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  1. Personally, I would try to ring the bell and go for -100.

  2. Most AR's aren't piston driven (the SIG is). But then AK is the way to go if one wants a piston driven rifle anyway ...
  3. Joined this morning. Yes, last minute ... didn't know they take new members only on 2nd sunday of the month.
  4. fair. it's just a leggo puzzle. Find the best parts and build it.
  5. Crescent shaped mags ... is that referring to AK mags or something else in particular?. Mags are mags, (and you know guns don't kill people ...), but a vision of something sinister is all in the mind of person/group anyway. Generalizations of that sort bother me.
  6. So, what are you asking if you built one already? Air gushing out ... sorry, I couldn't help it
  7. I suggest we as gun owners and 2A rights advocates get into politics, else things will not change. Remember, it's govt for the people, by the people. It's democracy and it's messy, but only people can clean it, not the govt per se. After all, who is the govt that we can complain about!?
  8. +1 The dog deserves the honor. Besides, the LEO would also agree.
  9. I wish people wouldn't believe what they hear in public media as they do. Does the OP have evidence that what's known is not what happened? See the movie, wag the dog and you know what I mean. I have seen time and time again that the media (and those control it) can easily sway public opinion about a country, people and nefarious acts by dictatorial states and individuals (with lots of money). Beware what you believe. ps: i am not claiming that i know anything more about this.
  10. You guys are grossing me out. I will let my wife deal with getting into the guts of an animal ... she is a nurse and nothing gross bothers her! I am a lucky guy, nothing gross about me bothers her either
  11. My membership at BA has expired and I need to join a club that's nearby. I am range-less right now and that's bad! So, I plan to join OBRPC tomorrow morning (2nd Sunday in the month) I looked up their site, but there is no application to download and fill-out. Who is a member there that can help me get the membership tomorrow? Please PM me. thanks!
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