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  1. PM sent. And I can vouch for his character, he is a good guy to buy from. I've purchased a few knives from him in the past and have been happy with every purchase.
  2. Same here. I put some through my M1A for the first time a few weeks ago. It seemed to have a lower impact point than the mil-surp ammo I was using that day. At 200m the Wolf Military Classic (145grain) was almost 7" low, but it was consistent and the group was actually pretty good. I didn't have high expectations but it seemed to be fairly consistent and it cycled with no problems.
  3. Just found out about this. I was told the sale ends tonight. HK mags are expensive so if you're wanting to get more, this might be the time. https://us.hkwebshop.com/hkstorefront/hk/en/Handgun-Parts/Magazines/c/404
  4. Like they said, the FID and pistol purchase permits can be filed for all at the same time. There is a waiting period for purchasing multiple pistols. If you get 3 pistol purchase permits, you can't buy all 3 in the same day. You have to wait 30 days between each purchase. I think there is a special exception for collectors but they also have a specific class of FFL licensing to identify their status as a collector.
  5. I agree, the payout will probably come from insurance money, but the insurance company's lawyers will contact the BOE and let them know they do not appreciate the schools costing them money. At the end of the day, the insurance company is in it to make money.
  6. I chose the word "useless" on purpose, to be an exaggeration of the uncomfortable feeling some people feel when holding a gun where they can't get all their fingers on the grip. I did not mean the literal interpretation that the gun would be completely useless. I did this to add little bit of comedic levity to the poll. Same thing with answer choice about one having a hand the size of a bear claw. Again, this was an exaggeration. Where's your sense of humor?
  7. That is an idiom commonly tossed out when people talk about carrying a gun. I don't see why having a gun that's comfortable to carry is an unreasonable requirement, especially when I am the one selecting the gun. I'm not trying to conceal something that was handed to me and I have no choice in what gun it is. In the history of all man-kind, we are at the pinnacle of modern science and technology. We put a man on the moon 50 years ago. I don't think it's unrealistic to expect to find a gun that can be carried comfortably, especially with all the various sizes, makes and models out there.
  8. Great input from everyone! So the poll results show just over 32% of voters are not bothered by the dangling finger while just over 35% voted that they can't stand it. This is a surprise to me, I thought it would be much more separation between the two in favor of those who did not like it. Several people mentioned that they CCW smallest gun possible, while others said they carry what they are most comfortable shooting, even if it's a bigger model gun. On that point, I think comfort is the common denominator. You have to be comfortable enough shooting it to be confident enough to carry it. You have to be comfortable enough while carrying the gun or you won't want to carry it. So size does matter
  9. I forgot there was such an exercise device as the hand gripper things. While I think it could definitely benefit recoil control, I don't think it would change the psychological discomfort of having the little finger off the grip. For the hand gripper, according to this buyers guide apparently the normal pounds of resistance is 30-45 pounds, but they claim that's weak as new born babies can barely get warmed up with that little bit of weight (paraphrasing a little). They recommend starting with 60lbs and working up to 365lbs for "Beyond natural levels of hand strength." So if you want to crush coconuts with one hand, start with the 60 and go from there.
  10. Just wondering what the overall consensus is. In general, I cannot stand the way it feels when holding a gun where my little finger hangs off under the grip. Today I got a new Springfield 911. It comes with 2 mags, one is 6 round flush fitting and the other is 7 rounds with a finger extension. It fits my hand perfect with the 7 round mag inserted. I bought an extra 7 round mag because I figured I would never use the 6 rounder. Shockingly, I can get a comfortable grip on this particular gun with my little finger off the grip. First micro handgun I've come across that feels this way. The overall majority of handguns are not comfortable to me this way so I just wanted to see what others thought.
  11. I agree. I got my permits today after waiting 69 days (filed for them the old fashion way). Whether you have to wait 69 days or 9 days, don't lose sight of the fact that this state has willingly violated your constitutional rights by creating a system that forces you to ask the government for permission, then pay fees to that government in order for you to exercise the rights that are supposed to be granted to you as an American citizen. The only improvement would be a supreme court decision reversing this states pistol permitting process, magazine capacity restrictions and unconstitutional conceal carry laws & permit requirements.
  12. I did the background check online where I had to pay the $20 and print the receipt and turn it in with the rest of the paperwork. I didn't find out about the entire process being done online until a couple weeks after I turned in my paperwork. I see others had been posting that their areas in NJ don't do it online yet so its not available everywhere yet. Really I have nothing better to do besides complain while I wait for the state to give me permission to exercise my constitutional rights because its been well over the 30 days they are supposed to take in giving me permission.
  13. There's always free cheese in a trap.
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