he was genuine and sincere in his support for the 2nd. This was about 4 or 5 years ago.
  2. Tissot and some Victorinox have some nice reasonably priced auto's. I know a lot of people happy with Luminox but their styling isnt my taste. The Hamilton field watch is another consideration. Suunoto is my non auto "out in the field" watch. My biz meetings/dinner watch is an Omega Planet Ocean.
  3. Agreed, good respectful discussion and debate. Im personally not a fan of forum reviews for pistols. The math is to much for me to parse. I think you can get a good sense of a common issues from them but thats about it. What I mean is what is the calculation to figure out the psychology of the dude that paid 4k for a 1911 and how nitpicky he may be vs the dude that paid 600 and doesn't really have an expectation? Whats the calculation to figure out the ratio of bad reviews for a manufacturer that puts out 100,000 pistols vs one that puts out a tenth of that and tie that back to expectations. I am more talking about the attention to detail on the internals and the materials used that will aid in its reliability and durability. We could talk all day about anecdotal and meaningful samples. Which is why Im not talking about customer RIA"s I have worked on, the sample is too small. But I am really getting in the weeds here. My original point was that I will and many others will pay a high premium for the additional work done by hand to insure long time reliability and build quality for critical use. Same thing for optics, but more of a refinement in manufacturing perspective. If Holosun made an optice that was found to be bomb proof and matched all abilities of an aimpoint and thus got adopted and field proven equivalent to what Aimpoint has accomplished then by all means I would use it in a critical scenario and enjoy the savings! But I haven't seen any other optic maker achieve that.... yet.
  4. Well myhatinthering, I think I know my way around a 1911 fairly well. Dave Sample was my teacher on building 1911's. I know what it takes to build one right. And after working on a few customer RIA's and having hands on a number of Wilsons, Ed Browns, etc etc the difference is much more than looks. Dont make the mistake that thinking just because its more expensive it cant be better. But I digress, the POINT was that Holosuns and RIA's may be a good value and meets the needs of many. But when you cross the line into criticality, the value proposition means a lot less.
  5. "it's all relative but digging on a RIA is not optimal given usage and reports" No, if you get the point its a very good example. Due to the enormous difference in attention given the specific pistol and a very proven track record, it is more likely to work when needed. This of course drives the price point, but given what's at stake, I can justify the value of the greater price point. The RIA may be good. But would you stake your life on it when the odds are in favor of the Wilson? Im not here to denigrate the RIA, but the point is it did not receive the attention or build quality a Wilson has and therefore has a greater chance of failing. And so the point is simply for some people given their intended use, the risk of a failure is too critical thus the willingness to spend more money to buy every ounce of failure advantage they can.
  6. The stack of optics that were supposed to be "just as good as" is about the height of Mt. Fuji. They are always touted as "just as good as" until they inevitably show that they aren't. Im told that the failed return rate on PA and Holosun is a bit high. But the warranties are good. So are they "just as good as" in the context of range fun? Id say that is probably true because its just an inconvenience. But if the criticality was more significant such as a match that had a lot of time and money invested in it or the next level up from there, duty/HD, then Im sure we all agree its time to step up to a unit that is proven in theater worldwide. Can an aimpoint fail? Yes. Is it less likely? Yes. If I put you in a pit and told you behind the door was a crazed axe murderer and I was opening the door to let him in in 2 minutes. On the table is a custom Wilson 1911 and a RIA 1911. You can pick only 1. Who is picking the RIA based on the premise "its just as good as"?
  7. Think of it this way. If the shooting plane is flat, gravity gets to work on the bullet the entire distance. When you add angle, shooting up or down, you are effectively shortening the distance in which gravity gets to pull the bullet down.
  8. In act, sentiment and saying the same thing a different way perhaps: http://wafflesatnoon.com/to-conquer-a-nation-first-disarm-its-citizens-is-this-quote-from-hitler/
  9. His response is what he has been taught in this environment. Dont answer him. Show him by taking him to the range and having a boat load of fun shooting it.
  10. Anyone caught in the slot canyons?
  11. I actually find the fried chicken from Acme to be better than KFC! I like Popeyes but they seem to vary significantly in quality from location to location. I actually think the chicken sandwiches from Wendy's are better than Chick-Fil-A. The problem with hood chicken is more often than I like it leaves you praying to the porcelain throne, either top or bottom with some bacteria growth of an undetermined origin!
  12. Run the tool post into the spider? Can you just set back the barrel?
  13. I believe this to be true. If your buying a cabinet, concealment is your friend. If your buying a security container, bolting it in to reduce access is a prefered method to increase the time it takes to break into it. If you buy a safe, well that's another conversation. But if its under 3000 lbs and under a dollar a pound, its probably not a safe.
  14. Gentlemen, again thank you for the kind words and the opportunity to work on your rifles!