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  1. Regular Guy

    NYC Cops Friendly fire

    So I read 4 or 5 articles covering this event. I will lend a humble opinion which will be based on my military and civilian LEO experience and training. While the articles all differ in how specific the details are it appears the following are facts: 1: The two plain clothed officers (Sgt and Detective) responded to call of armed robbery and were first to arrive. Neither had protective vests. The Sgt for sure had a radio, but no article mentioned if the plain clothed detective had one. 2. NY Times article here says it was a cell phone store which was "last of a series of store fronts on the north side of Atlantic Ave near 120th St." At approximately 6:15 PM. 3: The two plain clothed officers entered the store prior to the arrival of uniformed officers. 4: Two plain clothed officers had contact with a suspect inside the store. 5: Upon exiting the building, the two plain clothed officers were shot by the uniformed officers who arrived to the call. After looking at these facts, I base my opinion solely on my training and experience. In my opinion, the plain clothed officers who arrived first should have stayed outside, covered the front and rear exits and provided intel to the responding uniformed officers. I say this for two reasons. First, they have a known armed suspect scenario. They have no vest and limited tools compared to a uniformed officers with vest and full duty belt. Second, they don't know how many suspects are inside (you all heard of the +1 mindset?) Plain clothes detectives typically carry a compact size handgun with 1 extra magazine. You could easily be outgunned in a firefight with multiple armed suspects. The time of day (6:15PM) would indicate the business was open. Considering that and looking at the building location on google earth, it is my opinion it would have been wiser for the two plain clothes officers to set up on the north east and south east corner of the building. From a corner, one man can cover two sides of a building. So from here, the one detective on the north east corner can look down the alley behind the building and also cover the east side of the building where there is a side door (see google earth). The other detective on the south east corner can cover the front side of the building and also cover the same side door on the east side of the building. Now if they do actually have only one radio between them, they can still see each other while covering 3 sides of the building, leaving the 4th side unseen, but that is fine. The 4th side is adjacent to the attached business with very low probability of an escape route through that business to the west. The man covering the front should get on the radio and call in info: Number of visible suspects, number of civilians, activity observed (business as usual, people injured, laying prone at gun point, type and number of weapons etc.) suspect location within the business, suspect clothing and description, all while covering exits. They should also keep an eyeball on parked cars and see if you have a nervous looking getaway driver waiting for the suspects inside to come out. This person is potentially armed and is a potential threat from behind when everyone arrives and focuses on the store. Should the suspects leave, the detectives have eyes on their direction and mode of travel, or if possible take them down after they exit since now you have element of surprise (suspects coming from lit store to dark outside), better cover (parked cars) with civilians not in such close proximity as they would be inside the store. Setting up a perimeter and providing as much info as possible could allow responding officers to coordinate a much better response to the situation while allowing the plain clothes detectives to stay safer and still play a critical role in responding to the call. Unless it escalates to a suspect actively shooting, plain clothed detectives should not be first into a scene like this for the reasons mentioned above; no vest limited ammo/tools. Again, this is my opinion based solely on my LEO and military training and experience and the facts gathered from multiple articles covering this incident.
  2. Regular Guy

    Military Rifle of the Future?

    Exactly. When I was in Iraq during OIF, each man carried 6 to 8 30 round mags outside the wire, sometimes more, depending on the mission. That's a lot of ammo and can last all day in a fire fight. I don't see a practical point in having capability to blow through that in a second and carrying more gets heavy fast. That's one of the reason why most issued rifles now days are 3 round burst instead of full auto; to help conserve ammo. The amount of ammo this thing could use seems beyond pointless as a handheld weapon and the fact that its electronic seems like it would best be suited in a vehicle. I've seen too much electronic shit fail in my career to want to be in the field relying on an electronic rifle.
  3. Regular Guy

    Military Rifle of the Future?

    I could see something like this being adapted for use as a weapon mounted to vehicles like humvees, helicopters and gun boats. I think it's too complex and way too expensive to mass produce and distribute this as the standard battle rifle for every ground-pounder out there. What is the advantage of this? He explains the differences between this and traditional firearms, he doesn't say how it's better.
  4. Regular Guy

    Better buy you laser sights right away :(

    Dems in this state love to ban scary gun accessories, but they also make pretty irrational decisions. After the Parkland school shooting took place (where the shooter used 10 rd magazines), our state decided we should have 10 round magazines too. Maybe they will look at this and mandate we all get green lasers? Never under-estimate the power of the stupid.
  5. I agree 100% with you that the state's unconstitutional laws that cause the problem. I'm not OK with it, which is why I'm a life member of the NRA and member of ANJRPC, which are fighting against these ridiculous state laws. I even said in my post that I don't agree with the state law that we need to have a FID card. Having the card means we have to ask the state for permission to use our 2A right. It's a right, not a privilege that has to be asked for. The state is the problem. What I'm saying I don't understand is how it helps to boycott a private business for asking for the card. That doesn't solve the problem of the state unconstitutional laws. Nothing you posted explains any logic to this. I know they don't need to ask for the card, but I also get that they don't know or don't feel comfortable with all of NJ fucked up laws so they feel safer asking for it. But I guess I focus on the state laws being the problem and the businesses asking for the card to be a side effect. As for the older cards having SSN on it, I did not know that. It's not on mine and I've never heard anyone mention that fact when they bring up this subject. Now Dick's Sporting Goods, fuck them. I don't shop there. Besides them donating money to anti-2A campaigns, I have personal issues with them from personal experience. But places like Brownells that have done nothing but ask for the card, I don't see how boycotting them does anything to help our situation with the state laws.
  6. I don't understand why so many people get bent out of shape for places asking for the FID card. I don't agree with the state requirement to have the card, but I don't take it out on companies that feel they are trying to cover their own asses, even if they don't completely understand that NJ stupid laws do not apply to them. I jumped through the hoops to get the card and now I got it. So if I buy ammo, a gun, etc whether it be online or in a gun store and someone asks to see the card, well here it is because I got it for that reason. I rather show it to them and carry on with the transaction and be thankful they only ask for the card and not be one of the companies that says "fuck NJ residence altogether, we're not shipping them as much as a grain of black powder." And someone dug up this post from last year.
  7. Regular Guy

    NJ “Rain Tax”

    It will happen slowly so impact will not be quite as noticeable. The wage increases to $10 this summer, then it goes up $1 a year every year until it gets to $15. That will ultimately causes consumer prices to go up accordingly over the same 5 year time frame. This rain tax is supposed to be levied by townships and municipalities. I think some areas will feel it more than others but it will definitely contribute to the ever rising cost of living. I think urban and suburban areas will feel it more as residences (both home owners and renters) and businesses get the rain tax on driveways and/or parking lots. I would think rural areas like where I live would not be affected by rain tax because the townships do not have a sewer systems for runoff water to get in to.
  8. Regular Guy

    NJ “Rain Tax”

    That's how my septic system works.
  9. Regular Guy

    NJ “Rain Tax”

    Oh, so they are to keep run-off from going into sewer, but not into the ground. Makes sense now.
  10. Regular Guy

    NJ “Rain Tax”

    Once the well is full, where does the water go?
  11. Regular Guy


    10 round mag limit applies to all semi-auto firearms. The only exception is the tube on a semi auto rifle that uses .22 caliber rimfire cartridges like the Marlin Model 60. Limit for that is still 15 rounds. If you make your AR-15 a magazine fed bolt action rifle, you still will be limited to 10 rounds because the 15 round magazines "COULD" still potentially be used in a semi-auto AR-15. If you have a magazine fed, bolt action rifle whose magazine does not fit into any semi-auto firearm, then you would be able to go up to the 15 round limit for that guns magazines. I am not a lawyer and the info provided above is based on my understanding of the new law based on the info found on the ANJRPC home page and at Evan Nappen's page here. He is a good lawyer.
  12. Regular Guy

    NJ “Rain Tax”

    Sweet, a new tax! Haven't had a new tax since yesterday when they raised tax on gasoline 4.3 cents per gallon. Next they should tax us on the carbon dioxide we exhale.
  13. Regular Guy

    New Jermany at it again

    Same is true for carbon monoxide detectors. Newer ones have a set # of years for service life, then the entire unit must be replaced. It's not designed to have just the battery replaced.
  14. Regular Guy

    Freezer size? Need Advice!

    @weekend_junkie My chest freezer is 7.5 cu ft and I've put a whole pig (from farm & butcher, not wild) in it. Live weight was a little under 300 and I brought home about 150 lbs. Had a little room to spare. Also bought 1/4 cow before. Forgot the weight now, but that fills it completely with a few pieces having to go into another freezer. Obviously your mileage may vary, depending on the shape and size of your cuts, but 7-9 is good size for chest meat freezer. To get the same amount of meat in an upright freezer, you would need to spend more on a much larger upright freezer that will cost a little more in electricity to operate since it has a bigger space to cool. Speaking of energy efficiency, look at the label on the freezer to see what type of refrigerant it uses. The newer ones use R600a and the compressor for these are VERY energy efficient. My meat freezer uses it and is rated to draw 1.5 amps at 115 volts. Some will show watt usage but if it shows amps, just multiply amps x volts to get watts. Older freezer use R134a and the compressors for these draw more power to compress this and pump it through the system. You'll see higher wattage use or amp ratings for these models. Over the life of the unit, you'll save more money on electricity with one that uses R600a, regardless if it is chest or stand up. You mentioned bacon in your original question. I haven't had a wild boar processed but a friend of mine has had several. He said they they are much more lean than farm raised pigs and they don't have much fat on them so you cannot get bacon from them. I'm sure other can confirm or deny, but just something to check into if you were literally talking bacon. I prefer a chest freezer, but what Zeke said is so true. Most people with a chest freezer just fill it with either a whole pig, quarter or half a cow, several deer, etc then start eating their way in from top to bottom. they usually don't make it to the bottom before food on bottom gets old, or they realize it sucks to have to move over 110 pounds of frozen meat out of the way every time they want to even see what is on the bottom. It takes more planning and organization skill for how you arrange your items in a chest freezer dedicated to meat. Some come with baskets or you can do like @fishnut mentioned above and use milk crates to separate and organize things better. Those the best ideas I've seen for dealing with this problem.
  15. Regular Guy

    Constitutional carry

    I was stationed in South Dakota and lived there from 1998 to 2012. Even though the polar vortex just brought them a week of -60 degree wind chills, I kinda miss the place.

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