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  1. I suspect the range orientation is erring on the side of caution. I do know that since 2013, New York re-wrote Penal Law 265's definition of a "loaded firearm" and the mere presence of ammunition in conjunction with a "firearm" is considered a "loaded firearm." Guess we'll have to wait until a New Jersey SAFE Act to where we have something similar etched in stone.
  2. For most presses you can buy die kits to convert to other gauges. Although, I'll admit it is easier if you have a press dedicated for each gauge you reload for, saves time and energy setting up the press each time for the crimp stage. My Dad's old 250 had kits for 12, 16 & 20 ga. that we learned on. He still has it today.
  3. Started reloading shotshells with my Dad in the 60's. Learned on paper hulls stuffed with fiber and cardboard wads and "cutting edge" Alcan over-powder plastic gas seal shot cups before true one-piece shot cups changed the game. Been rolling my own loads for upland game as well as for target ever since. Just picked up a 5th MEC. I'm going to set it up exclusively for loading 12 ga. 2 1/2" shells. I reload for 12, 16 & 20 gauges.
  4. Sounds like the owner of that SS Henry.
  5. Agreed. The Hollywood of today and the liberals it breeds does not match the halycon days of Hollywood of years ago. That culture has faded fast.
  6. Hopefully, the 55,000 hunters in New Jersey (last year's rough total) will wake up. Hunter numbers have dropped in the state each year for the last eight years. Soon, these Fudd's won't be an entity to blame. The group that's silent and are suspiciously absent from the polls on election days are the "1 million gun owners" in New Jersey who purportedly has amassed a registration count of 8 million handguns. And if they all did show up at the polls for the Kim/Phil race, less than the million cast their vote for Kim, while Phil garnered significantly more, winning less towns overall but getting significantly more votes. BTW - 12 million+ hunters on a national level, yet there are supposedly 90 million gun owners in America. A small percentage hunt in this nation. Out of that 90 million, how many are NRA members? I see apathy and ambivalence, and it's everywhere.
  7. A squib is defined as an underpowered or no-powder load. Be it just the primer, or an underpowered powder charge that pushes the bullet or a shotshell wad part of the way down the barrel without exiting the muzzle. This scenario sets up the perfect opportunity for the next round's detonation to prove interesting for the obstruction that lies ahead. The internet calls the resulting anomaly a kaboom.
  8. Here's the results of a squib in a Sig P220, shooting factory PMC 230 gr. hardball ammo. Note the bulged barrel. Shooter became evident of the problem when the slide locked back on the bulged barrel but he didn't recall the squib. The bullet lodged in the barrel from the squib was then pushed out by the next very capable fired round which resulted in the bulge. The barrel could have burst but it didn't.
  9. I had great luck with the Firestone Destination LE's (Gen 1 & Gen 2) on my last two vehicles. Two sets on an RX300 and a set on the last of the solid-axle, AWD Grand Cherokee's left me with a positive impression. Great road tire, great in rain, quiet and a high-mileage tire. Because both vehicles had AWD I never had issues in any snow situation. If you're driving the roads on NJ they're all you need. I also recommend the Michelin LTX M&S. (Original tires on the Grand Cherokee, also used these on my Suburban and an Explorer back in the 90's.) Both vehicles were on and off-road throughout their lifetime. My old, smaller Cherokee never performed well off-road until I put a set of Bridgestone Dueler A/T's on it. With these I went everywhere reasonable. It was an 'okay' road tire, but better in the slop.
  10. Caught this follow-up story on my MeatEater newsletter on the squirrel hunt: https://www.themeateater.com/conservation/animal-rights/anti-hunting-protestors-crash-family-squirrel-hunt BTW - He publishes some great game recipes and has a FB page if you want to check it out. .
  11. Bore obstruction here, thanks to a squib. Barrel burst at the weakest point; the dovetail cut. I saw a Henry .357 in carbon steel that had three bullets just south of the muzzle. The barrel was just bulged.
  12. I believe it's already banned in most states, including the creation of a website and app. to do such in many states. This came and fizzled pretty quick. If there isn't a specific law restricting it then the state's game code laws dictate the proper manner of fair chase. If it's not banned there are still fines associated with that manner of taking.
  13. Fewer American's hunt every year: https://www.npr.org/2018/03/20/593001800/decline-in-hunters-threatens-how-u-s-pays-for-conservation It will be interesting to see how New Jersey substitutes their pheasant-rearing program with an outsourced solution now that the Rockport facility closed in 2018: https://thebirdhuntingsociety.weebly.com/what-happened-so-whats-next.html
  14. As an 8th grade kid, armed with little knowledge back in 1969, I used to think bigger was better. I'd stuff a heavy classic pheasant load of Rem. Express 1 1/8 oz. of # 7 1/2's in the MOD barrel and a Federal 1 1/4 oz. of # 6's in the FULL barrel of my 16 ga. double. I used that same combo all through my years in high school. Recoil was stiff in that light gun, the loads were far killers, however anything hit up close on the button was murdelized. The tight chokes of that old double-gun were a hinderance and a blessing depending on how I deployed them. Fifty years later I'd like to think I'm a little wiser when it comes to choke & ammo selection. Gauge doesn't matter, but if there is a perfect shot size for pheasants under ALL conditions it would be #5's with #6's as a close second. JMO Over a pointing dog that can hold birds close the loads I'll use now are with a max. of 1 1/8 oz. in the 16's & 12's, mostly 7/8 oz. or 1 oz. in the 20's all with open chokes, no more than MODIFIED. I use light shotguns so I like to use light loads and I have been using tailored handloads for decades. Agreed.
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