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  1. No. Actual wear. Brass seems to ding the slide on the way out. I've seen slides that didnt have the tennifer anymore. Once that happened, the brass started to dig a hole in the slide fairly quickly compared to when protected.
  2. For those that want to polish their slides, just a word of caution. It is my understanding that glock doesnt use the best steels and rely on the tennifer finish. If you go too deep and remove the tennifer, you may have issues.
  3. Wheres the barrel nut on a 1911?
  4. Thus the disappointment with DT. It could have been. But I suspect internal mismanagement was a major factor and a million missed ship dates drove the pressure to just get it to market. Having to break out the Torx wrench and take your forend off to adjust the gas...... really!?!?!?!?
  5. They are both specialized IMO. Good for some things, not so good for others. But what I'm saying is out of the Bullpup offerings in 308, I would trust an IWI product over DT's. But the real relevant question should probably be what role a 308 bull pup fills...
  6. Id wait for the Tavor 7. I would have more confidence it will be a viable product.
  7. Well, one could opine this is what happens when you get way out of your lane. Credit for trying. But it just seems so many things were not well thought out. I'm sure they had input from the right people, did they take it? Insiders seem to indicate they did not. Thus it fell short...
  8. The pricing would not be out of line at all.....if they had achieved their goals.
  9. ...and it doesn't seem to be a particularly good execution unfortunately.
  10. Some KAC goodness. SR25 EMC. This is a one of one. This isnt one of the service turn ins. It is allegedly the ONLY EMC to leave the factory as a new rifle in this color(that didnt go to the military). Running a USO 1-8 in a custom mount. It is an amazing rifle. If the apocalypse descended upon us and I could only grab 1 rifle, this would be it!
  11. A p90 is about 850 depending on accessories the agency opted for
  12. Meh I'm not sure you need everything to get started. There may be a good case for NOT getting everything up front so you can get a view of what's working and what's not, then aquire intelligently. Starting out, your skill is going to be the biggest limiting factor, not the gear.
  13. I think the issue looks to be real estate. The way it overhangs is going to eat up space to put the irons in front of it I think.
  14. If your considering the new triji, sight in front could be an issue fyi.
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