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  1. Some inquiries give me the impression that the original add did not make it clear this was a package deal. So just for clarity: I can do better on pricing as a package. I can split it up. I will listen to offers. Please make them known. Completed deals are in the low to mod 4's on the auctions. If no one here is interested I will put it up on the auctions soon. Thanks, Shane
  2. If anyone is interested in just the rifle or just the optic, please reach out to me. Thanks, Shane
  3. Just a quick heads up for my price comparison shoppers out there. There are websites that advertise this rifle for low prices. But be advised they are scam sites. The ones accepting Venmo etc etc and cant spell anything right are kinda the giveaway. If you find a legitimate business that actually has it in stock, it will be close to 5k.
  4. For those that have been around a while and know me, hello! Hope you have been well. For those that dont, I was a long time member here while I lived in NJ. I am back because I am trying to help out one of our own. He is very sick and has asked me to help move some of his higher end items so he can focus on his health. So the first item up for sale is a Knights Armament SR15 E3 Mod 2. Round count is at about 1k. which is nothing for an SR15. It was cerakoted a dark brown color. I do not know who did the coating. I pinned the brake. For those that dont know, pretty much everyone that had a high end rifle and wanted a tight pin job, they came to me. The scope mount is an OPS2 Inc. The scope is a US Optics SR4C. This is a 1-4 LPVO with daylight bright illumination. This scope is discontinued but I believe is still covered under their lifetime warranty. They stopped making this scope due to how expensive it was to make with the beam splitter tech in it that gives an aimpoint bright illuminated dot. If you were trying to buy this rifle now, you would likely be nearing 5k for just the rifle as KAC's have become unobtainium. The scope went for near 2k when it was new. Although there is significant urgency to sell, at the same time every dollar counts. The preference would be to sell as a package so we will start there. IF the buyer would prefer more mag for a DMR style setup, I personally have a US Optics 1.8 X 10 that I could swap out the 1x4. Price, that is the big question. Im trying to be fair and price it to move quickly but at the same time, as I said, every dollar matters for this persons hardship. So lets start at $4700. This would be an outstanding price. Will entertain offers. Obviously trades are a no go for this situation. All Fed and NJ laws apply. Please let me know if there are any questions. If the owner would like to ID themselves I will leave it to them to do so. Regards and thank you, Shane
  5. Thanks for the kind words. OBR is still available. Havent actively been pursuing sale but now Im after something so....... UP
  6. Got it. The USP is iconic and all and but you may be better served looking at a P30, again in LEM. For your intended use its a top contender. I love HK but out of the box DA/SA HK's are a rough trigger to live with without some aftermarket help. In your price range the Beretta is tough to beat. Mature design. Reliable. Build quality. Plenty of support. And in the case of the M9A3, a very good DA/SA trigger. I HATE DA/SA and still got one! SIG QC is too far off the mark these days for me. The USP is a bit dated but remains attractive due to its durability/reliability. I agree with Raz-o that some find in 9 its overbuilt thus the recoil can be perceived as funky. There are CZ products worthy of consideration but IMO they dont match the build quality of the Beretta at your defined budget price point.
  7. Budget received. What is your intended use? Is double action/single action the platform you want?
  8. Whats your actual budget and intentions for your pistol?
  9. Ill join Bob in presenting other choices. If TDA is your chosen platform, then I would take a really hard look at some Beretta offerings such as the LTT or an M9A3.
  10. Between those two, the USP. It is iconically well built. But I'd get it in LEM configuration.
  11. Dont let it happen again or viscous caulk may pay you a visit!
  12. Accounting for the possibility of a software issue after you shoot someone in the face is just good measure. Wanting to be able to reholster without taking eyes off what made you draw in the first place is sensible. The M18 is an experiment in a SF pistol set up like a 1911. I think the concept has merit for me or anyone else that doesnt like the idea of reholstering appendix carry of a pistol with no safeties.
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