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Mrs. Peel

Today - 11/29 - Cyber Monday @ Amazon

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Hmm... this sales pricing window is closing fast. You'd have to look, decide, and then order tonight, but there may be some Cyber Monday deals to be had on Amazon. Not firearms-related that I can see, but I do see some general prepping-related stuff:

https://www.amazon.com/LifeStraw-Personal-Camping-Emergency-Preparedness/dp/B07C56LR6N/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=life+straw&psr=EY17&qid=1638226537&s=cyber-monday&sr=1-3 - for anyone who enjoys wilderness camping, hunting and other outdoorsy stuff - or - for anyone building or maintaining a "go bag" - there are several other LifeStraw water filtration products on sale, too - besides the one linked (above). The sale prices for today seem to bring their cost more in line with many of the cheaper, knock-off brands that are on the market.

https://www.amazon.com/deal/6bf2c38b?showVariations=true&ref=dlx_cyber_gd_dcl_tlt_13_6bf2c38b_dt_sl7_d0 - some of the Jackery brand solar generator/battery back-up gear is also on sale. 

I see several types of home camera systems, including some of the Ring Doorbell brand, that are also marked down for today only. I know people on here ask about those camera systems quite frequently. Probably worth a look.

There's a Cyber Monday tab at the top of the Amazon home page - you can just scroll through all the offerings and see if anything floats your boat. I can't guarantee that these are the best prices anywhere - so always, do your due diligence and price check against other stores. 

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