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  1. Bore obstruction here, thanks to a squib. Barrel burst at the weakest point; the dovetail cut. I saw a Henry .357 in carbon steel that had three bullets just south of the muzzle. The barrel was just bulged.
  2. I believe it's already banned in most states, including the creation of a website and app. to do such in many states. This came and fizzled pretty quick. If there isn't a specific law restricting it then the state's game code laws dictate the proper manner of fair chase. If it's not banned there are still fines associated with that manner of taking.
  3. Fewer American's hunt every year: https://www.npr.org/2018/03/20/593001800/decline-in-hunters-threatens-how-u-s-pays-for-conservation It will be interesting to see how New Jersey substitutes their pheasant-rearing program with an outsourced solution now that the Rockport facility closed in 2018: https://thebirdhuntingsociety.weebly.com/what-happened-so-whats-next.html
  4. Parker

    Pheasant Hunting ?

    As an 8th grade kid, armed with little knowledge back in 1969, I used to think bigger was better. I'd stuff a heavy classic pheasant load of Rem. Express 1 1/8 oz. of # 7 1/2's in the MOD barrel and a Federal 1 1/4 oz. of # 6's in the FULL barrel of my 16 ga. double. I used that same combo all through my years in high school. Recoil was stiff in that light gun, the loads were far killers, however anything hit up close on the button was murdelized. The tight chokes of that old double-gun were a hinderance and a blessing depending on how I deployed them. Fifty years later I'd like to think I'm a little wiser when it comes to choke & ammo selection. Gauge doesn't matter, but if there is a perfect shot size for pheasants under ALL conditions it would be #5's with #6's as a close second. JMO Over a pointing dog that can hold birds close the loads I'll use now are with a max. of 1 1/8 oz. in the 16's & 12's, mostly 7/8 oz. or 1 oz. in the 20's all with open chokes, no more than MODIFIED. I use light shotguns so I like to use light loads and I have been using tailored handloads for decades. Agreed.
  5. Parker

    Pheasant Hunting ?

    A lot would depend on terrain and style of hunting for pheasant. Are these pen-raised birds on a game farm or wild pheasants in the Dakota's? There is a difference. For pheasant over a pointing dog here in NJ during the semi-wild preserve season, you can use SKT/MOD in your O/U. IC/MOD is also fine. Under barrel should be used first with the more open choke. (Lower bore axis drives recoil straight back for quick recovery of second shot.) The bottom barrel is designed to fire first in an O/U. Find an O/U with a non-selective single trigger; the bottom barrel always fires first. BTW - Everyone should pattern their shotguns, especially double-barreled ones with their hunting & target loads. Hundreds of thousands of pheasant hunters go afield each year and just use a MOD choke and #7 1/2"s, #6's, #5's or #4's and bring home game without giving the issue or preparation too much thought. With a 12 ga. and the right loads, you'd be surprised at how you can take game cleanly under 40 yds. with just an Improved Cylinder choke.
  6. Parker

    Beware of the Tristar setter...

    Trapshooters & Shotgunworld forum comments haven't been too kind to Turkish guns for a number of years now. They seem hit or miss and a shooter who is going to put a lot of trigger time behind an O/U shotgun should invest in a good one. Parts & service can sometimes be a problem with Turkish guns. When American, Belgium, English & Italian shotguns set the standards decades and centuries ago for quality and durability, double owners even then learned to be suspicious of early Spanish guns that were being imported at low prices for they sometimes exhibited inferior and soft metals. (There weren't many online gun forums back in the 60's & 70's to learn this either. Just word of mouth at the time.) However, Spanish guns have come a long way, and many are high grade works of art that work well. Anything mechanical can fail. I've learned that over time. One can hope that the Turkish guns get better.
  7. Parker

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    My pick would be an early JM Marlin (pre-safety preferable) or an early Win. 94.
  8. Parker

    Gun selling tips?

    No private sales in NJ since 10/1/18 is only going to affect those who own guns and want to trade-up or sell them in a lawful manner. The FFL intervention becomes a PITA with another added fee. Change is often difficult to accept. This was yet another tragedy for all law-abiding folks.
  9. That "old" Mossberg will have a lighter firing pin spring paired with the firing pin in the bolt, or if it's early enough; no spring. (Mossberg went from no spring, then to a light spring, then too a heavy a spring in the bolt.) After 10,000 rounds when the cheap hammer spring that's nestled in the newer 500's plastic trigger housing weakens and fails to ignite primers I'll wager the older model is still chugging along. I've seen failures after the first year of use. I'll take any of those old guns from the 60s & 70's.
  10. An early 700 like that in .22-250 should be 1-14.
  11. Proper field dressing is key, be it small game to large game. If everyone who hunted did so responsibly I doubt this would be an issue. Un-retrieved game is obviously not a good thing. I've been eating game I've taken all my life, same with my dad who's very healthy at 93.
  12. I remember when they went door to door collecting all those Marlin M99's/M60's and Winchester 190's/290's.
  13. I suspect the rallying cry to eliminate lead began with; " if it can save one duck" or "if it can save one condor." Seems to have a familiar ring to it. I just scratch my head at believing that some 12 million hunters annually litter the landscape with so much shot up, lead-filled game carcasses that "between 10 million and 20 million animals, including eagles, hawks, bears, vultures, ravens and coyotes, die each year not from being hunted, but from lead poisoning, according to the Humane Society." Bullet construction has changed significantly over the last few decades, and I roll my own so I can tailor load/velocity of a particular bullet to find the sweet spot for accuracy, so I'm not too put out by this. Lead is still the best for small game and the alternatives are simply inferior or cost prohibitive. BTW - How many birds are clipped by wind turbines each year?
  14. The conundrum here is many hunting rifles have twists that are too slow for the “long for weight” lead-free bullets.
  15. Parker

    Rem 700 CP

    Remington's XP-100, introduced in 1961 in .221 Fireball, broke some ground. It was offered is many short-action rifle cartridges over the years. And most of the rounds it was chambered in shoot much flatter than a .500. https://www.americanhunter.org/articles/2014/5/19/remingtons-radical-xp-100/

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