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WTS - Sig P229 Platinum Elite 40 cal with 9mm conversion barrel

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Sig P229 Platinum Elite from their Custom Shop. This one breaks my heart to sell. Never fired with the white grips on it. I bought it for a security detail in India and figured the white grips would hide well under light colored garments. The gig fell thru and it has remained a nightstand gun. I took one GFH training class with it. I used the 9mm conversion barrel most often. 2 mags come with it. The factory 12rd mags are in NC. If the ban gets overturned, I will reach out about selling them to you at a reduced price. 

ALL NJ requirements must be met and permits at the ready. Willing to meet at your FFL if they are in the Totowa / Bloomingdale area. Or near 287/23/208 vicinity. Will ship to another FFL at your expense. 


First I'll take it, gets it. Please understand the terms above before making the commitment. 





I also have a Sig P229 22lr upper for it that will be posted in the other section. If you are interested in the holsters for it, please IM me. 








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      Looking to sell my Savage 220, 20 gauge bolt action with the Bushnell Trophy DOA Scope. This shotgun is bolt action rifle accurate using Remington Premier Sabots. I am also including 4 boxes of shells. This is ready for deer season. Used maybe two seasons. Too expensive to target shoot with. Zero it, and put it away. Fun to see people's reactions carrying a bolt action in the woods of NJ. Had a game warden question me about using a rifle in NJ...it is a shotgun duh. 
      All NJ laws applicable for this sale. Willing to use your FFL in the northern NJ area. Totowa / Bloomingdale is my central location.   
      First I'll take it, gets it. 
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      For sale is a Del-Ton LTI model AR-15. Another safe queen. No training classes or heavy use on this one. Please read the reviews about Del-Ton. This model has the larger trigger guard, heavier profile barrel, Daniel Defense quad rail and collapsible MI sights. Magpul grip and stock (NJ Pinned) and IIRC, Phantom muzzle device also NJ compliant. Look closely at the BCG and interior of the upper, you will see like new conditions. I will throw in three 10 round mags. 
      All NJ latest firearm laws will be followed. Shipping is available and will split the costs from my FFL who charges about $50 versus $90 at some other places. I am local to Totowa / Bloomingdale to meet in the vicinity of a FFL of your choosing. 
      First I'll take it, is committing to the T&C's listed above. 
      Asking $550.00
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    • Yeah on that site it says flat rate shipping for 11.99?   You want to sell any of those aeros?  ...I know a lower is a lower is a lower and all will perform admirably but I hear a few uppers don't sit all nice and mated with the aeros thus a slight bit of wobble between the upper and lower, nothing that tension screws can't fix.  Did you ever see that with any of your aeros?
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