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$600 GSG-5... Realistic?

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No, not me buying one... thinking about selling. First and foremost, not a sale thread. Trying to see where the market is for similar .22 rifles.


I bought it a few years back, to go shooting with an ex. She had an issue due to a stroke, and limited dexterity with her left side... so figured the H&K system would work out well for her.


Might have, but I tossed on H&K furniture, which those fixed MP5 stocks are heavy. Too heavy for her... so built it up, and started my .45 AR build (we broke up before that was done, and it is actually one of my favorite carbines; one good thing that came out of that relationship).


I started pricing what I have into it... and after the shock wore off, it was just under $1,000 (including the price of the gun). Was one of the original GSG-5... post ejector issue (has the riveted one instead of welded) and pre H&K lawsuit. Furniture, which I have the wide and slim forends, was $200. H&K push-pins, H&K rear sight, sight tool, GSG upgraded screws (RRages), and so on. Magazines (several full size, and a short one), red dot mount (no red dot, as I liked the MP5 look), and Voodoo Tactical case. Have the original takedown tool, even the owner’s manual. Did shoot it, and it likes Federal bulk just fine.


Obviously, it isn’t going to sell at $980... nor would I even list it as such. Was thinking about putting up for $600. But then I looked at it, and while it definitely is probably one of the nicer GSG-5s out there... it is a .22 MP5 clone. Is it even worth the time to list it as such? Because why I see the price disparity, selling it for the same price as a regular GSG-5... I’d likely let it sit in my safe.


When I move, I’m likely buying a PTR 9CT, which is the same company that put out the US H&K 91 clones. 9mm pistol, likely will put a brace or SBR it, and possibly a binary trigger. So, I’ll have my MP5 fix with that. Maybe the closest use I could pull out of it is a trainer, but I’m likely not sinking more money in to make it closer to what my 9CT will likely be. Nor am I going to suppress it.


Now, a .22 isn’t a bad thing to have on hand... but I have my Spikes .22 upper. Also have my Marlin 60, and traded my 10/22 Takedown for my TAC-14. Figured getting rid of the GSG-5 wouldn’t hurt me, but unsure if it is even in the cards with that price tag. I’d love to trade it for some C&R pistol... and even take a little loss on that, but can’t because then I’d be supporting NJ for going for a pistol permit. Then I got to consider that the buyer would be going through a FFL for NICS, which is more of a headache. Only positive is that it is a current NJ legal long gun, as all the magazines are 10 rounders.


Just looking for opinions on it. Part of me still is kicking myself for doing that work to it. Another part is thinking there are H&K diehards that would like something like this. And the last part is unsure if it would be even considered without a major loss on my end.

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I have a GSG522SD, post-lawsuit version of an MP5SD2.  Mine has the factory conversion kit, so HK-style sights, cocking tube, pistol grip, cocking handle, and various other bits that come in the kit, plus aftermarket (not HK, probably POF) full stock, HK pins, and a few other little touches to make it my own/better.  No idea what I spent on it all, guessing $600-650 all in (excluding my fAkeOG), including spare mags, and I did all the work myself.


Biggest hurdle to a sale at $600 is going to be finding someone who wants a gun already converted - there are people who will appreciate the nicer details of your build, but most won't know how much better the expensive HK furniture makes the rifle, and will simply see this one for $600 when others are $300-400 (?).  So, to make a sale at that kinda price - make sure to take good, clear pics and show (and describe as you did above) why the rifle is worth the money, don't expect a sale in 3 hours, and see where it goes.  People are out there, but you gotta wait for the guy who wants an MP5 clone, can't get a legit one, and wants something that doesn't look like the turd the current version is.

I never planned to sell this gun, so I spent money on it to make me happy.  Gotta find someone like me who doesn't already own one.  OR, take off the furniture, assuming you have the GSG stuff, sell that separately, and maybe make more money.

Whatever you decide, good luck with it. 

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