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  1. Gentlemen, again thank you for the kind words and the opportunity to work on your rifles!
  2. I work out of Garden State Shooting Center in Lakewood.
  3. Thanks for the kind words and thanks for letting us do the work for you! Regards, Shane
  4. Its pure junk PB! You should just sell it to me and be done with it! Kidding aside, there is a learning curve. The windows are smaller and there are some techniques to help you get dialed in. But a lot of it is going to simply be practice and reps.
  5. Not back to life. Assets purchased by and opened as its own entity. No. Yes. You should check it out for yourself. Completely different environment in just about every way.
  6. Interesting, thanks for the info!
  7. Product review please! Because of my pets I am severely limited from chemical solutions so non chemical is much better for me.
  8. As usual, you either continue to miss the point or are unwilling to consider the point. You dont have to be Jimmy to play the guitar but being able to play gets you a seat at the table. Goofing off with your veridian by yourself isnt going to teach you anything. I gave you good advice. Take it or leave it. But baiting people into contentious discussions with your absolutes and closed minded statements was old years ago. Seriously, knock it off already. I dont mind discussion and some respectful merit based debate. But your constant approach of "this is the correct and final answer" is not productive and in fact it is the kind of posting that will lead to the ignore button or drive off people who are in fact SME's. At a minimum end your absolutes with "for me"!!!! For everyone else, in my opinion a laser has value and merit in low light no light scenarios. The scenario for me that brought it to the forefront was shooting through a windshield in the dark where odd position, odd angle of BG and no ability to even see your sights were all aided in high order by alternate sighting methods and allowed me zero misses on multiple targets.
  9. Wheres the "this is not how any of this works" meme? gfl, if you dont mind, show me just 1 case study that would substantiate your concern.
  10. Ray, go take a quality no light, low light class that covers lasers lights and red dots and then speak from a position other than your feelings.
  11. "had to really crank on it to stay." You mean to attach to the rail? Seriously, you cant swing a dead cat on an AR forum without finding a thread about Troy knockoffs from ebay. Id hit a few of the "how do I tell knockoffs" threads to determine if your GTG.
  12. And this is why not being able to collapse or extend your stock SUCKS! Thanks NJ!
  13. AD is better than Larue IMO. My eyes prefer the green as well.
  14. Well whats amusing to me Ray, is you taking issue with a fake can on a pistol when YOU put a bayonet on yours!!! Or have you forgotten about that? And let me be clear, I am not correcting anyone. Im merely putting out some different perspectives for consideration. I dont care what anyone puts on their guns as long as its not a safety issue and in this case I dont see a safety issue with the info provided. The question was not, will this fake can make me a wonder shot or tactical god. If that was the question the answers would be different. I really dont care if someone wants to add a little cosplay to their recreation. Its none of my business no matter what I think of it. My perspective is more in the replica vien. Similar to having a semi auto 1919. It really has no functionality other than being the closest representation to the real thing that most people can own. In that perspective I could see the reason to want/have one.
  15. For all intents and purposes, its a tube! Take it off and look through it! Any signs of contact? For all those wringing their hands about it hand grenading, it is made by a company that makes real suppressors. "Our 9MM Sub-Machine Gun (SMG) Fake Suppressor is as close to a real silensor as you can get without paying the tax stamp. Its CNC precision machined from solid aluminim with a durable hard black anodized finish identically to our real NFA registered suppressors. Since its a fake suppressor, the sound is not reduced and bullet impact is not changed." Im more bothered by them calling it a silencer and their spelling errors than I would be shooting the pistol. Vlad, we base our criteria around function. But think of all the people that are into replicas etc etc. Its their thing. Look at the sttuff stuck on a Kriss or a Scorpian. We may have no use for it but some people are into the asthetic or replica aspect I guess. As long as they are shooting safely, I dont harsh another persons kink