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  1. IF you also want it to be a tack driving bullseye gun, you will need to reopen your field as none are up to that task. With that said, I've almost entirely retired by Ruger Mks in favor of the SR22s when I conduct NRA pistol classes. The women love the pistol! It's also a breeze to field strip and clean, nice sights out of the box, and reliable (eats all the .22 it's fed! Trigger is long, but I prefer that on instruction guns. Great pricing from Ruger too for instructors.
  2. You've never fired a 547, 625, 610, or the like then! Those of us who shoot them...well...you can't pry them from our hands! Lol! Can't go wrong with a 686, or a 66 or it's brother the 19... So many choices, why just one!?!?
  3. Blocks aren't for me, but you'll find a S&W 610 in every barrel in my safe and I reload 10mm. Most tunable round of all time, and NOTHING shoots it better than a long barrel 610!
  4. Get a couple thousand rounds through it and your 10/22 should cycle everything you feed it. Using target and match ammo with low energy in an out of the box gun tends to trip them up. Everything is still tight and new.
  5. I did the "Eastern PA Gun Shop Tour" last week as I had to travel up and down it on business last week. With the exception of TargetMaster and Classic Pistol, every well-known shop had a Take Down or 5 (in one case who also had 8 October 2013-production Springfield XD-s pistols on the counter) in-stock, including the Davison's Special Edition, at very normal pricing!
  6. Nascar, run away from Linden! A buddy of mine used them, and boy did they take him for a ride on a vanilla 4L60E! Go see Anthony over at AC Transmissions like the other poster said. He was THE GM transmission tech sought after in the dealerships till he went out on his own. Real stand-up guy, and if his shop makes a goof, he makes it right.
  7. This works well for mounting on a Takedown:
  8. I don't even know where to begin... Wait, is there a women's gun section too? Typical of those working the gun counters at Dicks - inexperienced and unknowledgeable.
  9. Haven't seen any large amount of stock in S.Jersey, but if you don't mind a drive shoot me a PM and I'll tell you some PA shops that have plenty of both.
  10. Most of what's on the site is not in inventory but what they can pull from the distributors. I'm still looking for the "Discount".
  11. Scott Rivera S.W.A.T. Firearms Hammonton, NJ 609-226-3172 swatfirearms@comcast.net
  12. Yeah, that's worked for landfills and transfer stations too, particularly in NJ after the McMansion communities were built and no-one ever really looked into where they were buying. Unfortunately, we gun ranges it hasn't been so easy because surmounting all the legal hurtles costs significant dollars and it becomes very difficult to continue a defense long enough. In the case of the battle with USANA vs Pittsgrove, USANA has to not only pay its lawyer but also reimburse the township for theirs!
  13. Actually woodbutcher if you knew the real history of the club's inception and development, you'd be aware of how things were very different all those years ago with the local office holders and it is because of that - hand-shake agreements - that USANA is in some of this bind. I speak from a very knowledgeable position of that history. Parallel, it's been awhile since I lived in Pittsgrove, but when I did it was perfectly legal to shoot in one's own backyard. Don't know if that's changed, but it makes an interestingly odd position with current officials and their decision-making if it is.
  14. Good to hear you can source the MK2 at a reasonable price. Fun pistol no matter how you slice it IMO. Personally, I'm not big on the AE, but may give it another try since I had a couple boxes from just when it was released. It didn't chrono well, and was dirty as heck. There's a entire CONNEX box full of FNH 5.7x28 that's been waiting forever to clear customs, and 1K of it have my name on them. Regarding the slide cover, while not having attempted it, my opinion is no based on dimensions.
  15. I have both the USG and MK2 (also an IOM with the crazy trigger guard). Both perform flawlessly and have 1000s of rounds through them. Biggest difference is the slide has several changes making it more stout. Out of the box, the MK2 trigger is smoother than a USG trigger. Can't recall what the USGs break in stock form, but the MK2 breaks at 6# and is currently being tuned down to the 4# neighborhood. I also noticed the mag follower has been redesigned somewhat. Not sure the reason as I never, ever had issue with the original mags, and I have about 18 or so of them. I haven't seen ANY F-S in a NJ shop in over a year! In fact, I criss-cross the country for work and BARELY see them anywhere... I do know where one can find a super clean, barely fired, used example of each an IOM, USG, and MK2 (not in all one place or State), but they are all commanding top dollar in the $1300-1700 range. I guess it's good in that's half the price they were earlier this year during the madness... Now if we can only get ammo to feed the beasts steadily and not at an arm and a leg!
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