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  1. While anything is possible, I think inheritance is a least likely scenario, not that it matters in the grand scheme of things. The bottom line is he got the gun and shot innocent people and all the democrat laws in Commie-fornia, are not going to ever legislate the evil out of people. But, to play armchair detective, lets consider he just turned 16 the day this happened. He would have been around 13 when his dad died. I don't think his dad's gun was given to him as an inherited item. His dad passed from a heart attack, which indicates his passing was sudden and unplanned for (as opposed to a terminal illness). I think it is more likely the gun was taken from the home without the knowledge of what ever adult is responsible for him and the home. It's possible that the dad passed suddenly and the remaining responsible adult did not know there was a gun hidden away somewhere (or could not find it) and the kid came across it first and kept it without anyone knowing. I would consider those more likely than someone willing handing down his fathers gun to him.
  2. Pretty naive of you to believe their is a boundary that could not be crossed by those seeking power.
  3. Every auto manufacturer in this country should donate to Remington's cause to fight this case. This is going to open the door for every family of every person injured or killed in a DWI to sue the car company for the advertising the car's acceleration, handling or traction abilities. Every alcohol producer needs is about to be on the hook for every rape and/or sexual assault by anyone for every commercial where a guy opens a beer and proceeds to hang out with an attractive female. My daughter just called and is on her way home from work and has car issues so I have to cut my rant short.
  4. There are business decisions and some of which are tough to make, but what Dick's did went beyond being a business decision. It's one thing to not be interested in carrying firearms or firearm related merchandise, but to donate money to legislative campaigns, lobbyist and organizations that overtly attempt to undermine and destroy the 2nd amendment is a conscious, intentional, unforgivable act.
  5. The trigger must be pulled with the index finger and middle finger simultaneously. This is a huge deviation from ergonomic standards. The open trigger guard looks like it is just begging to get snagged on EVERYTHING. They use a magnum .22 rounds. Keeping in mind that the two ways bullets stop people are by interrupting the CNS or bleeding out enough to reduce blood pressure/flow to the brain, I rather have bigger rounds that expand to cause more damage. The way they trash talk semi-auto handguns in this promo makes it seem like they are marketing to inexperienced hipsters who will quote the same dumb info from their ad. "This is way safer than a semi-auto handgun. The ammo is way safer too."
  6. They won't want to build up any history if they come here and post questions and everybody ignores them.
  7. Is it a magazine vice block or an actual display stand like this?
  8. It says this can occur on average of 1 in 10,000. So there should be a few handfuls of them in NJ somewhere.
  9. A gun shop I frequent just recently got inspected by the ATF. When I asked what they look for during an inspection, one of the things he mentioned is it is illegal to run NICS without the person present to do 4473. Reason being is that if the NICS check results in customer being denied and the customer is not present, he/she may not come in to do the paperwork, thus leaving the shop with a denial on their record with no corresponding 4473 in the shop records. The ATF looks at all documents for accuracy during their audit but they shows up with a list of all denied applicants and start with those 4473's.
  10. Another vote for Target Sports. I use their prime membership which give you an 8% discount on all ammo and free shipping on all orders, not just bulk purchases. With the 8% discount, their prices are lower than when other places have ammo on sale.
  11. I have: .22LR .380ACP 9mm .45ACP .50AE 5.56x45 7.62x39 (don't have a gun for this anymore) 7.62x51 /.308 12Ga (slugs, 00buck and birdshot)
  12. So in plain English, what happens tomorrow?
  13. Got one of these in Burlington Township the other morning on my way to work. Does Wawa label these different in north Jersey?
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