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  1. I cast another vote for Sea Bands. On a river or on a lake i'm fine, but on the ocean when there boat is pitching, rolling, yawing and heaving, I puke until I dry heave, then I dry heave until I'm back on land. I don't get motion sickness on planes, helicopters, motor-vehicles, etc but boat smaller than a cruise ship, I get sick. I use sea bands and they worked.
  2. I bought new a Springfield Armory Inc. handgun back in April and had a warranty issue. They emailed me a shipping label and I sent it directly to them via FedEx. They repaired it and sent it back directly to my house. Someone over 21 had to sign for it. If nobody is available to sign for it after 3 delivery attempts, FedEx will hold it at their facility for a few more days (forgot exactly how many) for you to come pick it up, then they will send it back to the sender if you haven't picked it up by then.
  3. Good article. Definitely not a news source I use at all but since you posted it, I went on and read it. Shockingly, it seems to be very well written. It has a lot of quoted text with name sources and only two references to something said by an "anonymous source" but those references by those sources are not fundamental to the article at all. I did not detect any slanted opinion cast in by the author/editors. Just a straight forward piece on what Dell'Aguila does not like about the NRA's current business practices and what he would like to see changed. I actually found it informative to see what Dell"Aguila position was on the whole thing since my lowly lifetime member status with the NRA does not grant me access to this type of information. It grants me access to weekly postal bombardments from Mr. LaPierre but none of that provides any details on the current rift going on at the executive level.
  4. Do we get any credit for being members of any other 2A organization like ANJRC, NRA, NJ2AS? Do they all work together or is it a competition to see who can "carry all the water?"
  5. I just picked this up yesterday. Magnum Research. Different. All metal.
  6. If you are buying a magazine by itself, most of the bigger online retailers (Cabelas, Midway, Brownells, GunMagWarehouse.com, TargetSportsUSA, CheaperThanDirt, etc) are set up to prohibit standard capacity magazines and other items from being shipped to NJ addresses. If you are purchasing a firearm, some places offer the option to substitute the included standard capacity magazines with 10 rd mags, if available. Others will simply remove the standard mags and ship the firearm without one. The NJ State Police is actively making under cover attempts to purchase standard and high capacity magazines online to see which retailers will ship them. There is a thread on here about a company in Nevada that shipped standard mags to NJ, not knowing it was the police. They were sent a letter from the Attorney General's Offices informing them that NJ has laws against it and asked them to stop shipping them to NJ addresses. 6 months later, the police were successful in getting 15, 30 and 100 round mags from the same online company so the State is now going to sue them for civil violations. There is a discussion about it on this thread here
  7. @Bob2222 I know it's already a crime, but look at how many gun laws they pass where it's already a crime at both the State and Federal level. The politicians don't know most of the current laws related to firearms and neither does the general public. So when they pass a law, they look like they are doing something. This makes the sheep feel safe and the sheep keep voting for them.
  8. What I think they were going for with this bill is that they want to be able to charge the owner of a firearm in cases where the firearm is taken by another member of the household like in cases where they are taken to schools by kids or otherwise used in crimes. But then the penalty is a disorderly persons offense. It does not seem to be enforceable outside of the instances when the gun is discovered (after the fact) to have been left unsecured.
  9. If the NRA top leaders would stop squabbling like some grade school drama queens maybe we NJ2AS and ANJRPC could get some more effective support in defending the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  10. I hate everything this state and the governor does related to 2A, but as a former LEO (in another state), this case is definitely not entrapment and there is a nationally recognized standard for what is and is not entrapment. The department I worked for would do compliance checks on establishments selling cigarettes and alcohol. We would send high-school kids from our Cadet Program into stores to buy cigarettes just to see if they got carded. If they came out with the cigs or booze, we went in and cited the clerk and/or the business.
  11. I have a problem with my constitutional rights being used as a bargaining chip at a political poker table full of fucking retards, self-aggrandizing muppets, puppets and crooked lying cheats pretending to be politicians
  12. Question 4 should have an N/A option just like question 3.
  13. Is this going to be something for range use only? Home defense? Are you consider competitions such as IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge Matches, etc? Do you have any formal training with firearms? All things to be considered. I know you said you are new to handgun ownership, but not sure if are new to guns or gun use in general.
  14. That's not by coincidence either. Ebay owned paypal for over a decade and recently spun it off as it's own company. The former CEO of Ebay is the current chairman of Paypal.
  15. I'm surprised they haven't done this sooner.
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