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  1. I think you mistakenly believe that these laws are unintentional. They are very much intentional. This state does not want you to have guns. This states court system has already stated you own them through exemptions at your own peril. This state does not care if things end unfairly for you and its about to get a lot worse. I agree with your position that all the BS laws that do nothing but ensnare the unaware and create criminals should end. Things that are a major crime here are mere parking ticket equivalents in other states. But again, that mind set of "evil guns" the courts have, in my opinion, got that way by always having the focus on the firearm instead of the person.
  2. The demonizing of the inanimate object is how we got the laws we have now. You yourself are succumbing to it because you believe if you allow greater penalty to those that commit crimes with a gun will somehow translate into greater freedoms for the law abiding. NJ is proof positive it doesn't work that way. Is there any greater penalty for committing mass murder with a plane or a truck? No because the focus remains on the individual. What about a case that you or I would see as justifiable use of a firearm but the anti 2a prosecutor and judge don't so not only does he get railroaded, he gets additional charges. To see this in action one only has to look at the discrepancy in Brian Aiken's sentence of 7 years vs the person that beat his toddler to brain damage around the same time that got around 4 years. There's tons of cases where the sentence for a crime that didn't even include an overt criminal act that resulted in a sentence far above those given to actual criminals.
  3. "1. Commit a crime while using a firearm (bank robbery, home invasion, rape, mugging, etc, etc) get a decade added to your prison term when found guilty. No pleading down to a lesser charge. No making the gun charge go away. " If you demonize the inanimate object it will remain the focus instead of the individual.
  4. The firearm may be in the same boat federally but the trigger is the issue for NJ.
  5. Everything else aside, it is my opinion as I have said before, the binary trigger is illegal in NJ per the statute "I."Machine gun" means any firearm, mechanism or instrument not requiring that the trigger be pressed for each shot "
  6. If I was a Beretta guy this would be the one!
  7. There really isn't a standard. Everyone has their own idea what right looks like. The measurement is from the top of the rail to the center of the mount, not the top of the mount. Looks like 1.41 (Doesn't indicate if this pic is co-wit or lower 1/3 but based on the measurement I think its the lower 1/3)
  8. You have to dive a little deeper than just a lower 1/3rd description when mixing and matching mounts. You have to look at the actual center line measurement to the rail top.
  9. Just so I don't have to retype my points:
  10. Thank you for the info! Shane
  11. Jerseyrifle, I think, based on the Dr's comments that I would be in the same boat as you, that I would need reading glasses. Was it a worthy pursuit? Did it cause you any new issues for shooting? Regards, Shane
  12. There is clean and there is CLEAN. For me, a quick going over like vlad describes is what I normally do. But if its been a while with a lot of rounds through it or the rifle is going to go dormant for an extended period, then I do a "full service" cleaning. If I am doing a full cleaning I usually pull the optics. This is done primarily to protect against a moment of butter fingers. I do tend to have a lot of high $ optics on my stuff so it just seems like a prudent move. I haven't dropped one yet, but I know so many that have.
  13. Projected dots seem to be the issue for those with astigmatism. Etched reticles seem to be the solution. Something like the Leopold prismatic. Just keep In mind you cant cowitness an optic of this type.
  14. I prefer the lack of clutter in my sight picture that a single dot brings. With that being said, the timer showed me there was zero difference in performance between the two for me. My times on the clock were identical with either sight. So if performance was equal, then the next deciding criteria are battery life, durability, reliability and the mounting solutions. In those areas I found the Aimpoints to excel.
  15. A product probably exists. But consider that by going the pic rail/qd mount route, your bipod remains pretty universal and you can swap it between rifles if need be.