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  1. Try: H4895 IMR4064 Varget Favorite light-recoiling load in my M1A is the Speer 125 gr. TNT over 41.5 grs. of IMR 4064. Produced for me a 5-shot group of .925" @ 100 yds. off a sandbagged benchrest. Only powders I keep around for the bottleneck cartridges I reload for are 4895, 4064, 4831, 4350., Varget, 3031.
  2. Maybe, only you'll find fewer cast, stamped or MIM parts in the older JM Marlin's like you will in a modern Henry.
  3. Some Marlin lumber is utilitarian. Some earlier ones aren't bad.
  4. We stray further and further from God.......... RPP does makes some interesting stuff though. Those adj. aluminum buttstocks from Chisel Machining are pricey. Certainly makes for an all-weather piece though.
  5. If you hit the "dog training areas" in the WMA's that stock, that's where you'll find the birds this month. Black River also has a retriever training area. I preferred Whittingham despite the long drive. Good cover, diversified, and always found game. I always found woodcock in both areas as well if your dog has a nose for them. https://dep.nj.gov/wp-content/uploads/njfw/black_river_dog_training.pdf https://dep.nj.gov/wp-content/uploads/njfw/whittingham_dog_training.pdf If I hunted either cover, I'd get there at 11AM once Opening Day started.
  6. I hope you're taking advantage now of the WMA's that are stocking chukar's in the designated training areas? Might give you a leg up before Opening Day and the assault of the Orange Army. https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/news/2020/dogtrain20.htm Tip: If your dog is young, and you take him out on Opening Day, go later, after the crowds have dispersed. It will be a calmer for both you and the dog to work him. Black River, Whittingham, Pequest and Clinton are all within reasonable distance of you in Morris County.
  7. Those prices disappeared a very long time ago with the advent of the internet and being able to reach a much larger audience than one from foot traffic.
  8. Parker

    Lever guns

    I included a couple in the picture I posted here the other day.
  9. Parker

    Lever guns

    It was buckshot-only into the early 70's before they allowed slugs for big game. Then they included muzzleloaders. Took them decades to become progressive.
  10. Parker

    Lever guns

    Your grandfather was ahead of his time. He optimized a good gun to make it better.
  11. Parker

    Lever guns

    I was notified weeks ago of some .224 Sierra bullets I had on backorder for three years. Still waiting on my .257 bullets. I'm ordering some Hammer bullets in their sampler packs in various calibers. Because they are solid copper and turned on a lathe, I'm treading on unknown ground now, and starting over.
  12. Parker

    Lever guns

    The Winchester purist/collector would be revolted by a drilled & tapped 1927 M94 with a side mount. It's still a nice, solid gun.
  13. Parker

    Lever guns

    Loaded factory rounds I have. Components like bullets are as scarce as hen's teeth. .35 Remington ammo comes up every couple of years or so and Federal or Remington make a batch. Only now it will be twice the price of the $33/box I paid the last time. Remington hasn't offered components like bullets for years now. Nothing is ever in stock. https://www.powdervalleyinc.com/brand/remington-reloading/ Think that .35 cal. bullet is hard to find, try finding .321" diameter bullets for the .32 Win. Spcl.!!
  14. Parker

    Lever guns

    Thanks. Would sure be nice to find some .35 cal. bullets to reload for one of them.
  15. Parker

    Lever guns

    Bought my first lever action in the early 80's. Have added to my collection over the years. Have stepped up things in the last ten years as lever actions have escalated in price and popularity and searching for other makes that are out of production and have become scarce. Mine vary in age from 1939 to 1984. Only one was purchased new.
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