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New World Record 5 shots, 1.08 Inches, 1000yds

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I get excited on the very rare occasion I do this at 200 yards.  I can't even imagine what it takes to do a .10 MOA group at 1000.



Wilson’s world record-setting 5-shot group measured 1.068 inches or, in angular terms, a stunning 0.102 minutes of angle (MOA). He even managed to land all five rounds in the center X-ring for a perfect score. (The previous 5-shot, light gun IBS record, set in 2007, measured 1.397 inches.)

The conditions on Saturday were just right, and Wilson said each shot felt good.

“It was very, very calm Saturday morning. The mirage was not bad. It was just a really good day to shoot,” he said. “All five shots went off real smooth. I didn’t have to alter my rest. I felt good about it, but I had no idea it would be anything close to that.”




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    • You can have have two people sitting in lawn chairs with a Honda 2200 3 feet away and have a nice conversation.   The Ryobi would need to be on the other side of the house.  Generators are LOUD, well except that Honda Also remember storage.  A big generator takes up a lot of space.  The Honda can be tucked under a bench or put in a cabinet.   The Honda is also an inverter generator which means the power is clean.   The other generators are a lot dirtier.   You probably won't have any issue, but sensitive equipment can be affected.    I would recommend a UPS if you plan on running computers on the generator that is not an inverter, like the Honda.      
    • The Honda EU2200i definitely looks like a quality product, but for the same price I can get a 7000w Ryobi RY907022FI (CR recommended), which I assume will be noisier.  Why would that be a bad idea?
    • After I upgraded to the latest firmware it stopped 99% of the falsing.   I turned of X and K since it's not in use in NJ.  With Waze and the V1, it's hard to catch me.    I have not had a speeding ticket since 1995 but I also have finely honed radar cop instincts ;).   You can usually tell where they will hide by the terrain.  Curves with long straightaways ahead where they can sit and use the rear gun and ping you as you appear.  Gives them a nice long run out to catch you.
    • I ran a gen 1 in my car from 2005 through 2012..  I probably picked up 4 speeding tickets using it..  While it saved my ass plenty of times, the local cops flip KA on off around here, and state troopers use a lot of laser on rt 80 pkw tpk. Im very vigilant, and these all happened at night. Since getting a false reading almost every other mile, and not being able to program them out enough, I just stopped speeding and ditched the radar in general. I actually stopped getting tickets... go figure lol   If i was gonna spend the money again, I would get a K40..
    • That's fair Ms.Stu.  I doubt I would ride around with it, let alone with out of state plates.  I would imagine it being left at the location where I am staying within the state.  The idea is to not be unarmed should SHTF so far away from (new)home.
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