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  1. I just bought the BX trigger on the Brownell's sale. Will report once I get it in.
  2. I just used it to buy new trigger, new bolt release, and new magazine for 10/22. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. As far as bang (lol) for your buck, I really like del-ton.
  4. I like the shirt more than I expected. Obviously it makes me a walking billboard, but very comfortable.
  5. My dad told me stories of the post Katrina New Orleans after the army was mobilized to help. It's shocking what people are capable of in desperate situations even in the short term.
  6. Insert pic via URL button isn't working. Here's the possum in the grill. Will have to take your word for it on that one.
  7. Forgot how to post a pic lol. Will post it this weekend I promise.
  8. Once opened my grill to find a baby possum hissing at me. Will post the pic once i get home.
  9. I don't need any more of these but it's a smoking deal so I'll take them. If anyone else wants the cans before we meet then they can have them. Will send pm.
  10. You ever go near the city or the town of Wayne? I have an uncle all the way out in Denville but will be a month or 2 before I make it that way.
  11. Anyone shoot the takedown models and notice any difference between them? Was thinking about doing a lot of customization so likely going with the basic model anyway. Just need to get off my ass and actually do it.
  12. Is being a buyer at the buyback a legit thing? I'm seriously contemplating it unless there is some known harassment from the organizers/police.
  13. Yep working Monday. Have Tues off though!
  14. $20 off $150 I won't be using it. If you use it, post here so others know it's been used. bucks number 490645852 bucks code TWHRTX
  15. Got my checks last Friday, no shirt yet.