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  1. As a native Of NC, there's a lot of animosity from locals towards yanks who try to make NC more like the state the yanks tried to get away from. It's a weird phenomenon considering they hated it enough to move away. Unfortunately, these liberal yanks find a lot of like-minded people in the triangle area. What used to be a small minority is growing with the influx. It's really changed the area. UNC was liberal like most college campuses when I went there, but it's at a whole new level now. I can barely stand to visit the college anymore.
  2. I went to vote early this morning before work. Because I was supposed to be a mail-in ballot but never received it, I had to vote provisionally. Hoping that vote won't matter.
  3. Take a look at the performance center 686.
  4. I'm a fan of the cheap Kershaws as well. Incredibly sharp and durable for the price.
  5. http://gun-hub.com/index.php/2017/09/09/check-survival-shotgun-can-fire-12-different-calibers-fits-bug-bag/ anyone nes shoot one of these?
  6. The strap helps a lot. It is a novelty, but you find a few convenient uses for it. My dad puts it in a saddle holster for when he mows the farm property.
  7. Performance center shield. I like it better than the full size M&P. If you get 9mm then you'll likely shoot it more often. SW often gas various deals and they are great value for the price already.
  8. I tend to let them live as well. Kill the black widow though.
  9. CCI does well in mine, but I mostly shoot the cheap stuff, which does result in a few FTF.
  10. Brownell's has a lot of parts. Like I said before, the bolt release (i got the one from VQ) is must have.
  11. Check Buds. For mass produced stuff like 10/22s they are among the lowest prices and can give you a starting point if you shop around.
  12. I love the takedown. I bought the BX trigger at the same time as the gun, but honestly didn't feel it was necessary when I shot it stock before replacing parts. Definitely get the VQ bolt release. I chased an empty soda can off hand at 50 yards without a scope and cheap ammo. I can stretch it to 100 when seated. Really fantastic 22. The backpack is pretty cool as well, though buy actual straps for it off amazon.
  13. Is there a day that has more vendors?
  14. I've seen used ones at Home Depot. Have to search to see which stores have them in stock.
  15. Saw this one last year https://www.amazon.com/dp/0990575497?tag=vs-alloutdoor-convert-20