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Matthew Lutz


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Location: Millville, NJ (Cumberland County)

This listing is for a Century Arms VSKA chambered in 7.62x39mm. Muzzle brake has been permanently attached for NJ compliance. Included with this rifle are 4 steel KCI 10 round double stack magazines. Comes as pictured with original wood furniture, O-light PL2 Valkyrie light (w/barrel mount), and Russian surplus sling. I purchased this rifle a few years ago, took it to the range and fired roughly 30 rounds. I then brought it home, cleaned it, and put it in my safe. That is where it has been ever since.

Also included with this rifle are (roughly) 1500 rounds of FMJ ammunition. It is a mix of Wolf WPA 124 grain and Wolf Military Classic 123 grain. Most of it is still boxed, but some are loose in surplus ammo cans. Will get a more accurate count when I get home from work and update this post. It may be closer to 2000 rounds, but even so, the price remains the same.

I'm asking $1200 FIRM for the rifle and the ammunition. Please don't ask if I'm willing to sell either separately. The answer will be (respectfully) no. Sale must go through a NJ dealer, unless the buyer is a LEO, in which case we can do a person to person transaction as I am a LEO as well.

The first to post "I'll take it" wins the sale.





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