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  1. Shane45

    Clausing Mill

  2. Shane45

    Grip on my FN 509 tactical too aggressive

    I would not recommend trying to sand the grips on the FN. Unless they have changed the polymer they use is softer than other pistols. What happens is it smears instead of sanding down and makes an ugly mess. Wear gloves.
  3. Let me add a wrinkle. What does center mass mean? I would ABSOLUTELY defer to High Exposure's position on the topic as I am well aware of his background and cadre of trainers he has studied under. But I think a case could absolutely be made for a leg shot in the right circumstances. If the BG needs shooting and the leg is the only available, Im shooting for center mass of the target presented! As a side note I am convinced that a few of you cant brake set from your suppositions and intake what is being said in plain english.....
  4. Pete, dont let your ego keep you from backing away from a bad position. Seriously. Some of you are just not tracking the language that is being presented to you. It has been put forth clearly and thoughtfully. Your not intaking it correctly.
  5. Shane45

    Clausing Mill

    I think I replied to everyone. Let me know if you didnt hear from me.
  6. Shane45

    Clausing Mill

  7. Shane45

    Clausing Mill

    Thanks Bully. The mill is in great shape. A complete er25 Collet set is included. Ill snap some pics of it for you. Nice and accurate. This would be a fantastic mill to learn on as everything is basically the same as a full size mill since its a true knee mill. Ive done 1911 frame rail fitting and ball mill cuts on 1911 slides. Ive done precision boring for press fits. The power feed works well and is included. You hardly ever see power feed on these so its kind of rare. I need it out by the 24th or its coming with me :). I started on a clausing, I traded up to a bridgeport, it was to much to deal with in my small space and didnt really offer me any advantage for the things I am doing, but plenty of disadvantage every time I needed to move 3200 pounds! The clausing is a breeze to move by comparison.
  8. Indeed hypothetical. But using the ccw case as a template, they gave it to the plaintiff to avoid appeal IIRC. And by abusing that authority to create that gambit, that is how it will remain denied in a general sense.
  9. "Then you would appeal up to federal court." At which point they would drop the case to stay out of fed court.
  10. Thats exactly what I think would happen.
  11. Shane45

    S333 Double Barrel handgun

    Id rather just go get multi projo ammo if I was so inclined to chase that kind of endeavor.
  12. Shane45

    Clausing Mill

    Sorry 8520 Single Phase

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