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  1. My wife and I were nailed by one of those Maryland cameras for speeding in a school zone on Dec 26 (No kids were in school). She's a lawyer in the city and said the way the camera tickets are written (maybe civil vs criminal) makes fighting it pointless unless you make your way down.
  2. Awesome collection. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  3. I remember someone pointing out not to use loctite on polymer, only metal to metal. Said it was on the package warnings. Anyone know why?
  4. Seeing a lot of people recommend using a torque driver lately. Is there one you recommend? I saw a few in the $50 range doing a quick search online.
  5. I've bought dozens of guns from buds. Love doing business with them. when you do the money order discount they can be a bit slow, as far as prices, they aren't always the cheapest with all guns. However, nobody beats them (with free shipping) on the big movers I.e. 10/22, m&p, etc.
  6. Same happened to me when I moved here. I still don't really understand some of the rules. If you ask law enforcement, you will get 10 different answers. I burn up the search feature on this forum. And welcome!
  7. I have the plain, stock takedown and I was surprised by how accurate it shot despite 1. Me being the shooter and 2. El cheapo ammo. I've since put in the BX trigger, but I doubt I would've bothered if I hadn't bought it simultaneously with the gun. I'm putting a scope on it in the next week or 2 since my eyes were letting me down with some of the smaller targets at 50 yards (ugh age). I'll try to remember to post the results.
  8. Wow too bad I already bought one!
  9. They come from people from free states. And unfortunately, the "I'm from a free state and could never imagine such an absurd law on the books" hasn't been a viable defense in any of the countless cases of out-of-staters getting arrested and charged. Even those that aren't convicted spend a fortune saving themselves from the absurd laws here. Yeah, I think I'll continue to ask all the dumb questions I need to satisfy that I won't need the pipe dream Christie pardon. And you and other NJers think the laws are stupid here? Imagine someone who grew up hunting before school and then leaving guns and ammo in the trunk while parked in the school parking lot. By the way, this is widely done and perfectly legal where I am from. The vast majority of laws here don't just seem dumb to me, they blow my mind. The worst part about living up here? I see the writing on the wall in my home state as more people from this area relocate and retire to my state. The numbers have grown to the point where it's becoming more and more like the state these individuals so badly wanted to leave. Freedoms being stripped by "the damn Yankees." I guess living up here will be good practice, though I hope the 2A community won't roll over as easily as they did here and let it get quite this bad. The Elmer Fudd types providing useless info? They are on this forum and hijack every single thread. It's very difficult to sift through all the trash in every thread to get any actual information. So big thank you to everyone who actually answered that there are no exceptions. And also big thanks to Griz in particular for always answering and providing some additional detail based on your experience.
  10. Certainly the latter but already knew that was against NJ rules. Was wondering if wife being there made a difference. I know I can lock a rifle in the trunk but rather not leave it unattended.
  11. See 2 posts up
  12. Of course I wouldn't advertise anything I might do in the future. long story very short, an unexpected, slight emergency arose. Obviously from this post, whether or not I needed to go home first was a question. It was handled, but knowing for next time is better than not knowing. Was just wondering if any possession exceptions are made for wives.
  13. I know I could leave a rifle in the trunk of the car, but rather not go into a store and leave it unsupervised.
  14. Pushed post before I finished. I capitalized wife because I had started a post awhile back asking about family exceptions.
  15. If I come from the range and want to run to the store before home, does NJ allow me to drop my WIFE and pistol at my grandparents' place? What about rifle?