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  1. French citizens seem to be good at rescinding their consent to be governed.
  2. Some women get offended when you hold the door because they feel it is a gesture from times when there were not equal rights among the sexes (whether perceived or actual). There used to be a more widely social emphasis that men HAD TO hold the door for women and some are just so uptight and self-absorbed that it bothers them. If they were on a sinking ship and the captain called "man the life boats, women and children first" would the women start protesting and complaining then? I usually hold the door for anyone, just because it's polite. Once in a while I'll be in a hurry and go through a door while not paying as close attention to my surroundings and I've had women comment on me not holding the door for a woman. Since they felt so indignant that they had to say something, I just respond with "Y'all wanted equal rights, holding your own door comes with it." I don't really feel that way, but it shuts them down since they weren't expecting it. I was in Iraq when we did not yet have total control of the major cities. I was there when the Marines went in to take over Fallujah. I saw female soldiers in combat respond with perfect reflexes and instincts while there were male soldiers who panic and got overwhelmed and did not perform as expected. I have no bias against women.
  3. Not sure about the best price, but the info on the page I'm linking to here will answer all your other questions.
  4. I won't shop at Dick's and my daughter doesn't care for them either. We had impressively poor customer service at 2 different stores when looking for a .22 rifle for her. I wouldn't piss on DIck's Sporting Goods if they were on fire.
  5. I thought they had 72 hours to answer or you were presumed good to go?
  6. It's like running a stop sign at 2:30am. It's only illegal if you get caught.
  7. Yeah and we need this immediately or sooner. This state is out of control. Why is there not a process for the Federal Gov to take over the state when the state government decides to blatantly disregard federal laws? They harbor illegal aliens, who can now get state funds to go to college, thanks to the over-taxed tax payers, while citizens have to pay full price (how is that not treason?) They just let the one guy out of jail instead of reporting him to ICE. He promptly took full advantage of his new freedom and opportunity to reform and/or educate himself and started a new career in slaughtering people in Missouri. Now they want to legalize marijuana which is federally illegal, probably in the hopes that everyone gets doped up and doesn't pay attention to them taking away more civil rights, violating more constitutional rights, squandering more tax money and making everyone subjects to the crown. I'm surprised they haven't made it illegal to move out of the state. Look at the law for drivers licenses. When someone gets a license who is under 18, NJ law says it's illegal to drive in another state with that license until they are 18. Excuse me, but who do you think you are to tell someone what they can or can't do in another state? This state keeps trying to dominate any aspect of peoples existence and it must be stopped. End rant.
  8. Serious question: So what exactly is the State Police supposed to do with the information regarding my ammo purchases? They know I have a FID card. They know when I buy guns (4473, NICS checks, etc). They know I hunt since they issue the license and permits. They know I'm a member of the shooting range because current state law mandates ranges must provide a list of members to the State Police. I shoot in matches so I buy bulk ammo. So now they will know when/how much ammo I buy for all my gun activities. I don't see the point in now starting a tracking list of who is legally buying ammo. When I buy ammo, my name will be on that list just like its on their other lists of legal gun activities I already participate in. Then what? Are they gonna make it illegal to buy ammo if you don't have a gun? Are they gonna make you provide a monthly expenditure report on the usage of all your rounds? Is there going to be a purchasing cap on ammo? I mean this is not going to deter me from buying ammo since my name is already on every stupid list they already got going. I say fuck 'em. Keep shootin'.
  9. I haven't tried this yet, but it's at a price point that would make it worth experimenting with how well it could work when wearing clothes like gym shorts/sweat pants that are made of material that won't support the weight of a firearm.
  10. I work in Delaware and there are Amazon facilities there, but there is no sales tax in Delaware. Amazon also has these drop boxes where you can have your package delivered to the boxes. You select the location, they deliver to the locker then they email you the locker number and digital code to open it. There's one at a gas station near my job and I get packages sent there so I can pick it up on the way home from work. Those purchases have no tax since the delivery location is in Delaware. The lockers are not huge so they can't deliver larger items to it, but magazines, holsters and other smaller items fit and it makes me feel like I've achieved a small victory in my effort to evade the oppression of the PRNJ.
  11. It used to be mandatory for a company to collect sales tax on internet sales only if the buyer lived in a state where the seller, i.e. Amazon, had a physical property in the same state. Not necessarily a retail store front, just a property like a warehouse, admin office, port-o-pot, etc. So we got taxed by Amazon because they have facility in NJ. Last year, the Amazon company decided to start charging state sales tax to all buyers in a state that imposed a sales tax, even if there was no Amazon facility in that state. I read an article that Amazon CEOs believes that if all companies did this for all internet sales, the money generated toward government taxes would help increase government funding by 30 billion and the government could then reduce personal income tax on individuals and businesses. Amazon (and other companies) CEOs actually lobbied congress to enact the law. Congress put together a subcommittee to study it. We all know the government will gladly take the new tax revenue and will not reduce income tax on people or businesses in return.
  12. I have another page to upload but it's giving me an error about the size of the document. But the previous one I uploaded should answer the original question.
  13. That 10 yards distance does not appear in any of the documents I received during orientation earlier this year. I'll scan and attach the 2 pages that deal with steel targets. The thickness of the steel and distance from the firing line varies based on what you are shooting. Scan0002.pdf
  14. How is it not treason for a governor to harbor illegal aliens then take OUR tax money and devote it to programs expressly for THEM while we go without (or with reduced or limited) services and resources because of it? I don't feel like I'm being represented on this taxation. This state is financially broke, there is no surplus budget. The governor is recklessly wasting money. He should be charged with wanton waste of resources
  15. Interesting conversations in this thread. I have 15 years of military experience and 7 years of law enforcement experience. I have trained with a hand held light, a weapon mounted light, vehicle mounted lights and no light. In my opinion, there are general advantages and disadvantages to all 3, even in a home defense scenario. It's everyone's choice as to which set of advantages and disadvantages they want to live with. Personally, based on my training, combat, and LE experiences I have a weapon light on a handgun, long gun and I have handheld lights in nearly every room of the house because I want to conquer the element of darkness (my handheld lights are more for power-outage/disaster prep since I lose power a lot during storms). Now I understand you can simply turn on a room light but that evens the playing field in that the environment is no longer dark/low light. While this is comfortable for most people, I have a warrior mindset. I don't want an even playing field, I want an advantage. I want mobility and I want to control the light and darkness. Knowing where the light switch is will give you control of the light but it limits mobility because the switch is stationary on the wall. The weapon light has the best advantage because it leaves your other hand free to open doors, manipulate other objects, or put both hands on the gun. It does have disadvantages since any light can give away your position and show what direction you are approaching from because the light points both ways. A light is a tool and just like any tool, you have to understand its capabilities and how to use it. I only saw it mentioned here once or twice but most people severely under-estimate how advantageous it is when someone is disoriented when a bright light is flashed in their eyes for a split second. It disrupts their OODA loop and gives you a huge advantage in the tactical situation. For those who don't know, I'll give a definition of the OODA loop below. OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Every human does this for every action from picking your nose to shooting a gun. You work through the process and reach the Act stage faster or slower depending on the stimuli to be processed and your familiarity/previous experiences with it. Example: You have to Observe the discomfort of a booger in your nose. You have to Orient yourself to which nostril it's in and which finger you will use to attack it. You Decide to execute the attack and you Act. You've done this your whole life so the process is carried out on nearly a subconscious level. Shooting a gun is the same. You Observe the target, Orient yourself and your gun sights to the target, you Decide to shoot and you Act by pulling the trigger. Takes a few ticks longer than picking a nose. If you get to somewhere between Decide and Act and get a new stimulus to process, especially from your target, it could cause you to need to restart the process. Maybe the target suddenly moved, disappeared behind cover, blinded you with a light, etc. So if they blind you with a light, you have to start over at Observing them again, but now that they've seen you, they may be ahead of you in the process by already Orienting and Deciding to Act on you.