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  1. Trump asked the courts to stay out of this one. Have to imagine if NFA was overturned then Trump loses votes while the left would have something they would call a win. it's a short term loss for 2a with a long term game in mind. 4D chess.
  2. Yeah it's was too over the top on the dialogue. What would make boomtown post frontiersmen all talk like Tyrion Lannister?
  3. My parents had set me up with a UTMA at birth that did well. Since I was lucky enough to be in state at UNC-Chapel Hill and had free room, board, and food on top of the cheap tuition, the UTMA wasn't really needed. However, it was still important to transfer it to me while in college and not making much money so the capital gains wouldn't be taxed. Hopefully, you are on good enough terms with the kid that they will transfer the money back over a few years. As soon as the kid makes money, the capital gains are taxed at his/her regular rate.
  4. It's not a special case. I'm not talking about 1-2 cases. I know dozens of people who have done this. Another thing to consider is that it is often harder to get into a top school as a transfer than in regular admissions. The advice on getting a 2 year degree is actually very important as colleges look more favorably on those students as well. While you don't know how or how quickly your kid will mature, you know what your kid is now. Definitely base your decision on what your kid is and not what you hope will happen. I know guys who joined the army and then used the GI bill for school. They were glad they went this route because looking back they lacked the maturity to take advantage of school for what it is.. an investment. Make sure they make a good investment otherwise they'll end up voting on candidates solely for loan forgiveness.
  5. I know a lot of people who went this route and it worked out well for them. Most for just one year as even that makes a big difference at the schools in the northeast. There are some downsides though. I know one that was often complained about is that transfers get later class sign up times than others in their graduate year so they didn't get to take a lot of classes that they wanted and some missed out on minors they only needed a few more classes for (students with the listed major also get preference so it's a double blow for transfers).
  6. I started driving in the late 90s and it's a lot different today. Similar to some above, I drove all my parents cars of various condition. One of the things that stuck with me while driving was being constantly reminded that none of them were my cars and I was merely driving out of my parents' convenience. If i screwed up then that would be a bit more inconvenient for them than driving me where I needed to be. I paid for gas but parents' had me on their insurance. It was more expensive but not cost prohibitive like it is today. The idea was that it would keep me from having to work as many hours and therefore I had no excuse not to max out my grades. Everyone is different, but this worked out well for us. One of my cousins has just started the process and His parents were surprised by the extra rules (might be a good thing) and costs compared to another cousin who started driving 4 years ago. This is the same family surprised by changes just 4 years out. best bet would talk to a few of the parents of the friends of your teenage kids who just started driving.
  7. First confirmed prequel looks like it will be out next year. Already changed the name from long night to blood moon. Already a long running theory that the night king is a Stark bastard of Bael the Bard the wildling king and a Stark princess. I'm betting they build up a Jon Snow like character that we will love the next turn him bad like Daenarys's character arc.
  8. $18.75 https://www.lwrci.com/p-396-ambi-selector-switch.aspx
  9. Dragon riding has a special bond like warging. Warging leaves some of you in the animal and the big theory is some of Dany was in Drogon. Since she loves Jon, Drogon loved Jon. This is why he specifically burns the throne. If Dany can't have it, nobody will. targs have killed each other with dragons many times over in their history. Being a Targ doesn't keep you safe from dragons or fire, as we saw with Danny's brother Viserys. GRRM's fault the final season was only 6 episodes. Ideally, all of season 8 would've been around the night king and season 9 would've revolved around taking the iron throne. There just wasn't enough material since the books aren't done (and no near finish in sight) and the cast and crew were way past ready to move on. Not everyone wanted to continue doing the show so they just finished it. cant blame him for enjoying himself. Yippee ki yay. Good for him. I didn't love the finale but I didn't hate it either. The show had to end and this was just an ending.
  10. I've used Rosetta's stone for 2 different languages. You can probably finish 1-2 levels in 3 months depending on how much time you commit to it.
  11. Happy Mother's Day, Cersei.
  12. Technically nothing you do is permanent. Knee replacement for example tends to last about ten years. Best way to think about it is that stem cells will make that part younger than it was, but it'll then still age from there.
  13. 4 year was specific for prolonging TKA. It doesn't surprise me that it could be only 2 years for arthritis in the body part your wife needed it in. Different procedures will have different success rates and different outcomes. Who told me? I wrote the faux Cochrane resulting in major hospital networks changing their protocol to reduce bleed events and hospital stays in TKA and THA. That's done with access to thousands of patient data, not just anecdotal evidence. So I know because ive seen the data, though keep in mind nothing is ever 100%. in every strong dataset, there are always people on the short side. Think those that survive an accident because they DID NOT wear their seatbelt and would've died if they wore one. That doesn't mean we start recommending no seat belts.
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