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  1. True, and thanks for the link! But the whole situation is ridiculous - there is nothing remotely illegal in buying the rimfire scope!
  2. Just tried to buy a simple .22 scope on Amazon and got the "Sorry, this item can't be shipped to your selected address" note. What is going on, folks?!?
  3. I'll take it. Will PM you to arrange the transfer through FFL.
  4. I use Break Free CO Collector for long term storage - it creates a good if slightly greasy coating and stays in place. The downside is that you'll have to clean up the gun before shooting, but it is not a cosmoline, so the regular cleaning will get it off.
  5. Walther P38. Still not that expensive, but supply is drying out. WWII Browning High Power would be a good choice too.
  6. Exactly my story! The only addition would be that it failed twice and had to be sent for service. Would be the first one I'd sell if pressed to.
  7. Ordered a few items from them about a week ago and, aside the fact that one of the items was listed as in stock, but ended up sold out before they shipped, everything arrived within specified time - a 3-4 days of travel. And it looks like they're running out of the small boxes - everything arrived in the boxes five times bigger than needed
  8. The class was great, thanks a lot! Sorry I had to leave early
  9. When it went down to $599 I just felt it may not going to drop any lower, so I bought it (it was around 2010). And yes - only from my cold dead hands ))
  10. Another one is called Vepr - made in Russia and in most cases NJ legal right out of the box.
  11. Had a pleasure to buy an AR lower from Steve, and I have to state that I did not want to leave. One of the few places where you feel at home at the moment you set a foot in. Thank you and hope to deal with you on the future!
  12. I've shot it in 9mm, 7.62 Nagant and a few others and had no problems. However 380ACP is awful. Many misfires and dirty as hell. Avoid at all cost!!!
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