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  1. Thanks guys. I suppose it is an interesting choice. I have always had an appreciation for British military history, and I would be lying if I said I wasn't at least partially influenced by my recent binge-watching of the BBC drama Peaky Blinders. It's set in post-WWI England and follows the lives of two Great War vets who attempt build up the "family business" by becoming mobsters. Plus, I read that Enfields have smooth bolts and good triggers. So far, I am not disappointed. As for ammo, I got lucky and snagged a case of surplus .303 HXP that CDT had this past month. Unfortunately it seems to be gone now. Still, new production ammo is about the same price as commercial .308. I would like to get my hands on a Mauser at some point, but aesthetically I liked the Enfield better. I also like shepherd's pie more than bratwurst. A Mosin just seemed like the easy option. Plus I've shot them and I knew I would not be satisfied. They are fine guns, but the sticky bolts and gritty triggers left me unimpressed. I also did not want to worry about shooting corrosive ammo. Really, I just like them the best. I have always really wanted a Garand, but they are expensive and I do not have a membership to the CMP. My grandfather is a 90 year old marine who saw action in the Pacific in WWII. His rifle is probably long gone, but I think it would be neat to at least have one like it eventually.
  2. Hi all, I thought I would make a post to mark what is both my return to the shooting sports after a stint in grad school which ate up all my time (and money), and my first time dabbling in milsurp rifles. I recently picked up a SMLE No 1 Mk III made by BSA in 1912 (actually it is stamped Sht LE). I have done a lot of homework on Enfields since becoming the owner of one, and I have since tried to put together a picture of this rifle's history. It seems like this particular rifle was rearsenaled at some point between WWI and WWII. Early features of the pre-mk III* are absent on this gun, such as the volley sights and magazine cutoff (though the slot for the cutoff remains). This indicates the forestock was replaced and the windage-adjustable rear sight removed when it was sighted for the updated MKVII .303 round (HV and SC stamps present on barrel). I believe the rifle made its way to India at some point, as the nose piece lacks any mounting holes for a stacking swivel (trademark of an Indian pattern nosepiece). Still, the rifle retains its original barrel manufactured in 1912. Serial numbers match on the barrel and receiver, and the barrel has a 1912 proof stamp. Rifling is strong though there seem to be some rough surfaces on the lands. The magazine, rear sight blade, and nosepiece match as well, though it would seem they have been force-matched as the nosepiece was likely replaced in India, the rear sight has a struckout non-matching serial number, and the magazine has 6's stamped on top of the otherwise matching serial. Sadly the bolt does not match whatsoever. I've had the gun apart in an effort to get all the cosmoline out, and all the metal is in great shape with no rust, pitting, paint, or other unfortunate circumstances. I'm eager to get to the range, though there still remains the issue of headspace. I hesitate to spend $30 on a headspace gauge I will use once for 30 seconds, but everything I'm reading online says don't pull the trigger on live ammo before confirming the headspace. Especially since I have an unmatched bolt. Definitely interested in any tips from the milsurp vets around here. And because TTIWWOP: http://imgur.com/a/LiPur Thanks and enjoy!
  3. Thanks for all the good info guys. I posted this same question on another forum too, and it seemed to stir up a similar debate. The bottom line is I am not confident in the barrel, and whether or not it is a mechanical flaw, I want to have it checked out so that I can enjoy shooting my rifle instead of wondering if it could be better. Steve from ADCO has offered to test fire the barrel since assembling without a pinned comp in NJ would be a no-no. I took him up on the offer and will update once we get some empirical data in the form of a test target. In the meantime I called Daniel Defense, and sent them the two pictures in my OP. They said it "looks fine." We'll see what happens.
  4. Hi everyone, Working on a new upper build. Picked up this barrel, and upon inspection noticed the crown seems to be canted to one side. Wanted to get your opinions on whether this is "standard deviation" so to speak, or if it needs to go back. I've asked around but gotten mixed answers. Here are a few pictures. The piece of tape is for point of view reference. As you can see, the crown is much deeper in the second picture. Edit: Im asking because obviously I can't put it on a gun to test it first, since all NJ barrels need to be pinned. Thanks for your help
  5. It was a Mueller APT (All Purpose Tactical) Here's the specs: http://muelleroptics.com/mt451440 Can find it online for about 150
  6. I shot bullets outta it! But really, the manufacturer of my rifle said no break in necessary. Just run a dry patch down to clear any dust or grease, and go to town.
  7. I can take it apart, but I get it back together maybe 50% of the time
  8. Thank you Ray! I appreciate that. I like to think I have good taste Quality over quantity IMO. Although it seems a lot of people have no love for Kimber Oh well, the proof is in the puddin'. We'll see what happens when I take her to the range.
  9. Did somebody say two tone? B)
  10. This is an interesting question and I would simply like to ask a few questions that I think will illuminate yet another perspective. Would it make a difference if carrying was optional as opposed to if every teacher were required to carry? Or, let's say CCW is established and gun free zones abolished. We can all carry if we so choose. Would you be unhappy with a teacher who then chose to carry? Should teachers in fact be barred from carrying?
  11. Has anyone seen the Sig 1911 C3? That thing sure is purdy..wondering how it shoots
  12. joejaxx YOUR definition of a "gravity knife" is NOT New Jersey's definition. The OTF knife you refer to is a gravity knife by name, but everything defined in the statute under "gravity knife" falls into that category. Butterfly knives happen to qualify under the "centrifugal force." I would not venture to challenge the nomenclature New Jersey legislature has chosen for its prohibited knives.
  13. New York is a different story. The New Jersey definition of "gravity knife" includes butterfly knives, which is why they are illegal. - 2C:39-1 h. "Gravity knife" means any knife which has a blade which is released from the handle or sheath thereof by the force of gravity or the application of centrifugal force... p. "Switchblade knife" means any knife or similar device which has blade which opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in the handle of the knife... u. "Ballistic knife" means any weapon or other device capable of lethal use and which can propel a knife blade. If you want to take the chance, be my guest. But I did the research on several occasions. Don't get caught.
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