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  1. Speeding on base I no joke, especially if it's during a time all the grunts are out walking.
  2. This link has links to the laws optics planet has to follow. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/02/19/breaking-optics-planet-magazine-sales-restrictions-try-looking-deeper/
  3. Meguirs is magic. Use their stuff to clean plastic headlights as well.
  4. Is it NJ legal to use a longer barrel and tuner?
  5. I never even knew how obnoxious a muzzle break was until I moved to NJ. Another example of NJ lawmakers knowing Jack ship about guns.
  6. I did my part for the 4 years I was in NJ. Back in free America.
  7. The 5" barrel was partly why I went with PC 686. Youve gotten a lot of great recommendations and will be happy with any of the above. Good luck and I can't wait to see the new gun pics.
  8. PC is worth it.
  9. For those of you as jealous as me, there may be an opportunity to be 5% as happy as bully. Saw this on reddit firearms. "I was at the Great American Outdoors show in PA last week and stopped to browse the Colt showings. I happened start chatting up the Colt representative as we looked over the newly returned Cobra. After a few minutes I posed the question “So when will you bring back the pythons?” His response exactly was: “Stay tuned. We had to reintroduce ourselves to the revolver market with smaller frame revolvers before moving up to medium and full size frames of higher caliber. So definitely stay tuned to us is all I can say for now....” said with a slight grin I might add Does this almost secure the dreams of many of a Python revival? I sure hope so. Just thought I’d let you all know."
  10. I was close to buying the v3. Now having second thoughts. Which made in America SA shotgun is the most comparable?
  11. I love the PC 686+. 586 is same revolver but isn't stainless.
  12. He's probably misunderstanding the form. Wait the 2 weeks for your next appt anyway.
  13. I double up with foam plugs because my eye protection messes up the perfect seal on the Howard Leight. It feels uncomfortable at first but you quickly get used to it. Good luck and fast healing.