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Ammo is GONE!: 2-300 rounds of Remington .22lr ammo

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I have about 8 to 10 boxes of assorted .22lr ammo, all Remington. Some subsonic, std & supersonic. Its in good shape, kept hi & dry. I only run match grade 22 now so it can go, im in pennsauken 08109, must have FID & matchin DL.

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    • #5 will be the Zombie Apocalypse …...we'll be fillin' the lawn sprinklers with gasoline and loadin' tracers.....omo.
    • Interesting... no one has gone to step 4 "full-on bunker mode" yet? Of course, it seems some of you replying have two or more people in the household. That's probably a big factor. I live alone... just me and my 7 pound dog. So, I can be low-demand in my food choices... without whiney toddlers (or, worse yet, ravenous teens) in the house! And the supply lasts a lot longer, too. LOL. Yeah, I'm going to curtail restaurant deliveries for awhile... and stay out of grocery stores. I'm not a Howard Hughes-type but I am a nurse's daughter (almost as bad)... so I think food safety is only as strong as the weakest link and some people are just too bloody careless for my tastes. The only thing I'm kicking around is whether I'll move entirely to step 4... or whether I'll partake in 2 small exceptions: 1) There's several places around here where farmers literally place dozens of fresh eggs in coolers by the roadside and you stop by and put your $3 in a tin cup for a dozen. So, it's a relatively people-free exchange. Nice! I might do that. 2) I might also put in 1 Amazon order... just to get some shelf-stable milk, a couple more small jars of mayo, some more tuna, etc. (It won't matter if it doesn't come in for several weeks... and I like the thought of a non-refrigerated order that I can just sit in my dining room for a few days so that any viral load on the packaging will devolve before I'm unpacking it.  That's where I'm at! I figure I'll do this until the end of April, and then see where we're at. How much will the medical community have learned by then...? Maybe some more indications about the clinical trials will be available?... Let's hope so! Fingers crossed.   
    • My wife and I have months of food on hand.  We are burning through some, but I'm getting groceries once a week.   I have been masking and gloving up for a month now.    I am very careful about what I touch and keep my distance from people.   If I need to use the phone, the glove comes off.   I take annual courses in blood borne pathogens and a number of other things, so I am quite aware of how to handle fomites.  Glove discipline is important.     Do the shaving cream on the glove test to see how well you do.   If you're hardcore, use anti-seize or bearing grease ;). I don't think this thing is going to stop food supply, so I will continue to use what is out there, saving ours to give us freedom to NOT go out if it becomes too infectious. I think we're over the hump on this thing though.  Deaths have gone up, but those people caught this 3-4 weeks ago.  
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