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  1. RobertJames

    CZ 2075 Rami

    I've got one, and my feelings are mixed. the build quality is typical CZ excellence, and it feels good in the hand for a small pistol. It's quite thick for a carry pistol, but I'm sure that it could be done. My issue is that I've had it to the range 2 or 3 times and it has functioned less than reliably. First time out I was getting ftf's on every magazine, every couple of rounds in fact. Did some research online and others were having similar issues. theories included recoil springs, magazine springs, or magazine feed lips. I broke down the pistol, cleaned and scrubbed everything that moved, lubed anywhere there were 2 or more pieces of metal touching and rubbing against each other. I also got different types and weights of ammoes in hopes that it might be ammoe finicky. So next range trip it functioned much better, there was only 1 ftf out of 100-150 rounds. And it occurred using the same type of ammoe I was using on my first range trip. So it may be a new pistol needing to be cleaned and lubed and broken in, or it may not like Remington UMC. Either way I was let down, since my CZ75 & 97 are as reliable as a hammer. When the Rami works it's a pleasure to shoot. I hope that it becomes a reliable workhorse someday, because right now in a life and death situation I would not trust it.
  2. Universal torque spec: tighten it 'til it loosens, than back up a quarter turn.
  3. [sarcasm]Uh-oh, the evil,world-ending, shoot 1 person and everyone in the room dies Black talons. [/sarcasm]
  4. Have you gotten any permits lately? Sergeant Hollar is great to deal with and goes out of his way to be helpful. Last year he contacted my references the day I dropped off my application. I had my permits in about 5 weeks, this year it took 6 weeks.
  5. Can't go wrong with the Springfield or Ruger. I also hear good things about Rock Island 1911's. I personally have a Springfield and a Para Ordnance, and I will be picking up a Metro Ordnance American Classic trophy at the end of the month. https://americanclassic.eagleimportsinc.com/americanclassic/firearms/trophy-series
  6. take the belt off and spin all the accessory pulleys; alternator, P/S pump, tensioner, and idler pulleys. A bad bearing will be quite apparent. If all run quiet and smoothly, replace the belt.
  7. I have a Forester now. Much better ground clearance than the Impreza, and the best all wheel drive system of any vehicle on the road.
  8. I high-centered my Impreza a few years ago in a 3 or 4 foot drift.
  9. Atlantic is showing the rifle with the "new" stock. https://www.atlanticfirearms.com/component/virtuemart/shipping-rifles/ak47-yugo-zastava-n-pap-fixed-wood-stock-detail.html?Itemid=0
  10. I was told at LGS that the 10 round magazines would not feed reliably and were all returned to Ruger. I handled the .45, and it felt quite comfortable. I think I want an M&P .45 though.
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