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  1. Be nice if the supreme court started ruling on some of these 2A cases sitting in front of them before people start getting hurt.
  2. Last night, the board of chosen freeholders of Salem County voted 5-0 in favor of the 2A Resolution. Just thought I would update the forum. That is all.
  3. I'm going to print those articles and send them, along with another set of 2A sanctuary petitions, to my county freeholders. I was at the public meeting earlier this month when they heard people speak in favor for the petitions, but the chairman was not there so they postponed voting until next month. Here is more recent evidence that gun control only disarms law abiding citizens.
  4. According to this you can paint the toilet with an epoxy paint.
  5. That white burn marked area is where the crack is. My moms igniter just went but hers broke into two pieces. There is no forward or backward on those. Once in a while they go bad right out of the box. I went to school for HVAC and I used to work for Horizon Services years ago. It is worth having a couple extra ones for your model furnace. You should be able to go to www.RepairClinic.com and put in the model number of of your furnace and see compatible replacement parts. www.SupplyHouse.com has cheaper prices, but you can't search by furnace model number, you will need to have the part number of your part to ensure an exact match.
  6. I (along with a number of other residence) have sent copies of the resolution to each freeholder and to my township committee and will be attending the next freeholders meeting to hear their response. Our rights were eroded away over time and it will take time and effort to get them restored to where they should be. It won't happen overnight and it won't happen from one single action. This is just one step by one of the multiple organizations within the state that is fighting the over-reach of the state government. Remember, there are several court cases from NJ pending at the Supreme Court. The NJ 2A Society has sued the State and won in the recent past. They have forced state and municipal law enforcement agencies to abandon illegal practices when administrating FID card and handgun permit processes. So I think to have the municipalities and counties support the resolution that they support the 2nd Amendment rights of the citizens is a message to the state that they cannot continue to infringe on our rights because we are no longer letting them. It reminds the state government that they govern we the people because we choose to be governed by them and not the other way around.
  7. What does DGU stand for in your title?
  8. I cast another vote for www.TargetSportsUSA.com. I use their membership discount which also gets you free shipping on ALL orders, not just the bulk orders. Another one I used to go to was www.BulkAmmo.com. They seemed to have good deals on ammo that included ammo cans.
  9. Looks like the FN 5.7 at half the price. If they come out with a PCC or carbine that is not a hideous pile of hot garbage like the P90, then it might be worth considering. Maybe.
  10. Reading this article about West Milford, the township officials said its purely symbolic and the township attorney says it will expire at the end of the year. I rather see all the 2A organizations in NJ unite to form a single body like what VA has. Then we can try to make something like this stick. Holy shit are they organized down there. And from some other message boards I've read, Officers of the Virginia National Guard have stated they will not obey any illegal order from the Governor to seize the firearms of any civilians that the state deems illegal under state law because the state laws violate the US Constitution. So it looks like the VA democrats have a whole lot of "Come and Take It" to do and if they want it done, they gonna have to do it themselves.
  11. I used the base model. I was a Sheriff's Deputy and we were told not to use the ones with spikes because the spikes could damage floors if we had them on and stepped into someones home. I have no experience with the ones with spikes. I used the coil type primarily when I was outside walking around on icy roads dealing with car accidents. Winters get bad out there and they were definitely worth having. I kept a pair in my gear bag and a pair in my coat pocket that I would put on depending on when I was going to be spending time outside doing anything more than just parking and walking into a building.
  12. I used Yak Trax when I lived in Rapid City, South Dakota. They work great. They're real slippery on any kind of tile, linoleum or hardwood floors so you have to take them off when you come inside so you don't fall.
  13. So I went back to Cabelas this morning and I took the breech plug with me. For as many employees that work the firearms and hunting equipment department at Cabelas in Delaware, I surprised at how many quickly confessed they knew nothing about muzzleloaders. They all kept passing me off to another employee, but each would refer to "Bob." Supposedly Bob was the only one in the store with the knowledge to tell me what size cap fit the nipple in my breech plug and I was on a quest to find him. Eventually I found him (he didn't have his earplug in, so nobody could reach him on the walkie-talkie). He looked at the plug and without asking any questions, he said with the utmost confidence, "This is from a rifle. Rifles use #11 caps and pistols use #10 caps." I bought #11s, checked out and went out to my truck. I remembered USRifle30Cal said musket cap was its own size so I figured I better check it out before crossing the bridge again. I opened the package without damaging it and took a cap out. It was way too small for the nipple. I took it back in and exchanged it for musket caps and those are what fits. The only replacement breech plugs they had were for the Thompson/Center rifles. They didn't have any for the CVAs so I couldn't get one that uses a 209 primer (gotta order it online if I want to get one). I got some Pyrodex Hodgdon RS Select powder, a powder horn and a measure to be able to use powder instead of pellets. I'll be hitting the range to sight it in tomorrow morning. I got a couple weeks off so I should be able to get some time in the woods this ML season. Thanks for the help guys!
  14. I got a CVA Optima V2 to add days to the hunting calendar. I had used someone else's muzzleloader in the past and it was set up for 209s and he used pellets, so that's what I'm familiar with. Anyway, I got mine at Cabelas in Delaware. The salesman said he owns and hunts with the same gun and that it comes out of the box with a breech plug for using 209 muzzleloader primers. I got 209 primers, some T7 50 grain pellets and boolits along with the gun. After I got home and checked the gun out more closely, I found the breech plug has a nipple in it like it should take a percussion cap instead of 209s. I checked the owners manual and found I am correct; I will need to replace the breech plug to be able to use the 209 primers I bought, but I should be able to use percussion caps. This led to a couple of questions that were not answered in the manual, but I'm thinking you guys have the answers. 1. What size percussion cap do I need? The manual does not specify a size, it just says to use musket caps. The only thing stamped on my breech plug is a letter "H" stamped above the flash hole. I see there are #10 and #11 cap sizes. I know that re-enactment caps are not to be used to fire real ammo. 2. Can a cap ignite the pellets or should I only use loose powder with caps? I know how to be safely select and measure powder if I have to. The manual says to use FFG grade powder when using loose powder and the limits are 50-150 grain lower and upper limits, with somewhere between 90-120 being optimal.
  15. Looks interesting enough. Where did you see it?
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