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Mental Health Question for STS33

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"Have you ever been attended, treated, or observed by any doctor or psychiatrist or at any hospital or mental institution on an inpatient or outpatient basis for any mental or psychiatric condition?"

So when I was a freshman in high school I was sent by my school to some impatient program for minor depression. Since I was a minor, do I need to include it? Will it cause any problems? This occurred 4 years ago and I have no other problems.

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Technically what you have described would indicate you’d have to answer yes, but before you do that are you able to get a hold of the doctor who treated you?

   If yes I’d see if they would see you again and verify you have a clean bill of metal health, see if they would write a letter indicating that you aren’t a danger to yourself or others by owning firearms.

   This could potentially be a difficult venture. I’m sure someone else with personal experience will chime in. 


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