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  1. I read some studies that were conducted during the civil war. They had found some soldiers wouldn't fire a single shot and not really realize it. Studies determined that the mental factors in fighting were much more important than they thought. They also found that the side that shoots the most bullets wins the overwhelming majority of battles.
  2. Klaus is a nice family Christmas movie on Netflix. Has a novel take on the santa origin.
  3. I left my on the list guns back in America with family before I moved to NJ. Good luck!
  4. You can try etsy. Leather is one of those get what you pay for kind of deals. You can get good or get cheap or get extremely lucky (Black Friday maybe).
  5. Majority of citizens are also white males. It's a numbers game.
  6. There are some cheap options for a few hundred that you can get off amazon if you just want to look out in your yard. I have a buddy who bought a set of binos for $200 or so and they worked much better than I thought. I think the PVS14 is the standard for the [probably above] average Joe. They can be had depending on sales/refurb for $2-3k. I know a couple guys that night hunt coyotes and they swear by them.
  7. Have you also tried 6.5 CM? You'll have a lot of fun with 6.5 CM even at shorter distances. I couldn't believe how much harder it rang steel compared to 308 at 300 and 500 yards. A buddy of mine uses a loaded Savage 10 in 6.5 CM for deer and it knocks them flat. He hasn't had to track a deer in years. I already have a 308, but if I was buying a new bolt action it would definitely be in 6.5CM.
  8. I picked up a few things where shipping would normally kill the deal. http://damageindustriesllc.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=165
  9. I never understood why anyone would need to go to the store or buy a generator immediately before a hurricane after living down here all these years. I always have an untouched case of water purchased mid summer and a dozen cans of food minimum just sitting in the pantry. Generator purchased the first Black Friday I moved back. It's nothing special but enough to keep the fridge going. I filled a gas can this morning now that NC will get hit. I hope you all in Florida are prepared. They are getting hit at full power and a lot of home prep is required for hurricanes like this. Stay safe.
  10. Sucks that this happened. Know plenty of people with various issues with their new GM vehicles and they didn't have much luck from the company. Definitely try anyway, but I think it would help if a lot more people followed through with complaining to a consumer reporting agency. My dad bought nothing but GM vehicles his whole life before he finally gave in to the Toyota in 2008 and then a Honda a year after. Both cars still run great. Meanwhile my wife's Chevy that was also purchased in 2008 needed new struts at 70k miles. F that. good luck.
  11. Excellent excellent pistols, especially for the money. The Turkish issue is the only reason I don't own one but not sure I can hold off if I shoot one again.
  12. Trump asked the courts to stay out of this one. Have to imagine if NFA was overturned then Trump loses votes while the left would have something they would call a win. it's a short term loss for 2a with a long term game in mind. 4D chess.
  13. Yeah it's was too over the top on the dialogue. What would make boomtown post frontiersmen all talk like Tyrion Lannister?
  14. My parents had set me up with a UTMA at birth that did well. Since I was lucky enough to be in state at UNC-Chapel Hill and had free room, board, and food on top of the cheap tuition, the UTMA wasn't really needed. However, it was still important to transfer it to me while in college and not making much money so the capital gains wouldn't be taxed. Hopefully, you are on good enough terms with the kid that they will transfer the money back over a few years. As soon as the kid makes money, the capital gains are taxed at his/her regular rate.
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