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NRA AR-15 First Steps Course Review

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I took the GAPP NJ NRA AR-15 First Steps course today at Range 14. Cameron Green is an excellent instructor. He has years of experience under his belt and it shows in his teaching. The class covered a lot of ground - some things I knew and some things I just learned. The class size was also a surprise. The class only had 5 students in it, which provided an excellent almost one-on-one type environment. Cameron even stated that 5 people was more thna his usual (which is 4). His instruction style is great too - instead of saying "you're doing this wrong", he made suggestions that improved my shooting style and performance.


One of the first things Cameron did was check our rifles to make sure they were NJ legal. We then went through the rifle components, ammunition, cleaning, sighting/ballistics, etc. After a very comprehensive class instruction session, we had lunch (provided by GAPP) and then went out to the range. We sighted in our rifles and then had some target practice. We even got to take some shots at Cameron's steel target... which I was surprisingly able to plink rather well at 200 yards from a kneeling position.


Overall it was an exceptional experience and well worth the money. Plus my iron sights are now sighted in :)


I highly recommend this course (as well as any first steps course) taught by Cameron/GAPP.

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