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  1. These threads are comical to me, being no different than when folks announce they're leaving a FB Group. Just go and be happy. It's not like we're at an airport. No need to announce your departure.
  2. I guess I don't understand some of the feedback. Fucking Popeye or Bozo the Clown would be a better or at least no worse than what we have now. Anyone that would still consider not supporting the Republican candidate, at this point, has a screw loose. Anyone but Murphy again.......
  3. I know someone in SC. Overnight, gas jumped 59-cents per gallon, at the stations that had fuel. Half of the stations were completely out.
  4. I can check when I get home. What's your location?
  5. I don't claim to be an expert, but this can't be good. https://www.njoag.gov/ag-grewal-announces-first-in-the-nation-settlement-with-ghost-gun-company/
  6. Thanks. I'll check tonight when I get home and post the information. I appreciate your help.
  7. I added some pics to the 1st post, if anyone wants to look and comment. Thanks for the feedback......
  8. Thanks for all the great feedback. I'm going to attempt to get some pictures and post them over the weekend.
  9. I've not yet been able to take pics, but I have this firearm that's come into my possession via inheritances, that have occurred throughout the decades. It's a Mossberg 500b 16ga pump, that has a removal barrel. It has no serial number that I can see and I know it's, at least, 40-50 years old. I've been able to find out just a little bit online, but was hoping we'd have a resident expert here that would be knowledgeable of this model firearm. In particular, it's collectability factor and worth. I consider it to be in fair to good condition. Once able, I'll post some pics. Thanks in advance. Edit: Here are some pics.
  10. Love my 92-A1, unfortunately, I never get to shoot it anymore.
  11. thanks, but I'm not interested in trades. I should have put that in the original post. Sale is currently pending, but if that falls through, I'll let you know.
  12. Replied. I read your PM before reading this post. Yes, I can meet you.
  13. Looking to sell the .22lr ammo, pictured below. I have (3) boxes available. Buyer must have a DL and FID with matching name, address, etc. I'm willing to meet within 10-15 miles or so from Gloucester City, zipcode 08030. I'm asking $100 per box. Price reduced to $75 per box. The 1st "I'll take it" will get the sale(s). Thanks for looking. Sale pending.
  14. Thanks everyone. Guess I should post these few boxes that I have.
  15. What's the going rate from person-to-person?
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