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  1. If you also interested to deer hunt (drives) during 6 day there are a number of clubs that have ranges some you dont have to hunt buck week to shoot at or be a member pleasant plains comes to mind. I shoot at shore shot often I go around 8 at night
  2. Sounds like he was doing the correct thing thing that nj wants by taking it off and was seen
  3. Cold weather I tend to carry a larger firearm. One bulkier clothes 2 your hands may be cold and it's easier to get a grip on a full size gun.
  4. Should not rely on saftey if an article of clothing or a draw string can get into the trigger I would not use it.
  5. Vdep217

    Camo Shotguns

    You will get some wear. With that said open your options. Mossberg is a work horse but take a look at stoeger. I have a 3000 and 3500 great guns.
  6. My suggestion is to get a single stage too. This way it's easier to build loads as for progressives I run two lee pro 1000s ones set up for large pistol primers and one for small.
  7. Pike County says residents only. Or is tgat only fir online apps
  8. Lee pro 1000 I run 2. 1 for large pistol primers one for small pistol. I also have 2 single stage presses for load development
  9. I got a bad batch of winchester primers in 2020. Like every 3rd won't go off
  10. I had a bad batch of cci last year. Crap shoot if they went off
  11. I agree I reload as well. In fact the only factory ammo my guns have seen are critical defense. With reloads there would be to many what is and scrutiny. Replication etc. They will paint u to be a horrible person he made thise bullets specifically to kill better etc. Also I know I do it but I will work up my own loads that aren't published. So replication would be an issue etc
  12. Was told when I started carrying only carry factory loads. While not illegal to carry hand loads it opens up alot more questions that you will need to defend in court God forbid you need to use your firearm in defence.
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