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  1. Shane45

    Antique revolvers

    Was your uncles name Peter Clemenza? You weren't supposed to look in the package!
  2. I might know someone looking for this. Ill pass it on.
  3. All my hammer fired HK's are light LEM fwiw.
  4. Lem is neither striker or DA/SA. Its take up to a wall and then break. If you choose not to push through the wall, the hammer lowers back down as you release pressure on the trigger without firing. The pull is always the same. There is no change from first to second shot.
  5. Since home defence is a primary objective, the P30 Lem would be my suggestion. There are so many pluses to this configuration for that objective. One of which is giving your brain that last bit of runway to make a shoot/no shoot decision. Some will say its not as fast as a striker fired trigger, I say SO WHAT, and my timer refutes that position anyway. But the real world safety advantages of this system outweigh the insignificant performance differences, real or imagined.
  6. Well, I think the right question is, what are you doing with it? It will guide the answer.
  7. Well, to use motorsports, win on sunday, sell on monday right? But there is no doubt that mill adoption and or building for the top pros in shooting sports are what push the envelope in devvelopment right? So I actually am glad that there is a market segment that can afford to buy the best even if they dont need the best, otherwise dev would not be where it is. BTW I DONT recommend starting on a 250
  8. Maks, a little less tangible but fits in your scenario are people that view things from an insurance policy perspective. Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. For others there is pride of ownership. But think for a second how this can be a slippery slope that does NOT serve the consumer communities best interest. Think about how many manufacturers have eroded into building for the low round count consumer. They count on the avg consumer to shoot less than 500 rds a year and anyone that really uses the firearm as intended is probably sending it in for warranty work. HK is one of the very few companies that still test fires its weapons before shipping.
  9. It simply depends on the cost of failure. If having to switch to irons at the range or go home early is the consequence, then most will be able to live with it. If the consequences are a blown match that cost you a couple grand to participate in, or a hunting trip to africa, then it may be prudent to buy better. If your life is on the line, then its self evident.
  10. I have one for sale already done with extras...
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