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  1. Bump for price drops.
  2. Most of the higher caffeine content coffees are made with Robusta beans rather than the Arabica we find in most places. Many people dislike the flavor of Robusta because it tends to be more bitter and burnt wood tasting. Although if you take your coffee light and sweet, it hardly makes a difference. If your goal is caffeine intake, it's a good way to go.
  3. It's good coffee, but you can get better for the price locally. http://www.jerseyshorecoffeeroasters.com/categories.php?category=Coffee/Single-Origin-Coffees http://www.fairmountaincoffee.com/coffee-s/74.htm Coffee is roasted fresh and the quality is outstanding. I've spoken to the owner of JSCR several times and he truly has a passion for coffee. I'm partial to the African medium roast coffees.
  4. Most items are still in boxes never opened. Entire package - $400 $300 Klipsch - RF-25 - pair - $200 Athena Powered Subwoofer - $60 Athena WS-60 Front Speakers - Pair - $40 Onkyo - HT-RC230 - refurbished - $60 Athena In Ceiling Speakers - Pair - $20
  5. Look into the Marlin XT-22YR Bolt action. Inexpensive. Accurate. I purchased my XT-22 for $100 after rebate from Cabela's in Delaware.
  7. I like a nice crust on a filet. Cooked hot and fast. Barely cooked on the inside.
  8. Free money for something you're doing anyway. Why not?
  9. MarkJoseph is fantastic. Opened by former employees of Peter Luger. http://markjosephsteakhouse.com/
  10. @LAK Get to know this guy. Pretty soon all of your paychecks will be going to him.
  11. I had gotten a Groupon to Prime 13 and that place was just fantastic. Some of the best steak I've had in NJ. I love any place that BYOB. I can't stand spending $50 on a $15-$20 bottle of wine.
  12. We need commonsense sun laws. No one needs a high capacity yellow dwarf star.
  13. I've almost driven to work without dropping my daughter off at daycare before. Only have to take one step further to forget the child in the car completely. I can't imagine being the parent whose mistake causes the death of their child.
  14. Yes, that's exactly what I meant.