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  1. Does any one know which bills made it to the floor for tomorrow senate vote?
  2. Federally speaking a person can construct and manufacture their own "firearm non-nfa". They can also make their own pistols and rifles. Whether it's from bare steel or an 80% receiver, or just standard 100% receiver. There are stipulations on modifying manufactured firearms, but completing receivers and assembling them into something that is legal to own is not against the law federally. https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/4473-part-1-firearms-transaction-record-over-counter-atf-form-53009/download second page shows the box checked for "other Firearm" Question 16. Type of Firearm(s): "Other" refers to frames, receivers and other firearms that are neither handguns nor long guns (rifles or shotguns), such as firearms having a pistol grip that expel a shotgun shell, or National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms, including silencers. If a frame or receiver can only be made into a long gun (rifle or shotgun), it is still a frame or receiver not a handgun or long gun. Do you guys sell receiver not check off as that on 4473?
  3. Im not aware of any NJ state law that mentions a 26" or greater OAL requirement, other than the "sawed off shotgun" definition. "Sawed-off shotgun" means any shotgun having a barrel or barrels of less than 18 inches in length measured from the breach to the muzzle, or a rifle having a barrel or barrels of less than 16 inches in length measured from the breach to the muzzle, or any firearm made from a rifle or a shotgun, whether by alteration, or otherwise, if such firearm as modified has an overall length of less than 26 inches. I cant find anything else in the NJ law that has length requirements... so my non lawyer opinion would be that the NJSP can pound sand in terms of measuring OAL for a "firearm". For a modified rifle or shotgun, yes. I understand companies try and find a middle ground to get a product legal in as many states possible, that makes sense why you would go with a 12.5" barrel for that purpose.
  4. And who's measurement actually counts? if the ATF finds you under 26" you got an AOW and are in serious Sh*t for violating the NFA. If the NJSP find it under 26".......? what they gonna do?
  5. I'm more interested in if it even matters how the NJSP measure? If you violate the NFA it's an ATF issue, not NJSP. They can measure it under 25.9" all day long from buffer to muzzle... If the ATF follow their guidelines, then you should be fine. Unless of course I'm missing something about a NJ law. Is there a NJ statue that can be referenced, or are they trying to enforce a federal law as their own?
  6. Where does it say that in the letter? They said that oal was measured by placing the firearm on a flat surface and taking a measurement from the extremes ends. Better question: Does it matter how NJ would measure it? The 26" min is a federal requirement, so doesn't it only matter how the ATF measures?
  7. An max defense PDW brace with 11.5in barrel and pinned A2 flash hider is a hair over 26" at min length. AFAIK that PDW braces utilize the proprietary buffer tube length, springs and buffers. JP even makes a silent spring for them.
  8. There is nothing to ponder over, a receiver is not classified as anything per say. Only one condition needs to be met, and that is if you build it into a pistol.... even then I find it a stretch of the law that you MUST use a P2P for the receiver... but since pistols are strictly regulated i guess they get that argument on their side. Nothing else in the law outlines how a receiver, rifle, shotgun or "firearm" is recorded upon sale. In fact I could call my FFL right now and have him add to specific COE "semi auto receiver firearm". The only requirement is that a COE is used and records the requested info. NJ law is clear on "sawed off" firearms, so the "firearm" CANNOT begin life as a rifle, which is where this headache with receivers is coming from. It sounds like the NJSP are trying to get receivers classified as rifles, or make it purposely confusing to keep people from taking already built rifles and converting them... because how the hell will they know what you made it into? After looking at my docs, I do have a single receiver that was purchased back in 2012 that was listed as "semi auto rifle". To me, that would be a definitive no go based on the documentation the FFL has stored. NO, you will not be able to keep it. When has NJ grandfathered anything in the last 20 years?
  9. My built rifles all listed on a COE as semi auto receiver, but a COE only has the "action" listed/requested. I was under the impression that guns aren't registered in NJ? Aside from Pistol Permits, isn't everything else just FFL records? Not trying to give me him attitude. I understand he was told something and just relaying that back. Just trying to understand why they said it was a no go.
  10. YOU said you received clarification from them? I'm simply asking what the question proposed was and the specific response. I cannot find anything in NJ's firearms laws that even remotely comes close to it being illegal to assemble a "firearm" from a receiver. Why would I ask them a question if the law clearly doesn't show a conflict in assembling one? If i can build a rifle from a receiver, why not a firearm? Not trying to be confrontational, but getting a private message from the NJSP on this issue is a bit different than the provided letter which becomes a PSA.
  11. I call BS, why cant you build one from a legally purchased stripped receiver? If I slap together the same exact parts outlined in the letter there is nothing stopping someone from building their own. The only thing the letter outlines is the legal configuration of the "firearm", and in addition to it names the 2 submitted "firearms" in question as legal... I see nothing in the letter outlining that it must be purchased complete. If the question was.... can i take a NJ legally purchased rifle and convert it... then the answer is no.... Exactly how was the questios proposed when they said you couldn't build one?
  12. That makes zero sense... Suppressors are already legal at a federal level... They have zero authority to tell a state to legalize something without a SCOTUS ruling.
  13. The Heller decision does not draw a line between firearm use, just wether they are in common use. The decision is specific to firearms tho, i believe that is the term used... not 'ARMS" There is no argument that they are not "arms", they are explicitly regulated through the NFA, which is by itself an admission they are Arms. The other problem is that they are not prohibited from owning or purchasing through the NFA....
  14. Skb and pelican are top notch cases... I highly doubt this will have the same level of quality. Maybe it's comparable to Plano?
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