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  1. Although I despise the yellow journalism attempts to spin the Colt announcement, I do have concerns over their timing etc etc. FN, KAC, and even Colt as far as I can remember never abandoned the market like this. It was always, Warfighters first. And I dont think our community ever took issue with this. But this is different. And it concerns me how much this lines up with Murphy's ultimatum...
  2. The yellow journalism news is trying to frame it as a virtue signal when it is nothing of the sort. https://americanmilitarynews.com/2019/09/colt-is-ending-production-of-ar-15s/
  3. Did you intend to be so "clickbait" oriented with your title?
  4. Shane45


    Hey man, wasnt trying to harsh your groove Rock on!
  5. Shane45


    Even if the ports are pointed in the right direction, it wont help it be more effective as a comp. The issue is that for a comp to actually work, the bore size of comp and barrel needs to be very close. Since these comps are not screwed on to the barrel, the bore will need to be very liberal, as in much bigger. This is why bushing comps on 1911's never really worked.
  6. Shane45


    Functional? I doubt it!
  7. Thanks, this info is helpful. As I interpret what you posted, it would seem to me that its not worth it to go SBR until said time you have to. The point in being able to go back and forth would be to travel out of state. But based on your posts, it is indeed still subject to NFA even with the brace back on. So it probably makes the most sense to SBR an alternate lower.
  8. Indeed it is amazing how a tiny bit off impacts it. Leaves me scratching my head a bit.
  9. Johnny, how are you insuring the gas block hole and gas port are aligned at installation?
  10. I found some documentation on atf site but in each case of making title 2 into title 1, the nfa offending item was disposed of, destroyed or modified into title1. Appreciate whatever you can dig up.
  11. Paul, are you sure of this? 2 local ffl's said you cannot bounce between 1 and 2.
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