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  1. Dont let it happen again or viscous caulk may pay you a visit!
  2. Accounting for the possibility of a software issue after you shoot someone in the face is just good measure. Wanting to be able to reholster without taking eyes off what made you draw in the first place is sensible. The M18 is an experiment in a SF pistol set up like a 1911. I think the concept has merit for me or anyone else that doesnt like the idea of reholstering appendix carry of a pistol with no safeties.
  3. Well...its a thumb safety in this case. Im a 1911 guy so that is home for me. But ultimately, every time I shove my VP9 into my AIWB holster, I dislike the concern it generates. It isnt hard to theorise that if I was involved in a critical incident and needed to reholster or couldnt observe my reholstering in some situation it opens the door for an accident. The safety will help insure I dont ventilate my femoral artery in those scenarios. I am not worried about forgetting to put the safety on or off. That is on autopilot for me.
  4. Zeke, explain your insubordination!
  5. I went M18, because I wanted a sf WITH a safety
  6. Guys, I'm chasing a few things. Now would be the time to chat me up!
  7. Im sorry but that simply isnt true. There is a lot of real world scenarios to draw from. A number of them are from Mil ops that you simply wont hear about. There are also a number of LE Ops than have been studied and the results were not good. There are only a very small handful of incidents where it seemed to perform well...which really supports shot placement being the best factor for effectiveness. I have been a student of terminal ballistics for a loooong time going all the way back to when I participated in the ammo lab. I have paid particular attention to the 5.7 in the past when I was Demoing P90's with LE Agencies. But hey, if you want to place the long bet that you have discovered the grail of effectiveness and everyone else, including those that study this stuff for a living, are wrong, march on brother!
  8. Holding up 1 incident as your banner show a propensity for confirmation bias. I can find cases of one shot stops for a 22 short. Doesnt mean its a good choice. In fact the Dr. DOES agree with me. That is Dr. Gary Roberts, you may have heard the name? "obscurity due to cost and prohibitions on ammo selection" Cost and prohibition for whom? I dont think you really know what your talking about. Agencies have no prohibition restrictions. Cost was not a factor from my observations. The weapons systems to an Agency were actually quite cheap. Im repeating what HE stated as it succinctly answers the question. "The fact that so many people that have the ability to pick whatever round/platform they want In order to hunt bad guys still don’t choose the 5.7 round, speaks volumes. The fact remains - real world uses against determined bad guys show abysmal terminal effects."
  9. I'm just a peckerwood who lives in the hills with too many Guns
  10. If you are contending that the 5.7 is a top performing round because of its testing results, then indeed the numbers DO lie in the case of the 5.7. The point of testing is to attempt to predict real world performance. If the 5.7 gets all A's in testing but all F's in real world results, then the testing results clearly will not predict accurately for this caliber. But I dont recall the 5.7 doing all that well in testing. Even in the specialization of the P90 for the narrow scope of body armored bad guys has been relegated to obscurity as there are much better solution today for that scenario. None of the PDW borne calibers seems to have gained any traction because I dont think any of them have proven to even match up to 9mm performance.
  11. Nasty how? I dont recall performance in gel, but it's real world performance was not good at all which is why it had been summarily dumped by the vast majority of agencies.
  12. Staccato P Duo gen2
  13. This is the brake/suppressor adapter on the rifle: https://www.surefire.com/mb762-211c-762-308-muzzle-brake.html
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