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  1. Your hunting or fishing license expires every calendar year, which you "buy." You provide your CID# or SSN to procure one. You must purchase a new license each year to fish or hunt. If you want to hunt specific species, you can purchase a woodcock stamp, a pheasant & quail stamp, a doe permit, a coyote/fox permit during the special season, a lottery muzzleloader permit for deer by zone, an archery permit by special season by zone, or apply for a lottery turkey permit for a specific week by zone, etc. Some are over the counter purchases; those that are lottery drawn you must apply for. You have to provide your CID # or SSN to apply for such. https://www.nj.gov/dep/fgw/licenses.htm#hunting
  2. I used to hunt Assunpink for many years ago and other parts further South with my Dad.
  3. Good looking GSP. Which WMA? Love the cover down south.
  4. The .22's were abysmal hitting clay birds when I was a seven-year-old. Not the choice to breed confidence. The smaller #12 shot is for anything below the ankle and distance is limited. 22 Rat/Snake Shot Shells - Would they really protect you from a snake? - YouTube
  5. Training with .22 shotshells was a "thing" back in the 40's:
  6. #12 shot for rats/bats/mice/moles. Ammo loaded with #9 shot ups the game, .44 Mag. shotshells with #4 shot ups the game past pest control but with distance limitations. Buy Pest Control Big 4™ Shotshell for USD 26.99 | CCI (cci-ammunition.com) Reloaders can still find shot cups to roll their own in .357 Mag. & .44 Mag. Handgun Shot Loads (hensleygibbs.com) We grew up learning to wing shoot using hand-thrown Mo-Skeet-O clays and a smoothbore Mossberg .22
  7. My preferences would be in the following order after the Marlin; Winchester (if I could find a reasonably priced 9422M), Browning, then Henry.
  8. You left out Browning's BL-22. Winchester 9422's, if you can find them, are selling for more than $1,000 these days. You might find a ratty one for $750-$800 if you're lucky. Winchester Rifles - Model 9422 for sale (gunsinternational.com)
  9. You probably would consider filing the front sight only if you were stuck on using a specific bullet weight. You can alter your impact by testing with different bullet weights. Ammunition availability is your enemy right now. Ruger Single Six 3-screw and 2-screw are fun guns that will last a lifetime. I don't know anything about the Wrangler but it is popular.
  10. When I shot in a bullseye league decades ago the argument in the club of which was the most accurate load that would reliably function a S&W M52 came down to 2.7 grs. of Bullseye vs. 2.8 grs. of Bullseye with a 148 gr. DEWC or HBWC. Both produced stellar accuracy. I've heard good things about HP38 & WST but never tried them in a .38 Spcl.
  11. Parker

    Lever guns

    I had heard the same about BLR's stringing their shots as the barrel heated up, erratic groups, etc. But when I found one years ago in the cartridge I had on my bucket list, I picked one up in used but excellent condition and took a chance. I've been surprised by the groups I've gotten with the right bullets in handloads. It seems to digest well anything above 115 gr's. using 4895, 4064, 4350 & 4831 powders. It's also pleasing to look at.
  12. Parker

    Lever guns

    Not to worry. Plenty of lever's out there and plenty of time.
  13. Agree. But there is really nothing to crow about anymore in this state.
  14. Parker

    Lever guns

    I prefer the older steel-receiver BLR's (original Belgium & BLR-81) over the new aluminum receiver BLR. The Long Ranger is nice, but it's not a BLR. If you want real old school pick the discontinued Savage 99. All steel construction, chambered in more cartridges than other lever guns, with an internal rotary magazine, and able to handle high pressure bottleneck cartridges in a striker-fired design developed more than a century ago. They came in many configurations from carbine to rifle. They are fast becoming collector items and command high prices. But I'm getting off the main topic here. I think the OP was inquiring about a cowboy lever action in .357. There are plenty of lever-actions out there that will always be popular.
  15. Parker

    Lever guns

    Gun For Hire has a Henry and Marlin for rent if you're interested.
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