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  1. Sevenshot

    Freezer size? Need Advice!

    No matter what size you get, do the chest freezer. Can get way more in there. My parents tend to do a cow share, which I get a chunk of, on top of the hunting we do. If the meat is packed in neat, 1 lb squares then you can neatly stack a lot more. Depending on the size of the hog, it could be 1-2 regular refrigerator freezers to give you an idea on what you'll need. good luck! I've found it's easy to see where the hogs have been but they are tough to find.
  2. Find the gun you want and copy and paste the model into gun.deals. can also wait for holiday deals and/or manufacturer rebates.
  3. Sevenshot

    Which 1911 to get?

    The stainless smith is the best looking 1911 out there. i think best bang for buck is a SA range officer.
  4. Sevenshot

    Spare wheel/tire

    I have a tire at my grandparents' in Wayne, but I won't be in the state until next weekend to make sure it's what you need. Let me know if you would still be interested since after your time frame.
  5. $89.99 shipped https://palmettostatearmory.com/toolcraft-logo-d-premium-5-56-nickel-boron-bcg-with-carpenter-158-bolt-5165449729.html
  6. Sevenshot

    Remington V3 Tac-13

    Oh baby!
  7. Sevenshot

    La rue MBT triggers $87

    I prefer the Geiselle but at this price these go in all my ARs. Pistol builds get the ALG ACT.
  8. Sevenshot

    Pistol caliber carbines

    Glock mags are so cheap though. I don't think it looks bad, just different.
  9. Sevenshot

    Pistol caliber carbines

    I had not but I am now. Takedown is cool. Threaded, heavy, fluted barrel. Takes glock mags. Appears a lot of 10/22 accessories work. Price is right so might be ordering one by the end of the night.
  10. Sevenshot

    Pistol caliber carbines

    I've seen QC10 come up in my searches. Looking at the build kit there does seem to be a lot of different parts. is there an intro to PCC firearm? Have experience with companies like PSA for this?
  11. Sevenshot

    Pistol caliber carbines

    Hey all, I'm seeing a lot more PCC, especially at matches, and am now interested in them as well. besides the barrel obviously, what other parts in AR9 aren't interchangeable with AR15? Does it need a heavier buffer? Can I drop my Larue trigger into one? Ive seen side charging handles on a lot of production ones, any other must have differences from ar15 or other must have parts? School me.
  12. Sevenshot

    H buffer $13

    +$2 shipping to me. i was looking for H2 but couldn't pass up this deal. Will use it. In another rifle once I find an H2 on sale. https://www.primaryarms.com/expo-arms-ar15-carbine-buffer-blu-xp-h1b-ar15
  13. Sevenshot

    A 12G for shotgun sports

    No way you'll only buy one shotgun. Get the one that'll do what you want to do first. for HD, I'm in the cheap and reliable camp. If you god forbid ever have to use it, you don't want your $3k shotgun sitting in an evidence locker (different if you do this kind of stuff for a living). Wait for a Mossberg 500 to go on sale around $200-250. this leaves you about $900 for your sporting shotgun.
  14. Sevenshot

    A 12G for shotgun sports

    Check out the Remington v3 if you can. Has noticeably less felt recoil than other shotguns. Not too expensive for a semi. youll have to ask if it's good for skeet or clays. The one I shot the guy used for birds. on another forum in NC I usually see the following advice for 3gun (not sure if it translates directly but may give you an idea of guns to look at first): semi auto 22”-26”, easy to do quad loading, and have the bones that accept port mods well. On the low end: Mossberg JM Pro (quality is hit or miss anecdotally) Stoeger m3000 or M3k Franchi Affinity
  15. Sevenshot

    Seems I have a thief scoping my house

    Per real life lawyers: You can't put up just any sign indicating that you aren't liable for anything you don't want to be liable for. I.e. Sign on your car that says you aren't liable for speeding. A sign isn't enough, especially when this guy later went to your house.

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