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  1. Thanks for the kind words. OBR is still available. Havent actively been pursuing sale but now Im after something so....... UP
  2. Got it. The USP is iconic and all and but you may be better served looking at a P30, again in LEM. For your intended use its a top contender. I love HK but out of the box DA/SA HK's are a rough trigger to live with without some aftermarket help. In your price range the Beretta is tough to beat. Mature design. Reliable. Build quality. Plenty of support. And in the case of the M9A3, a very good DA/SA trigger. I HATE DA/SA and still got one! SIG QC is too far off the mark these days for me. The USP is a bit dated but remains attractive due to its durability/reliability. I agree with Raz-o that some find in 9 its overbuilt thus the recoil can be perceived as funky. There are CZ products worthy of consideration but IMO they dont match the build quality of the Beretta at your defined budget price point.
  3. Budget received. What is your intended use? Is double action/single action the platform you want?
  4. Whats your actual budget and intentions for your pistol?
  5. Ill join Bob in presenting other choices. If TDA is your chosen platform, then I would take a really hard look at some Beretta offerings such as the LTT or an M9A3.
  6. Between those two, the USP. It is iconically well built. But I'd get it in LEM configuration.
  7. Dont let it happen again or viscous caulk may pay you a visit!
  8. Accounting for the possibility of a software issue after you shoot someone in the face is just good measure. Wanting to be able to reholster without taking eyes off what made you draw in the first place is sensible. The M18 is an experiment in a SF pistol set up like a 1911. I think the concept has merit for me or anyone else that doesnt like the idea of reholstering appendix carry of a pistol with no safeties.
  9. Well...its a thumb safety in this case. Im a 1911 guy so that is home for me. But ultimately, every time I shove my VP9 into my AIWB holster, I dislike the concern it generates. It isnt hard to theorise that if I was involved in a critical incident and needed to reholster or couldnt observe my reholstering in some situation it opens the door for an accident. The safety will help insure I dont ventilate my femoral artery in those scenarios. I am not worried about forgetting to put the safety on or off. That is on autopilot for me.
  10. Zeke, explain your insubordination!
  11. I went M18, because I wanted a sf WITH a safety
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