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  1. Sorry to hear. Hope things pick up for you soon.
  2. $5 credit with purchase of $25 Amazon gift card with code GCPRIME18. Gift it to yourself and it's a free $5.
  3. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B009F7J8LQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_iHqtBbE66AE82 it's not 10" per the description. I picked one up.
  4. Family Dog by Wolters is a quick read. He's the original dog training guru and most of today's knowledge is based on his research. The downside to the book is that a lot of improved info has been built on his foundation, but the info is still good, and now cheap and easy. This book is from the viewpoint of adults teaching a kid to train the puppy. He has some still famous books in water dog and gun dog that most hunters will be familiar with.
  5. https://www.511tactical.com/accessories/flashlights.html i don't know anything about how good these lights are. Any of these models good for attaching to a shotgun?
  6. I could use a few 15 rounders in NC, free USA. MSG me for my cell.
  7. Wolf gold is good stuff.
  8. It has already hit 100 degrees a few times where I live in NC and summer hasn't officially started yet. Dont forget sunscreen and sandals.
  9. I'm a big fan of the neoprene scope covers and use them for this overcrowded safe condition. I get these $10-12 ones off Amazon made by occult. If these are the fancy or cheap ones I wouldn't know since they work great and my search promptly ended.
  10. I was surprised at how open the game was at times. Fun to watch. Didnt watch Suarez but man what a fall over the last year.
  11. Bio major will be tough. I was a bio major with a chem minor. My typical semester was 17 credit hours with the 2 lab sciences. The labs count 1 credit hour but were 3-4 hours each a week, which really makes it tough. I highly recommend taking at least 1 lab science per summer to ease up the workload. Find a much cheaper (and hopefully easier) college where the credits transfer to do it at. I know a lot of people who took classes like organic chem where the courses were much easier. Plus it helps when it's the only class you are taking.
  12. I knew a guy that had it in Virginia. He started buying A LOT. And eventually he started to sell A LOT. The ATF did start to hassle him as a result, and he did let it expire after he made the majority of purchases he wanted, didn't know he wanted, and eventually realized he didn't want. im guessing unless you are a big collector like him, you probably won't be on the ATF's radar.
  13. Take as much of the low interest loans as you might need when considering the 4 year commitment. Maybe you don't need it this year but will it impact year 3? best advice I can give is to tell her to treat college like an investment. Do what you love means do whatever it takes to get the job you love, not taking easy majors and loving the social aspect (can still do the latter though much less frequently). if she makes the right investment, there's these groups of private lenders who will pay off the monster interest rate loans and give you less than half the original. This needs to be done ASAP when graduating otherwise you turn all the eventual interest into the principle. These private lenders only do this for NYC lawyers, doctors starting fellowships, etc etc. She has to make herself a good, fool proof investment. My wife and I both finished grad school in 2013 and we are another year or 2 away. We're driving the same car from undergrad and haven't even considered kids so we could dump as much money into the student loans as possible. There is no magical way to get it done but there are infinite ways to screw it up. I don't want to make it sound too scary at such an exciting time. Undergrad was the best years of my life. If she's only graduating with a few thousand per year in loans then you've set her up literally 100x better than the average college student. Good luck!
  14. I can't believe this is even up for vote. Including what GFL just said, waffles actually hold your butter and syrup, unlike pancakes where it just slides right off and the bottom one gets super soggy. I love pancakes but come on. This is worse than the pork roll vs not pork roll discussion.
  15. Hey all, I wanted to copy and paste post this from another forum that I'm also a member of in NC. Not sure if it's the right section. I think this is a good cause that can expand our 2a numbers into non traditional groups. "I’m collecting unwanted/unused gun locks to send to Maj Toure. He runs Black Guns Matter, in which he travels around the US to promote gun safety. If you have any locks which you dont use, please send them to me: CFF PO Box 676 Kannapolis, NC 28082 For more info on Maj: https://www.carolinafirearmsforum.c...-“school-self-defense-act”.27735/#post-475802 Thanks Everyone"