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  1. At first blush it looks like it would fit BUT I am not well versed in the .22 clone versions. So I respectfully step aside to let someone else better informed on that format to weigh in.
  2. Lambo, I dont particularly disagree with you. However, any real preventative solution is a looong looong ways off if even ever achievable due to the liberal left/progressives needing to protect every snowflake at the expense of everyone else's kids. So in that interim, intervention is the only real solution available. Indeed as Zeke has alluded too, just about every effective security program I have ever been involved in is a layered approach.
  3. Ok well its a walther replica of a g36 in .22 so none of those mags will work.
  4. I dont see it as an expansion. I see it as being retasked with things that matter. Unrelated to the topic at hand, im sick of the overflowing drugs in schools so i see it as a potential dual benefit. But your oversimplification of the problem and contrasting accidents indicates to me that you dont believe there is an actual problem with schools being targeted. Should we pull all USSS from the capital? Theres only been a handful of incidents over the years. Handyman, my comments are directed at Cap who indicated that armed teachers was enough of a solution. " I think allowing teachers to be armed is more than enough."
  5. cap14k, why what is your reasoning behind not putting police in schools? Its not being scared of the boogey man. Its eliminating the one eyed jacks in a room full of blind people scenario. Armed teachers is NOT enough. You expect a teach who is armed is going to leave their classroom full of kids unprotected to go seek an active shooter?
  6. Its been a LOOOOONG time so check my info for accuracy but your not buying a G36. Your buying an SL8. So I think you really need SL8 mags unless a conversion is performed to it.
  7. Feel free to distribute accordingly
  8. Posting this in its own thread as it seems timely. Why are we allowing the liberal left to determine the narrative and course of action in protecting our children? We clearly accept armed protection in many facets of our society. We pay men to carry guns to protect pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters being transported from stores to banks as well as deposits. We accept armed guards in banks. We accept armed guards to protect famous people and politicians. We accept high police presence in major events. We accept armed security in jewelry stores. Yet public schools that are clearly suffering from being targeted remain largely unprotected. Why is that? I have had a number of police officers relay stories to me on how they were picking up or dropping off their kids to school in uniform and were in some cases asked, in others told, they were not welcome on school grounds while in uniform and carrying a weapon as it made some staff members uncomfortable. Add all the gun free school zone rhetoric and all the resistance to police and armed security in schools and it becomes clear that the liberal left bias is what is keeping our schools from being properly protected. Why are we tolerating the least qualified group to assess and mitigate the risk to our children? My lawyer doesn’t prescribe me medication and I don’t ask my doctor to do my taxes! Is it better if our kids are stabbed to death or blown up instead of being shot? Countries like Japan and China have suffered school killing sprees at the hands of evil men with knives that rival the number dead in American school shootings. Many are completely unaware that Columbine was planned as a bombing. Those two perpetrators had planned to bomb the cafeteria at lunch and then detonate a line of explosives out front specifically directed at the police, fire and ems first responders. So that would indicate to me that focusing all this energy on gun control is a complete waste of time and effort. Not to mention that Columbine was perpetrated with pistols, shotguns and a pistol caliber carbine. See something say something? Clearly that isn’t working either! Case after case reveals everyone said something to include to the top Law Enforcement agency in the country! The evidence is already in front of everyone. People and systems will fail. Other people will never trigger the system to begin with! Look up John David LaDue for a case study of a threat that could have easily went undetected if it weren’t for a timely glance out of a window. Is arming teachers and faculty the answer? In my opinion it is not. To me it is a half measure. I believe that people should have the right to defend themselves. However, armed faculty are not going to have a duty to run towards the sound of gunfire! There may be a few that think that way but I don’t think that will be the vast majority. Why are we exploring half measures instead of embracing the fact that the only way to protect unarmed people is with armed people assigned to their protection! This is evident everywhere else in our society. I would think that every town in America has the ability to add to its police force and assign them to their schools. This might actually help with the drug problems that seem to be affecting just about every school in America as well. But Im not talking about adding 1 person for 3700 students. Clearly no risk and response analysis went on there! But this would cost money. Is that an issue? Are we going to spend money to protect money and valuables but we as a society are unwilling to spend money to protect children? I don’t think that’s the case. My conclusion is that we have fallen short of putting the correct response in place because we cant get past hurting the feelings of the liberal left that have infested the school systems. I don’t want to hear their cries about creating a police state in schools. I don’t want to hear one more stupid plan to have all the kids throw books or soup cans at an assailant! I don’t want to hear about teachers having a session in school with nerf guns to work out their own strategies. I hate to inform the faculty but the fact of the matter is that every kid with an X-Box has more tactical prowess than the vast majority of teachers at any school. I want to hear from experts that have a proven track record of providing actual security. Does it sit right with everyone that all of congress operates in an armed, protected environment but it’s unthinkable by many of these politicians to provide any armed security for our children? In my opinion, this is why NOTHING has changed. The evidence is overwhelming that banning anything never solves anything or actually protects anyone. Banning only insures that the bad guys are better armed than the law abiding good guys. Lets not forget that a good guy with an AR15 stopped the church shooter in Texas. You CAN’T ban evil determination. I will be just as heartbroken for every child killed by a gun, a bomb, a knife, a sword, or a gallon of gas. I want them protected from as many threats as possible with someone capable of providing that protection. The time for allowing the liberal left to determine the protection for everyone’s children needs to end! We need to counter the bleating of the liberal left with a solid loud voice of logic, reason and something that will certainly be more effective. The much vilified NRA is the only organization Im aware of that actually studied the security issue and submitted professionally derived plans against such tragedies. Im not aware of any effort put forth by organizations like the Brady Campaign or any similar organization.
  9. I just heard this myself. I don't know details of the type of shooting conducted by the students but so far it appears to be true. I guess all boy scouts will be next to be disciplined. If true this illuminates the bias we know exists in the school system. It is amazing to me the school system believes it has reach outside of school over legal activities based on posts made on a non school owned medium!
  10. I have been hearing the exact opposite. The Gen 2 mags reportedly have made a significant improvement.
  11. Indeed it is! And it is the part I find most frustrating. The 2nd is an incorporated amendment, not some afterthought freedom granted at the will of the government. Ive said it before, the saying freedom isn't free doesn't only apply to the soldiers that protect this land. It also means we accept the bad with the good to remain a free society. Westborough Baptist church comes to mind. But where is the outrage and call for restrictions on the freedom of speech when the BLM movements hate speech and the liberal left medias bleating directly lead to the assassination of Law Enforcement officers? A root cause analysis reveals to me that the vast majority of liberal media is a fundamental part of the problem in todays society. The soap box is granted to all the kids wanting to stand up and yell about banning firearms. But that same voice is not afforded to the same kids from the same school that reject that notion. Media control is silencing us and misinforming the masses that don't know what they don't know. This is a huge issue in my opinion.
  12. I agree completely and I reject all assaults on the 2nd. But the strategist in me wants a reciprocity for the thing I am sure we are going to loose on.
  13. Valid question and indeed the reason I think the age limit will fall prey to "common sense" bleating's. But I fully believe that if we don't get something meaningfull for the further restrictions, then we have actually lost. It will be proof positive that its all about restriction, not compromise.
  14. But before we digress into symantics, make sure you understand my position. Changing the age limit will not protect anyone ecept in possibly the narrowest of scenarios. At the same time the current climate is not likely to leave us unscathed. Additionally I believe I have valid concerns for the age group in question. But if I had my way, mental health would receive the reform, not the constitution. But Society is not going to be fixed in 10 minutes flat either. The Lib Dems ruling the roost of social programs for so long is largely to blame for our present situation in my opinion.