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  1. http://whichgun.com/shotguns/view/mossberg-590a1-tactical-tri-rail-ghost-ring-sights
  2. Just FULL retail, get over it or shop around. Ira @ Legend and Steve (Remixer) @ Monmouth are both well below on their offerings and dam good guys.
  3. I own the gun in my profile pic. Mine is made in Italy and Inox. That's not the same gun.
  4. Did I count 3 graves at the end? No Judith either when they walked away.
  5. Salt does not become corrosive until mixed with water.
  6. Sadly I have been on the receiving end of one of his rants. He was rather quick to attack and slow to apologize once he realized he was wrong. The effort doesn't need someone who can blow a fuse so quickly. It needs a level head to go against a machine. If two groups come out of it even better! The mission should have been to find the most qualified and polished person FIRST. Frank would have been perfect BEHIND THE SCENES!
  7. I can show you a video about a "problem" with EVERY GUN made!
  8. so are you saying there is no consensus? Besides, Blake mentioned it so that's why I asked.
  9. Battle comp the best brake option?
  10. Have an aimpoint pro already. Any tips?
  11. Great that it doesn't use batteries BUT from dark to light it is useless.
  12. That statement made sense for a second and then I think about all the reasons I buy a reliable firearm and I'm back to the aim point.
  13. Ur in. $900 and a trigger job. Has a bunch of mags in PA too I think.
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