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  1. Thank god, I'm moving to Florida ....... I've had enough of this state !
  2. Sports Authority , Harry's Army and Navy, and Sportsmans Center , Effingers, and Ray's all went out of business, Hopefully Dick's will be next !
  3. At the NJ WMA's you need a current NJ Hunting license to use the ranges.
  4. PA charges a $5 fee, as well as Florida....not free.
  5. Shoot Straight, I was there last week, nice place, they have 7 locations. Here's the link to their website. https://shoot-straight.com/
  6. Could be the powder he is using, .... When I used H335 powder, it produced a 3 foot fireball out of the muzzle... I switched over to W748 and have only a 6 inch flame.... I do not have a muzzle break or god forbid, a flash hider, just a plain Jersey legal target crown.
  7. I have one for my CZ 75, they are similar to Bladetech kydex holsters( which I have for my Ruger LC9) , and they work just fine
  8. Nice range, but way to expensive..... no thanks.
  9. Me too, been using this for case lube for over 15 years now.
  10. It will go fine, I just got back from Florida, always bring my CCW pistol, it's a non issue, they don't even bat an eye.... Just declare it, follow the rules, and you will have no problems.
  11. To each his own, I enjoy reloading more that shooting . I guess I'm just different. I like fooling with the all tools and gadgets, especially on a cold winter day.
  12. Is this AR New Jersey legal, its a California approved rife, has a pinned stock, but I can't tell if it has a muzzle brake (which is legal in NJ) or is it a flash suppressor. ( which we can't have) Here is a link to what I am asking about... .https://www.gunbuyer.com/p-12712-dpms-panther-oracle-ca-compliant-ar-15-223-rem556-nato-16-barrel-10rd-fixed-pardus-stock.aspx
  13. I believe Soloman's is in Monmouth county. He asked for Ocean county.
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