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  1. I have a Yugo M48 from Mitchells. It was satisfactory. I upgraded the trigger, which was very rough, and the firing pin spring, which was not strong enough for military ammo with hard primers.
  2. It all depends on what I am shooting, and the purpose. I always bring more than I plan to shoot.
  3. Hardened Arms will install muzzle brakes.
  4. I tried first the type called Har Bar, which would not stay on, then the Accu Strut, which does stay on and give some degree of accuracy improvement, I do not know that it is a dramatic improvement but so far have shot 1-2" at 50yd with irons and cheap reman 55gr. ammo.
  5. It think there is no answer and it all depends on personal need or desire. Many active target shooters keep several thousand around in each caliber, and serious rimfire shooters normally buy at least 5,000 at a time,
  6. That seems to be a very fair number if it was the gun alone without extra barrels, etc.
  7. I do not shoot any high velocity .22 ammo any more, but when I shot the green box Remington Golden Bullets that had (I think) 525 rounds per box, I had no trouble with it in any gun.
  8. After some use the rifle should work with all ammo. I use low-velocity target ammo only and have no failures at all.
  9. I have shot a lot of Georgia Arms with zero misfires or other problems.
  10. I never had any problem with the golden bullets. There was nothing special about them but they were cheap and I had no misfires in various guns.
  11. skruft

    First Shotgun

    The first shotgun I ever had was an inexpensive Zoli O/U with double triggers and 3" chambers. I was very happy with that. There were no removable chokes then, though.
  12. I have never had an extraction problem in many years with all kinds of ammo, so I would suggest doing that only if you find a need.
  13. A Winchester 62A that I got last year for $30 because the seller believed it would not fire. If you include airguns, a BB gun.
  14. I have not heard of that being a problem - but maybe because so few people do it.
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