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  1. Gone are the days when you could walk into Navy Arms lured by an ad promoting Swedish Mauser's for $70 each. They were stuffed in a bin by the front door. You could sift through and pick out whatever you wanted.
  2. I think that's a Gander policy. With local guns shops in NY, I've never experienced such. Handguns are a different story now in NY.
  3. Parker

    Shotgun forend

    They came in a couple styles; ringed/ribbed (also called "corncob") which were the shorter style and beavertail which had the cutout for the ejection port. Beavertail's were plain & uncheckered, often with a finger groove or later years with the impressed 'checkering.' The Ithaca 37 dollar grade's had wood and metal engraving that made them stunning works of art.
  4. I stopped deer hunting in NJ before the multiple tags system went into place. License fees are absurd by other state standards. And I can hunt elsewhere as a non-resident cheaper than I can as a resident in my own state. Game management here has evolved into "game replishment" when it comes to pheasant or quail. (Ditto for our hatchery producing trout and other species.) If the state didn't stock them, pickings would be slim to none. Native birds are gone, habitat is gone, farming habits have changed, deer and turkey sate hunter's appetites and keep them placated.
  5. Well, we could go back in time and make an argument against this statement. I agree that land is at a premium now and farmer's learned they could make some good coin leasing property to hunters. The Southern zones are infamous for their clubs. Land is at a premium these days. But back in the sixtie's & seventies I remember there was only a 6-day shotgun season, with 1 day for permit doe the following Wednesday, and the state was BUCKSHOT-only for deer/bear. Bow season had limited days and limits. Times have changed since 1976. Today we have copious seasons for deer, with all the permits you want to buy for deer, a fall and winter bow season, early and late rifled muzzleloader seasons, as well as centerfire rifle hunting limited to certain caliber & bullet weight for varmint on state land. (Plus centerfire varmint hunting on private land.) I'll give this state credit that they've evolved with the times and kept pace with other states.
  6. It's an accurate rifle out-of-the-box for the money. I would recommend replacing the MIM cocking piece. It's a known problem on the RPR. Anarchy Outdoors has a nice billet replacement.
  7. Still have my ‘88 Specialized Rockhopper Comp. I had it out more than a few times this summer. Sturdy bike after all these years.
  8. #7 1/2 or 8’s for TRAP. 8’s are fine from the 16 yd line, go with 7 1/2’s and 1 1/8 oz loads when back at the 27 yd. marker #8, 8 1/2 or 9’s for SKEET. Payload makes the difference . Sporting Clay courses offer a myriad of presentations and different distances.
  9. You'll find your answer on page 34 in the Hunting & Trapping Digest: https://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/pdf/2019/dighnt19.pdf
  10. Sad to see this happen in New Jersey. But with no habitat, and no interest, it was sure to occur eventually. https://www.njfishandwildlife.com/news/2019/grouse_closed.htm?utm_medium=email&utm_source=govdelivery Grouse Season Closure Announced July 18, 2019 At their regular meeting on July 17, the Fish and Game Council unanimously voted to close the ruffed grouse hunting season statewide. Recognizing that grouse populations in the state were declining, the season length and daily bag limit were reduced, and the state was divided into two zones, in 2005, with the southern zone having a shorter season than the northern zone. The closure takes effect immediately. Ruffed grouse populations in the state have declined due to lack of suitable habitat (young-aged forests) which they require. Such forests now comprise less than 1% of the state's forests. Anecdotal reports of hunters seeing grouse have dwindled as forests continue to age due to lack of forest management. Although hunting is not the cause of the decline, and in fact, the number of grouse hunters has a parallel declining trend, the Division and the Fish and Game Council feels that current grouse population levels cannot support a hunt at this time.
  11. Good read. The ST article cites one of my favorite cartridges as an example, the 6MM Rem. But I procured my Rem. 700 1981 version with the 1:9 twist (really 1:9.25.) It can stabilize hunting bullets up to 105 grains, and target/varmint bullets down to 70 grs., the lightest I've tried. I learned early on back in the 80's that the old style Hornady 70 gr. HP when handloaded would disintegrate on me when pushed past 3,600fps. And like every individual rifle and its respective barrel, it has its favorites and not so favorites when it comes to bullet weights and bullet style. Another good read on bullet twist: http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/tag/twist-rate/ Be sure to download the Excel spread sheet from Don Miller (referenced in the above article) for calculating twist rate for a given bullet.
  12. There is still a very limited population of grouse in certain, select northern/western pockets of this state. There was a time they were prolific, even in their cyclical phases. Huntable numbers could be found in Passaic County but they peaked in the 90's, and now have all but disappeared in these areas. When the State discontinued their "Upland Game Bird Hunter Log" in 2008, that was the first clue there was a decline in upland hunting in NJ as well as a lack of interest.
  13. You're lucky to have experienced that. Grouse have all but disappeared here in NJ except for a few secluded areas. BTW - Nice looking pup!
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